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  1. manually installed, watched the console of the sql server and nothing really was happening. I intentionally changed the credentials in the HiveExt.ini to something invalid and didn't even see a failed login. firewall shut off vpn client shut off tried an even older version of mysql, same results. running out of ideas
  2. yes, and yes... been in transit, going to setup laptop again. going to try setting up the database (again) the hard way. Mostly because I enjoy the suffering. I also have another computer to compare against.
  3. Same here, been trying to build a test server on my laptop to work on (vacation isn't exactly fun in the sun) It appears to be related to connecting to the database, but I've played with just about every permutation of mysql (legacy versions seem to be more receptive to the sql imports). Previous suggestions mentioned the c++ runtimes, which I have run through.
  4. forced to use legacy, or does it work with new?
  5. I'm a bit on the neglectful side, but the last time I tried to connect to my server... no problem. now, not so much. It's been a few months. I can't even connect to the local setup on my box I test on. Did something change recently, OS? Arma2oa?
  6. Howdy, Made another go for a server on and already had a plot pole vanish. I am guessing this is a result of my commented out "CleanupPlacedAfterDays" setting in my hive, since I don't think I even hit the 14 day mark. Anyways, I was wondering what I had to disable and tweak in the database to give me a true 90 day decay on base building. Meaning, if someone builds a base and then logs off, they have 90 days to maintain it before it is gone. I've tried adjusting things in the past, just intuitively, but never really had any luck. I ended up turning things off last time, and folks built a full skyway city which I hope to avoid. Another attempt, people thought they had to maintain daily and were pouring $$$ in for nothing. Sorry for incoherence, I burned my brain today trying to figure out why I couldn't restrict towing and lifting of locked vehicles with R3F only to find that [email protected] hijacks the local_lockUnlock.
  7. I presume you used infistar's battleye filters? You'll see a lot of kicks until they are tweaked. I've fixed this, but didn't document it. What is the screen message?
  8. Are you talking about the typical groundspawn stuff? If so, I have added loot to buildings that never had.
  9. Using the database was already presumed, I was more interested in the actual method. Something tells me if I were to modify the schema, I am in for a world of hurt. I recall that the early forms of the single currency, global banks took over the head hot count. I also recall the plotpole for life nested extra data in one of the vehicle fields. I have a bit of an idea what I need to do, but I was hoping someone had some specific details or suggestions on the best way. My database is empty, so any crazy changes are best done now.
  10. I haven't had my head into arma2 stuff for a while, and I am struggling to get back into the groove. Is there a favorable way to append player data that will survive reboots and player deaths?
  11. try 33900 for the arma2 line instead of 33910 just noticed this was old, but in case someone comes looking. I've been doing my install the slow way through all the commands one by one. You can verify which app you have access to by going to the community page within the full steam client. It will show a direct URL there.
  12. Not sure if anyone cares, but I have been working on a dzms derived system that has "once per reset" missions which I use for my fortress setups. It has value, I will get off my dead ass and make something redistributable.
  13. This has probably always been like this, or perhaps there is a recent change. I've never tried to do this because I hated the stuff. I hope this doesn't go over too many heads, it is an interesting hunt. I was building a stronghold mission in a static location, I decided to build a perimeter defense with razorwire to be a jerk and funnel people far enough out from the hesco barriers that guards could shoot at them unobstructed from towers. In the editor, the razorwire lays down according to the contours, however when I pull them into the mission files.... they are all level, which leaves nice gaps to crawl under on uneven ground. I wonder if this has to do with some of the epoch or dayz build mechanics, but I am not entirely sold on that idea. I noticed that the fence posts themselves point at an angle perpendicular to the surface they are on. So if you look down the fence line from the side, it does appear to the index according to the terrain and angle itself. However looking at it as you approach the fence as a barrier, it is always level. one end is almost always off of the ground unless I sink it in the ground. In the editor, it doesn't do this. The behavior is quite different, which makes me wonder if this is somehow tied to either the basebuilding mechanics or something related to snap and vector. I was hoping someone had a good idea what this was, and how I could sneak around the problem. My screenshots weren't so great, I'll get more if people are confused about what I am talking about.
  14. Hello, I haven't had a chance to look through the code so I thought it would be easier to ask directly. Is this update a focused effort to fix bugs and progress with development or is this just piling popular mods into the base code. Previous discussions often spoke of building in mods that were incomplete or wreaked havoc with my database. Sorry if I come off as inflammatory, that is not my intent.
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