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  1. Sure, I'm at work for the night but I'll be around in the morning I'll send you a pm when I'm up
  2. I don't mind doing it for you, it's a 5 min job.
  3. In your server_traders.sqf top line make sure you added your trader classname to the list
  4. Yes, enable cfg traders, they're much better than database ones. And you got it, just use Epoch items and it'll work fine. I only left them there to give an example of how it's set up.
  5. Below are the steps I did to get the trader to sell what I want. If you need anymore help shoot me a pm I'd be more than happy to help!
  6. I did what was said above regarding what the trader sells. other than that I made a copy of the "hero.sqf" file and renamed it to something like "roaming.sqf". Then I opened the file and changed the trader's model to the one I want. then went to the "init.sqf" in the dynamic traders folder and changed this so only my roaming trader appears (same with the map marker) _trader_config = [ //[1, "hero.sqf", "Hero Trader", "ColorBlue"], //[1, "bandit.sqf", "Bandit Trader", "ColorRed"], [1, "roaming.sqf", "Roaming Trader", "ColorOrange"] //[2, "general.sqf", "General/Building Traders", "ColorGreen"], //[2, "helicopters.sqf", "Helicopters", "ColorYellow"], //[3, "medical.sqf", "Medical Trader", "ColorGreen"], //[2, "vehicles.sqf", "Vehicle Trader", "ColorYellow"], //[3, "weapons.sqf", "Weapons Trader", "ColorYellow"], //[3, "wholesaler.sqf", "Wholesaler", "ColorBlack"], //[2, "boat.sqf", "Boat", "ColorBlack"] ]; Make sure the first number is set to 1. This is how many traders of this type spawn.
  7. I could never get this to work properly so I resorted to using another script to take clothing off dead bodies http://opendayz.net/threads/release-zabns-take-clothes-2-0.19290/
  8. *facepalm* I managed to get it working but glad to figure out why the original didn't work. Thanks for the extra set of eyes
  9. This is all located inside "Roaming.hpp" and yes it is being called in the "cfgServerTrader.hpp" file. Edit: I just tested adding a category that another trader already uses just to make sure the problem wasn't with the trader and it worked exactly like it's supposed to. So it's only my custom category's that won't work :/
  10. That's what I did I created a new .hpp file with all the new sections and their ids just like your example and added the new file to the cfgservertrader.hpp. Like I said the trader is there and when I open the menu all my new category's are there (special weapons, special ammo, etc) but when I click on a category, it's empty. This is what I can't figure out!
  11. Hello all, I have just installed maca's Dynamic Traders system. The purpose was so I can have a custom trader that shifts position each restart and sells rare weapons etc. I have everything work but the only issue is when I open the traders menu and select a custom cetagory (example "Special Weapons") nothing shows up but when I add a category that another trader uses (ex. wholesale) it works perfectly. It's only my custom ones not working :/ . I'm certain this has something to do with the menu ID in the 'server_traders.sqf' file in the mission folder. I wasn't sure what number to put so I picked a random one that wasn't being used for all my custom category's. Example: in my server_traders.sqf // Foreign Trader (Roaming) menu_Profiteer1 = [[ ["Special Weapons",1010], ["Special Ammo",1011], ["Special Vehicles",1012], ["Vehicle Ammo",1013], ["Other",1014]], [],"neutral"]; I have each category in a custom .hpp file where all my other trader stuff is. Any help would be much appreciated !
  12. Hello all, I'm looking for a script that adds a new trader and at each restart spawns at a new location. I've seen a few servers with this but can't seem to find anything on the epoch forums. Anyone who can point me in the right direction would be great!
  13. Completely forgot about that *Brain Fart* @Hooty If you're getting annoying popups regarding missing content but can still play, simply add them to the mission.sqm like this guy did. Sorry bout that!
  14. No, once you have a working Epoch server simply put the overwatch mod in your server root (same place the epoch mod is), place the overwatch mod key inside your servers 'Keys' folder, and change your server launch parameters to include overwatch Launch parameter example: "[email protected];@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;" That's it!
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