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  1. Ive seen that before :) i just couldnt find it again thanks for the help!
  2. Help - Custom loadouts for different groups using player IDS? for example normal players, donors, admins?
  3. Nope ive not tried ill give it a go i did ask in another furom but i though id try here for better help do you know any moderators i could ask?
  4. Help - How can i make building faster (less stages)??
  5. How long does it take for a moderator to review your server topic on the "Community servers" ?
  6. I mean where i can add crates from missions to your car so you can take them away?
  7. Help - Dose anyone know where i can get a "load in vehicle" script??
  8. I want a custom loot table where is will spawn a lot of weapons in barracks and in other places any good ones?
  9. Help - Safezones for epoch chernarus ?
  10. Help-how do i add ammo to traders for new snipers?
  11. Hey thanks dude so does this go in the trader_data also do you know about the m107 or as50?
  12. Is there no there way I can do it so i can add the dmr, as50, m107? istead of private hive tools
  13. Please show me how to add guns to traders like the dmr and as50 or m107 ?
  14. Does anyone know how to add vehicles and guns to traders ? Thanks
  15. Help - Extend building time? please help. Does anyone know how to extend the building time when building in epoch? Also does anyone know how to stop building steps? Thanks for the help.
  16. Where abouts in the init.sqf would i place DZE_PlotPole = [30,45]; // X and Y. ?
  17. Calamity where it says I know I change the 30 so say if I changed 30 to 60 what would I do with this What would i change that 60 to? Thanks.
  18. I'm new to all of this and I find this quite awkward to understand...
  19. I mean where is this so i could change the distance for the plotpole and what would i add
  20. Where abouts in the init.sqf and whats the line i need to add Thanks
  21. So richie if I do change it to 0 I will still need to place one to stop people building there?
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