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  1. There are limitations in the 1.8.8 code, this means that any building not native to chernarus is blocked from spawning loot. Nothing that can be done about this short of dumping the whole dayz_code into the mission pbo, which is something I really thought about but thought better of.
  2. Well then somewhere along the line you made a mistake. Tell me your steps.
  3. @oldmatechoc it's not possible in dayz 1.8.8, will be possible in 1.8.9
  4. just a question. Is there a difference preformance wise from calling them in the server monitor as show above compared to calling them from the init.sqf? In both ways the files would be in the server.pbo
  5. Everybody always says they want hard survival servers. Problem is when you open one they stay empty. Same with 1st person. Shame, because 1st person is the only way to go imo.
  6. All AI framework I've been seeing has dynamic spawns etc. Sarge had the one thing I truly loved about AI, they spawn at server start and just roam around the map never despawning. No AI framework I've seen since has had this feature. Any of you guys know one?
  7. Yes sir, everything is mission side.
  8. Hi, For a while now I've been trying to set up a vanilla Dayz Namalsk server. Would't be that hard you might think, and it's not except for one little detail: No Namalsk buildings spawns loot. Before you say Insert you nitwit, you have to add custom loot tables and add all the namalsk buildings to their respective building.hpp, I have done this. The custom loot building.hpp's work, because if I change for example the barracks from military.hpp to industrial.hpp I get barracks full of hatchets and timber. I've used my own lootpositions that I made and right now, for testing, I'm using the A2:Epoch namalsk lootcords but all to no avail. Am I missing something here? Are buildings not native to Chern blocked in any way? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ps. Asking here because opendayz is dead.
  9. there is but one god, and he touched me with his noodly appendage.
  10. Also, make sure he isn't a necromancer.
  11. Or ask James, he did it for me when I switched a long long time ago
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