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  1. For some reason my donation box wont work, I dont know what ive done wrong >_< The menu works 100% I click on the new button I added and the next dialogue opened is blank. Please add me on steam or PM me for help?
  2. Anyone got an idea about a gui centre bar like standalone??
  3. Bump, anyone got a fix?
  4. Bump? Anyone seen anything like this or have any tests of these scripts working?
  5. Someone hit me up if they find the call for the Combat (The gun icon) And the broken legs icon
  6. Yeah I didnt know what it did at the time
  7. Anyone having this problem Ive managed to fix it! - Check plot management (found a "[" bracket typo which did not correspond to a close bracket in the server_updateobject.sqf - Please check your Server_updateobject.sqf and Server_publishobject.sqf - For the vehicles rolling back on restarts, either reinitialise your database or wipe it Tried both of these and mine is fixed :D
  8. How did you fix your vehicles updating to DB?

  9. This did not fix anything, really confused now, help?
  10. This this may be the fix, In Innit.sqf I compared lines with my old server which did not have this problem enableSaving [true, true]; Both of these values where set to false but I will test now <3
  11. Seen a couple of threads now linking to this problem of the server rolling back and not saving the object / vehicle COORDS on restart. - I use PRMS (Added by GamingDeluxe) which restarts the server like BEC Problem with this is that I have my server to restart every 4 Hours and it only restarts every 2 hours? This could be the cause? Threads such as: are similar to to my problem https://forums.dayz.com/topic/68181-1725-tents-and-vehicle-inventories-not-saving/ So if I spawn in a vehicle using Infistar for a player Then the player drives this vehicle around the map anywhere After 2 hours the server will restart prematurely (when its set to 4 hour restarts on PRMS) And will then move this spawn vehicle back to the position to where I spawned it This is the same with players creating bases, or adding items to safes or vehicles. The server simply rolls back to the start of the server restart. I think this could be a problem with a Server_update file as it is not saving the positions but I read on the other thread this is not the case... Any ideas? - Dztance
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