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Help- how do i add guns to traders?

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Easiest way to do it..is download PrivateHiveTools ()

Download and install, then when inside...select the trader you want to tweak...Its easy...just click and add stuff to him.

Just make sure you get the classnames right...after that, restart your server and traders will have the extra weapons.


Check this demo out, to see how easy it is:


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Is there no there way I can do it so i can add the dmr, as50, m107? istead of private hive tools


Well you can do it from phpmyadmin or any other SQL editor....but its gonna be hard man.

Its gonna take you 15 min to figure what goes where (cause there are 3 tables you have to compare to find the trader, the category the item goes in, and add the item to that category)...and still not be sure if it worked or now.....with the php tool, you can add any item/vehicle you want in 30 sec.

Your call.

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Just run a SQL query :)

INSERT INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["DMR_DZ",3]', 500, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 477, 'trade_weapons');
INSERT INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["DMR_DZ",3]', 500, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 627, 'trade_weapons');
INSERT INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["DMR_DZ",3]', 500, '[6,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 487, 'trade_weapons');
INSERT INTO traders_data (`item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES ('["DMR_DZ",3]', 500, '[4,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', '[3,"ItemGoldBar10oz",1]', 640, 'trade_weapons');

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Easiest way is to use config traders.



Enable config traders in the init.sqf, then edit the file you want.


Example black market dealer


class Category_526 {
class Saiga12K {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={20000,"Coins"};sell[] ={4000,"Coins"};};
class m8_compact {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={15000,"Coins"};};
class m8_sharpshooter {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={15000,"Coins"};};
class m8_holo_sd {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={15000,"Coins"};};
class m8_carbine {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={15000,"Coins"};};
class M24_des_EP1 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={60000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class VSS_vintorez {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={50000,"Coins"};sell[] ={15000,"Coins"};};
class SVD_des_EP1 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SVD {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class M8_SAW {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={57500,"Coins"};sell[] ={17500,"Coins"};};
class MG36 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={57500,"Coins"};sell[] ={17500,"Coins"};};
class RPK_74 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={57000,"Coins"};sell[] ={17500,"Coins"};};
class M60A4_EP1_DZE {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={58000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class m240_scoped_EP1_DZE {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={58000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class M249_m145_EP1_DZE {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={57500,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class MG36_camo {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={57500,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class bizon {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={25000,"Coins"};sell[] ={5000,"Coins"};};
class M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={17500,"Coins"};};
class KSVK_DZE {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={110000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class RPG7V {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={50000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class Strela {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={200000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class AA12_PMC {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class AKS_74_NSPU {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class AKS_74_pso {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_CQC_CCO_SD {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={75000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_CQC {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_CQC_Holo {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={55000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_CQC_EGLM_Holo {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={60000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_STD_EGLM_RCO {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_STD_HOLO {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_L_STD_Mk4CQT {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class BAF_L86A2_ACOG {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={65000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_H_CQC_CCO {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={75000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_H_CQC_CCO_SD {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={85000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_H_STD_EGLM_Spect {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={85000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={85000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};
class DMR {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={85000,"Coins"};sell[] ={20000,"Coins"};};



To add another gun just copy a line, then replace the weapon classname, buy price and sell price.




class m107_TWS_EP1 {type = "trade_weapons";buy[] ={300000,"Coins"};sell[] ={100000,"Coins"};};

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