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  1. Hey Friendly,

    A while back last year you helped me set up a Epoch server. So I've started an Exile server and need some help getting it up and running. Is this something you'd be interested in? Same deal as last time... I'd pay you for your time.

    If your'e not interested, do you recommend/know of anybody?


    Thanks for your time :)
    Casey (Riggleboy)


  2. Friendly

    Extended Safezone Script - Working!

    Added to main post!
  3. Friendly

    Hogs Respawn System - A long series of tubes

    a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo is not protected but the a3_epoch_server.pbo is protected.
  4. Friendly

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Only logs I got so far on this restart are below. Kinda weird that it spawns a random number of ai from the 3 groups with 5 in them. 13:01:40 "[VEMF] 0.0472a booting... loading config..." 13:01:40 "[VEMF] Config loaded!" 13:01:40 "[VEMF] addonLoader booted!" 13:01:40 "[VEMF] Watchdog booted!" 13:01:40 "[VEMF] missionTimer booted!" - 13:02:50 "[VEMF] Mission 'Dynamic Town Invasion' started!" 13:02:50 "[VEMF] DTI: Trying to find an empty town..." 13:02:50 "[VEMF] VEMF_fnc_fidnTown DATA: ["Zaros",[9091.81,11961.9,0]]" 13:02:50 "[VEMF] DTI: Zaros has no players! Invading..." 13:03:00 "[VEMF] genWeapons was true, booted!" - 13:12:47 "[VEMF] DTI: player is nearby! Spawning AI..." - 13:13:00 "[VEMF] (VEMFDynInv) Waiting for 0/18 Units or Less to be Alive and a Player to be Near the Objective." - 13:54:10 "[VEMF] WaitMissComp: Waiting Over. VEMFDynInv Completed." 13:54:11 "[VEMF] DynTownInv: Crate Spawned At: [9094.22,11956.4,149.175] / Grid: 090119" -
  5. Friendly

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    ya mine is what you see above and I just killed 25 ai but sometimes mass amounts spawn so idk.
  6. Friendly

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    Just making sure it wasn't a bug because in the config it says 5 groups with 3 units in each group which should mean 15 ai units but instead there are like 30-40 VEMF_groupCount = 5; // Groups per mission VEMF_groupSize = 3; // Units in each group
  7. Friendly

    a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    I have complete stock settings and the amount of AI spawning at it is a little crazy lol. Maybe something is wrong but here is a video of the look over.
  8. Friendly


    I can wait... but imagine the custom maps that are going to be made with all that vegetation!
  9. Friendly

    is bis trolling us with this new running animation?

    I couldn't agree more!
  10. Friendly

    Game crash After arma update

  11. Friendly

    Extended Safezone Script - Working!

    Look at this post for a answer :P
  12. Friendly

    A3 1.46 bringing remoteExec security risks?

    RIP Arma Breaking Point Post As well: http://www.thezombieinfection.com/topic/26015-bohemia-interactive-is-destroying-arma-and-i-need-your-help/
  13. Friendly

    how do you get red text bec

    Lets start this petition up!
  14. Friendly

    ASDG Joint Rails Mod

    I don't see why not, might just have to fix some antihack stuff and battleye otherwise I don't see a problemo.