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  1. Did you resolve this? If you use GTX then the setting is in OPTIONS\EpochConfig.sqf DZE_ConfigTrader = true; // use custom trader files in mission pbo.
  2. Giving out my custom ai alert sound to all the hard working server owners out there! I can't upload ogg sound so email me at ambientwaves and I'll send it to you. To use it with WAI Radio announcements, just replace radio.ogg with mine. See pic for it's location in my setup (GTX server). Please let me know if you like and use it! If you would like some other kind of custom voice-over like this let me know and I can probably do it for you :)
  3. Nox, I had a good look at EAT and was impressed! I would love to use it together with infistar tools if you would consider this? I know it would mean a lot of work but it would be awesome!
  4. Wow, 110 downloads already for this file, interesting. Anyhoo, I don't know why you have problem (I have Mediafire account public) ... here is the folder link: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/275gbi6cxthe9/awe-public
  5. Thx for your suggestion. I looked at them but I don't see any hosting options for Arma2 DayZ Epoch.
  6. Can't read your post properly. Try pressing ENTER every ten words or so.
  7. Hi x, PBO Manager v1.4 works fine on my Win 10 x64. I probably installed it with admin rights. I have some time to help with your mods because my 1-year old server has been offline for nearly a month now thanks to zero vilayer support :/ I had over 20 mods in my server and I had tweaked most of them. I have been coding as a hobby for some 30 years. Cheers, Sun
  8. I remove this restriction in my player_build.sqf (for my admins) Around line 600 find this and comment it all out like this: //No building in trader zones //if (!canbuild) then { // _cancel = true; // _reason = "Cannot build in a city."; //}; There may be other places where canbuild is set to false but I think this is the main one.
  9. Raymix, many thanks for your great contributions to a great game! Just a side note on showing/hiding the Snap Pro Tutorial: If you DO want the Tutorial to be shown, you should NOT put snapTutorial = true; in your init.sqf as it will disable the tutorial. The test is for NIL, not true or false. (See snap_build.sqf around line 182: if (isNil "snapTutorial") then { ...
  10. striker, thx for awesome work. I installed on new map Lingor and it works ok but when I press F it does not Drop/Pickup Object. Any suggestions?
  11. Hello to all, I get this error in RPT. I have checked the code many times :( Error in expression <jNull,objNull,objNull,objNull]; {player removeAction _x} count s_player_parts;s_> Error position: <removeAction _x} count s_player_parts;s_> Error Type Nothing, expected Bool File fn_selfActions.sqf, line 885 Can anyone see the cause of this error?
  12. here you go - http://www.mediafire.com/download/hz7k321x8ly5sha/RecoverSkinAddon.rar
  13. Matt, nice script. I am running overpoch with Zupa's skins, how can overwatch skins be added to players bodies for recovery? thx for your time!
  14. Hello everyone! I am getting this error with 2.35 and 2.5 From fn_check_owner.sqf: if (_ownerUID == _objectOwner) then { _owner = true; }; if (_ownerUID == _ObjectOwner) then { _owner = true; }> Error position: <== _ObjectOwner) then { _owner = true; }> Error ==: Type Array, expected Number,String,Object,Side,Group,Text,Config entry,Display (dialog),Control,Team member,Task,Location File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Napf\custom\A_Plot_for_Life\compile\fn_check_owner.sqf, line 20 I have Striker's Build Vectors 1.4.1 + Snap Pro This error is a real showstopper :( I cannot open the server to my many regulars. I am happy to pay for any help resolving this error! (paypal) After 2 days looking at all the code I can not see the problem :(
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