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  1. First of all, I'm sorry for not updating this project. I've been very busy. Secondly, I'd like to know if there is still interest in this script. If there is, I'll redo the whole script and make it much more advanced. Please let me know.
  2. Thanks for the interest, Bro! We haven't finished the server yet, but we could use some testers to find some bugs. I'll send you the IP in a PM.
  3. I know it's subjective, but we are trying to get a general view of the most requested stuff. We appreciate your input and we hope we'll see you online soon ^-^.
  4. Hello everyone, Some friends and I are working on a server that will be build with quality. We started working on the server today (20th of January), but we ran into a small problem. We want to be a server that is built with quality and where the players are number one. Nowadays there are a lot of servers based on the interests of the administrators, but we want to be different. We want a server that is chosen by the players and we know that it's not easy nowadays. Our question to you is very simple: what are you looking for when you search a server? Current list: No random AI patrols; No walking Zeds; Strong zombies; Don’t overloot buildings with ammo and weapons (industrial = industrial, not a weapon arsenal); Advanced trading system; Snap Pro; Vector Building. We hope that you can help us out, Darihon Don't worry moderators, once we have enough information than we'll transform this post into the official post.
  5. Played a bit on this server last night. It was pretty fun! However in my opinion it was kinda hard to find some decent loot (looted some barracks and got like 3/4 guns). But that could be my bad luck xD.
  6. Whut? XD ----- Hi guys, Spodermanyt came to me today and asked if we wanted to revive the script again. Sooooo, here we're. We'll start working on the script as soon as possible. We'll keep in touch.
  7. Great server! Played a bit earlier this morning and I really liked it. The Admin is nice and the AI are challenging.
  8. Thanks for the positive feedback. I've sent you a PM with my thoughts :)!
  9. Darihon

    Coins on AI

    Someone made a topic about this earlier and Zupa posted the answer in there. Here you go:
  10. Nice to know that the script is working fine for you, Petite! I'll take a look at your piece of code later today and I'll contact you in PM with further assistance. Further, I'm working on a new stable version of the script, but it could still take some time to finish due to personal problems. The new version will simply be a remake of the original version, but it will be much stable than the other versions, but I'll try to add some new features. If you have any ideas, let me know by PM or by leaving a comment. Darihon
  11. 1. Currently I disabled the download of version 3, since that version isn't fully working with the latest Epoch. 2. I'll redo the whole script whenever I have some time. That will include a new installation guide. 3. In your scripts folder. 4. Thanks for the tip. I'll take a look at it.
  12. It looks interessting! Great job :)
  13. Pretty sure it's defined inside of the fn_selfactions. Dubble check the installation guide, Byu ^^. Weird stuff. I'll take a look into it this weekend. Weird. I'll see if I can fix it later this week. Thanks for reporting!
  14. I like the idea! Great job :)!
  15. Hmm, that seems to be an error in your fn_selfactions.sqf. Can you provide the fn_selfactions.sqf? Really strange. That seems to be a problem with InfiSTAR. I'll take a look into it.
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