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  1. Ive seen that before :) i just couldnt find it again thanks for the help!
  2. Help - Custom loadouts for different groups using player IDS? for example normal players, donors, admins?
  3. Nope ive not tried ill give it a go i did ask in another furom but i though id try here for better help do you know any moderators i could ask?
  4. Help - How can i make building faster (less stages)??
  5. How long does it take for a moderator to review your server topic on the "Community servers" ?
  6. I mean where i can add crates from missions to your car so you can take them away?
  7. Help - Dose anyone know where i can get a "load in vehicle" script??
  8. I want a custom loot table where is will spawn a lot of weapons in barracks and in other places any good ones?
  9. Help - Safezones for epoch chernarus ?
  10. Help-how do i add ammo to traders for new snipers?
  11. Hey thanks dude so does this go in the trader_data also do you know about the m107 or as50?
  12. Is there no there way I can do it so i can add the dmr, as50, m107? istead of private hive tools
  13. Please show me how to add guns to traders like the dmr and as50 or m107 ?
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