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CiC is just about to shut down its A2 Epoch server: [CiC] Epoch ( PVE which is Napf as we have moved into A3 Exile, so I thought I would give away the old server files as a whole working server.

This includes custom areas, custom AI, all installed AI missions/patrols, single currency, group management etc and is the current live server till 25th Feb

I hope you have a good time with it but I wont be offering support as all files are included but I have removed any passwords from the current server

You can download the files from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ukafXMvfhAdHdRYnQ3RlR2OEU






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    • By gamefail
      Welcome to Arma II DayZ Stratego
      Website: https://game.fail
      Teamspeak: ts.game.fail
      Discord: Connect.
      Facebook: Game.Fail
      Game: Arma 2
      IP: a2.game.fail
      Port: 2202
      Player Limit: 100
      Restart Time: Every 3 Hours
      Map: Chernarus
      Mods: Epoch, Overwatch
      Server is Semi militarized Rocket Launchers in trader Heavy ground and air vehicles  
      safeZoneRelocate Stormz Craft menu AntiDupe Tow/and Lift Plot management (maintain) 10 days New Effect map right click remove grass, map right click Custom trader Added trader (Gem and sniper trader) Custom loot Remove zombies plot pole and trader zone Tab menu script Stary parking custom build script Hard loot Hotwire door and vehicles  
      Abandoned Vault Death Corpse Drug Bust Gems Weed
    • By gskyline203
      First off I'm sure this question would be more appropriate on the DayZ Launcher Forums, but their email servers are screwed and i cant login, so im hoping someone here might be able to help me.
      I used this youtube video to set up my bare bones epoch server.
      Everything went well, and the server runs with no errors in the .RPT file. I can join it through the LAN server browser within Arma 2 OA just fine. What I am trying to do now is make my server joinable in public server lists like dayz launcher.
      I have port forwarded the arma ports and steam client ports as well.
      I have also allowed arma 2, arma 2 OA, arma2oaserver, and steam client through my firewall. 
      My server does show up on dayz launcher but as "Offline" with 0/0 players and 9999 ping. ( I dont know if I can only see it because its on my own network maybe? ) *Linksys Router*
      but that is my issue.
      This server is running on my dedi box at home with high speed download and upload (should be plenty) .
      I also made my dedi box's ip static. ( i did this after i created the server so maybe thats a no no?)
      Like I said I can join in just fine but only through the LAN browser in game. 
      I used a port checker to ensure my ports were in fact open, and used the dayz launcher server checker to ensure it can be found, and it did find it and said it would be added to the server list within 30 minutes. ( it did! but it shows up as offline! and unjoinable)
      *I have no idea if this means anything but i used mySQL with HeidiSQL when setting up my server* (I also ensure that the mysql service is running when i start my server up).
      At this point I have no idea what to do, so any thoughts would mean the world to me, thanks!
      Server IP = (steam query = 2303)
      P.S. Here is my "11_chenarus.cfg" and "basic.cfg" (again, im not sure if these are helpful but ill include them anyway)

    • By JayJay
      Hi everyone,
      As you can see im a freshy, ive not played much of Arma3 but i played some epoch/ ryans zombies and fell in love :) 
      I have no experience in setting up a server but enjoy the epoch version so much so i had to try to set a server up and if im honest ive been struggling (alot) , ive managed to rent a server and put epoch onto it with ryans zombies, set the time so i play in day light.
      but now im having trouble with loot items not being in buildings and even though i have the zombie mod on i cant see any zombies :/  
      If anybody can help me it would be really appreciated , i do have discord if that helps and i dont mind paying for your time.
      I dont want anything to crazy just EPOCH and zombies with loot :D 
      Bitten off more than i can chew :/
    • By xTimeToShine
      Hey guys,
      i'm proud to present our new "Epic Illusion Gaming - DayZ Overpoch server".
      [EIG] DayZ Overpoch | Chernarus | | Coins | Lift | Groups | Missions | Events | Deploy Bike |
      We are searching for some Players and also for some Admins. Please visit our Server or come to our Teamspeak or Discrod.
      Visit us on ...
      ...Discord:  https://discord.gg/MTQuUHP
      Our new special features:
      Global Coins System Deploy a bike (Toolbox) Lift & Tow Selfbloodbagging Groupsystem Virtual Garage AI Missions Special PVP Events Custom Loadout ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Upcoming features:
      Weaponswitch Enhanced Spawn Selection and much more...  
    • By Foxx1994
      Hey Survivors,
      We are looking for Players on our new Server.
      Server IP:
      HP: tbhserver.com
      Forum: tbhserver.com/forum
      We offer you
      an militarized Server with nearly all tanks and helicopters (T90,M1A1,BMP3,AH1Z and much more)
      Good FPS because of an Dedicated Server!
      active Admins!
      nearly undestroyable bases (Only Doors and Garage-Doors are destroyble, PlotPole not removable by other Players!!!)
      an Teamspeak 3 Server where you can get your own Channel!
      Easy Money earning also for Heros, changed prices for fishes and missionloot!
      250.000 Coins Starter-Money!
      balanced Spawnclasses!
      balanced Trader Buy- and Sell-Prices!
      Airfields are edited for more Loot and PVP!
      Scripts: ZSC VG WAI Plot4Life Deploy Bike and Mozzie Mystery Briefcases Self Bloodbag Vector und Snapbuilding ESSV3 Setview Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Globalbanking Tow/Lift Slow Zed´s Safe´s 0000 after 9Day´s and much more!  
      Hey Survivor,
      Server IP:
      HP: tbhserver.com
      Forum: tbhserver.com/forum
      Wir suchen neue Spieler für unseren frischen Server.
      Wir bieten euch
      eine Militarized Server mit fast allen Panzer und Helis (T90,M1A1,BMP3,AH1Z und vielen mehr)
      Gute FPS durch einen Dedicated Server!
      aktiven Admins!
      fast unzerstörbare Basen (Nur Türen und Tore sind zerstörbar, Plotpole nicht abbaubard durch andere Spieler!!!)
      einem Ts3 Server wo ihr auf wunsch eigene Channel bekommt!
      Einfaches Geld verdienen auch für Heros durch anheben der Verkaufspreise bei Fischen und Missions Gegenständen!
      250.000 Coins Startgeld!
      Ausgeglichenen Spawnklassen!
      Ausgelichenen Tradern Kauf- und Verkaufspreisen!
      Airfielder sind erweitert mit Gebäuden für mehr Loot und PvP!
      Scripts: ZSC VG WAI Plot4Life Deploy Bike and Mozzie Mystery Briefcases Self Bloodbag Vector und Snapbuilding ESSV3 Setview Distance Repair/Refuel/Rearm Globalbanking Tow/Lift Slow Zed´s Safe´s 0000 after 9Day´s und noch viel Mehr Wir freuen uns auf einen Besuch von dir !
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