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  1. I was wondering if it is possible to make it so that a players humanity would not change for a certain amount of time? I have a PVP arena with a teleport in and I was wanting to make it so people could TP in and fight without worrying about gaining or losing humanity.
  2. confirmed it does. I have mine in modules instead of addons so you just have to change the file location info to point at modules.
  3. Still having the same issue. It is very random, different players and only happens like 1/10 times they spawn in. I took a snip of the RPT file from the time it happened today. Also looked at his client log and it looked fine. 8:10:58 "P1ayer PID#6(Bread) hit by AI with M2StaticMG from 493 meters in head_hit for 10.5764 damage" 8:10:58 "Bread (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Bread was killed by AI with M2StaticMG from 493m @065017 [6521.99,13619.4,0.00146484]" 8:11:10 "<infiSTAR.de> CONNECTLOG: DISCONNECT - Bread(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" 8:11:10 "INFO: OnPlayerDisconnect exiting. Player is near respawn_west. This is normal after death. ["xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","Bread"]" 8:11:10 Client: Remote object 6:0 not found 8:11:29 "<infiSTAR.de> CONNECTLOG: CONNECT - Bread(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)" 8:11:32 "INFO - Player: PID#6(Bread)(UID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/CID:4055) Status: LOGGING IN" 8:11:37 "INFO - Player: PID#6(Bread)(UID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/CID:4055) Status: LOGIN PUBLISHING, Location airstrip @050130" 8:11:53 "INFO - Player: Bread(UID:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/CID:4055) Status: CLIENT LOADED & PLAYING" 8:11:55 "B 1-1-E:1 (Bread) REMOTE, SafeZoneState, [0], 6" 8:11:55 "<infiSTAR.de> SAFEZONELOG: Bread(xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) - Left SafeZone @812895" 8:12:02 "INFO: Cannot Sync Character Bread near respawn_west [-18700,25800,0.00149536]. This is normal when relogging or changing clothes." 8:12:06 "<infiSTAR.de> HLOG: Bread (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | Gear Menu" 8:12:06 "<infiSTAR.de> HLOG: Bread (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) | Gear Menu" 8:12:06 "["PVAHR_0_w5e5e3018523b1343781411",["Bread","xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx","HLOG",[71,101,97,114,32,77,101,110,117]]]" 8:12:15 trigger - unknown animation source revolved 8:12:51 "DELETE DIRECT: SERVER deleted object with UID: 0" 8:12:51 "DELETE DIRECT: SERVER deleted object with UID: 0" 8:12:51 "DELETE DIRECT: SERVER deleted object with UID: 0"
  4. Here is a picture of what I am talking about if that helps, That is on my test server, and I am the only one on it.
  5. How would I go about adding custom vehicles to my server? I want to have an F35B with no weapons. I know how to remove the weapons, just cant find the file for the jet itself to edit.
  6. Was working fine before update. Happens frequently but not consistently. Player chooses loadout, then it starts to bring up the map to choose halo spawn, then spawns them at the coast.
  7. It was working fine on our server, then we updated to, now it's acting up. It is coloring the vehicle based on the type, but there is nobody in the vehicle. When you take off in a heli there are dozens of colored blips on the radar. Once you get within like 1000m of them, it goes back to grey.
  8. I'm having an issue with players spawning on the coast. Halo spawn has been working fine for two weeks, and now it is broken. It doesn't happen everytime, just randomly. Any ideas?
  9. Since updating to there is now a radar bug on my server. Vehicles with nobody in them are showing up red or orange on the map. When you get close to them they change back to grey. Anyone have a fix for this?
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