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  1. Just insignificant little nobodys who'll never, ever have a nice life so they spend their time trying to disrupt other people having fun. Dami + Syco, can I buy you two nerds a mail order husband so that you have something else to do?
  2. Syco taking the death of his shitty server real hard it seems. Going around hacking others in a game he considers dead. Either extremely bored or simply has no life. Either way it's funny as. So has Dami died from his cancer yet or was that just a cool story to gain sympathy and money from all the 12 year olds? I see that Bonfart is back up with an amazing 3 players online.
  3. The mod died the minute that script cheaters / server hosting providers decided to make a profit from it. (2013). That was a long time ago, time to move on.
  4. http://ibattle.org/ Download and install / configure is all there. You'll want to learn how to do it yourself, in case you want to change anything in the future. If you're using a server hosting provider they probably already have it installed.
  5. Don't know about the first one, but BEC can handle the rest.
  6. Yeah by default the traders pay more for full can / barrels. You could increase that if you wanted to but you'd just have people at stary walking 20 metres to fill them up (still in the safezone IIRC) so probs not a good idea.
  7. Is this just a prank bro? You're asking someone who, by the sounds of what you're asking for, has spent not dayz, not weeks, not months but YEARS perfecting their server (s) to carry out a complete overhaul for $50? I get $35 per hour (plus benefits) to schmooze milfs who bring their Audi / Maserati in for service lolol.
  8. lol pisspoo.sqf - nice They gonna have to add this to standalone to complete Rocket's vision hey!
  9. Shak


    People are STILL cheating in this game? It's like 7 years old now lol.
  10. Did you not see the post above yours?
  11. I like to have an additional harvest script for indoor plants, you can make some cool drug houses this way. Just use "MAP_flower_02"
  12. This thread...lol All of this information is available on both this forum and opendayz, google is your m8 m8. DZE Clickactions ExtraRC
  13. @Tempur you don't, using extra files to set view distance is old and outdated, a waste of time. This should do the trick.
  14. Shak

    Epoch 1.0.6

    Survival Servers? I had the same issue with them. To be honest, the guy was nice and polite, but it took 3 days of back and forth to get it fixed. The way I get them to finally fix it was to ask them to confirm that they can join the server, and other 'fix' they offered didn't help at all.
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