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  1. hey im having a problem i do every step and on the last one after the second message inpput box the next step comes up and its blank and ive tried putting the batch location and what not and after i proceed nothing seems to happen
  2. total noob question but im getting this (content that has been deleted ca_communityconfigurationproject_e_editor_addedlargeweaponvariants) so it doesnt run what could be causing that? Thanks in advance
  3. kinda figured after posting it sorry :D lol... anyways the problem i have now it wont even connect im guessing.. because nothing happens :( just keeps on running like nothing happened.
  4. Sorry for the dumb question bur im having trouble installing it im on the last step but it says (it appears ive renamed my serber batch file to pleasse type the name of it) the problem is i have not renamed anything and kinda dont get what batch file it means.. i cant seem to find it. Thanks in Advance
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