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  1. Again, if there are any mistakes I only speak English so please correct me for HALV with the proper phrase! TKS OMG Polish translation xD
  2. Zhar

    Skalisty Bridge

    I'm sorry guys for Polish. Tomek nie ten plik edytujesz. Powinien być ten. a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps\chernarus.h
  3. Redis DB is the Devil. I really hate this DB.
  4. Hi guys. First. Im sorry for my english ;) Second. Infistar pushes players of the box and they don't have access to it
  5. RHE24 yes i know. my active.sqf my tools.sqf In game i see 2xGigacraft Admin Menu and when i choose someone i see this I'm sorry for my english :)
  6. I don't have the menu too
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