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  1. GSP's are hard to tell because you never know how many servers they have running on a single box or instance. So short answer is, yes it would improve since you would be controlling the amount of servers that are running on a single box/instance.
  2. Land_DZE_WoodDoorLockedLand_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLockedLand_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLockedCinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZCinderWallDoorLocked_DZ
  3. I have HDD on one dedi and SSD on another. Don't notice any difference. A3 takes up about double the resources A2 servers do, that server can run two A2 and one A3 I would think depending on slots.
  4. Either of those will be fine to run 2-3 servers, especially A2 servers. SSD/HDD is up to you, you won't see much benefit from read/write specifically with the server, it's nice transferring files using SSDs, but minimal difference/impact to server performance.
  5. www.soyoustart.com
  6. Or use a SQL event to do it for you :D
  7. DELETE FROM `Object_DATA` WHERE `Classname` NOT REGEXP 'land|storage|shed|bench|wall|floor|fence|pump|wood|hrescue|stick|pole|generator|panel|house|rack|bag|stand|barrel|canvas|wire|hedgehog|net|trap|ramp|fort|sand|scaffold|misc|nest|parachute|border';
  8. You could just unlock them instead of deleting/moving them.
  9. Change the skin of the AI and they won't get trader menu options.
  10. cen

    New Melee weapon.

    This is so pointless. You guys have no road map and no clear direction for the future.
  11. A2 Epoch has been abandoned for a while now and player base is dropping every day.
  12. No issues at all. If you are worried about conflicting files, just partition your hard drive or put it on a different drive.
  13. 4 servers would run fine on that hardware.
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