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  1. DAYZ USONIA started out as a community in Arma 2 back in 2018. Now we are back! We are an oldschool style OverPoch server that aims for a true DayZ OverPoch experience! We have put weeks of development into the server to provide the best and most balanced gameplay we can! I also want to thank @BigEgg for making an awesome admin tool/anti hack! * We have active admins/staff. * We have a very active and friendly community and we want to keep it that way. * Please read the full list of rules on our discord! * I hope you enjoy the server and its features and please leave feedback on our discord! Name - DAYZ USONIA OverPoch NEW |Coins|Groups|Classes|Missions| (1.0.7) IP - (Hosted in Virginia) Discord - https://discord.gg/cbkhGucsRy Server Features - Non Militarized (M2 Humvee and Armored SUV) - Coin System (No Banks, Store Coins in Safes/Lockboxes) - Customized Loot Spawns - Customized Trader Prices and Locations - Bor, Staroye, Klen, Bash, Hero, and Roaming Bandit - Customized Military Bases - Prigorodki, Veresnik, Stary Sobor, Novy Lug, and Berezino - Customized AI and Hidden Crate Missions - Spawn Selection w/ Classes - Running Zombies - No Weight - Reduced Ore Spawns - Vehicle ammo only found in black crates - Always Day w/ Weather System - F5 Groups - Vehicles Locator - Take Clothes - Tow/Lifting - Auto Refuel (NO Rearm) - Toggable Grass/View Distance - Deployable Bike/Mozzie w/Parts - Raidable Bases (No base takeovers) - 300 Max Build Parts with 20m Max Height - Cinder Materials only available @ Hero/Bandit Traders - Chainsaw/Satchel Charges/Hotwire Kits have a 10% Chance to Spawn in all AI Mission Crates - Hotwire Safe (10% Chance to Unlock) - Safes Unlock to 0000 after 8 Days - Rare Cheytac/Anzio spawn @ Heli Crashes - .50 Cal Snipers only purchasable @ Hero/Bandit Traders Much more not listed! Hope to see you around!
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