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Server Vehicles and other objects not saved on restart?


Seen a couple of threads now linking to this problem of the server rolling back and not saving the object / vehicle COORDS on restart.

- I use PRMS (Added by GamingDeluxe) which restarts the server like BEC
Problem with this is that I have my server to restart every 4 Hours and it only restarts every 2 hours? This could be the cause?


Threads such as: are similar to to my problem



So if I spawn in a vehicle using Infistar for a player

Then the player drives this vehicle around the map anywhere

After 2 hours the server will restart prematurely (when its set to 4 hour restarts on PRMS) 

And will then move this spawn vehicle back to the position to where I spawned it


This is the same with players creating bases, or adding items to safes or vehicles. The server simply rolls back to the start of the server restart. I think this could be a problem with a Server_update file as it is not saving the positions but I read on the other thread this is not the case...

Any ideas?

- Dztance


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This this may be the fix,

In Innit.sqf I compared lines with my old server which did not have this problem


enableSaving [true, true];


Both of these values where set to false but I will test now <3

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Anyone having this problem Ive managed to fix it!

- Check plot management (found a "[" bracket typo which did not correspond to a close bracket in the server_updateobject.sqf

- Please check your Server_updateobject.sqf and Server_publishobject.sqf 

- For the vehicles rolling back on restarts, either reinitialise your database or wipe it


Tried both of these and mine is fixed :D

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On 4/16/2020 at 10:57 AM, dragonflyz78 said:

was there a fix because im trying to run an exile server and have a problem where the spawned vehicles dont save and despawn on reset


I used to spawn non persistent vehicles that I did not want to save after reboot, and persistent ones that I wanted to stay. Now nothing saves.

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      Does anyone happen to know where this is in the current (Epoch 1.0) release? 
      Considering most documentation I'm finding is several years old, I can only assume I'm looking in the wrong places. :( 
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