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  1. CiC is just about to shut down its A2 Epoch server: [CiC] Epoch ( PVE which is Napf as we have moved into A3 Exile, so I thought I would give away the old server files as a whole working server. This includes custom areas, custom AI, all installed AI missions/patrols, single currency, group management etc and is the current live server till 25th Feb I hope you have a good time with it but I wont be offering support as all files are included but I have removed any passwords from the current server You can download the files from here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ukafXMvfhAdHdRYnQ3RlR2OEU Enjoy ned
  2. Just for information, I received this email:
  3. According to the vert website they only do : Epoch Mod, Arma3, DayZ mod and minecraft servers there is no mention of them doing A2 DayZ Epoch. We would prefer a UK server so it encourages more English speaking people on as people do check location of servers and they tend to get more of that language based on location but we aren't locked into a location due to our language or anything like that as we just want an active community which uses the resources we put out there as empty servers are just a waste of time and money. Is there a single host provider which people can hand-on-heart say are good, reliable and have a decent support which ALSO does A2 and A3 servers preferably UK based servers but at least English speaking support in Europe as so far we haven't found one.
  4. but they don't do A2 epoch either and I want our servers all in the same host as its easier to manage, thanks tho
  5. Only French servers though and I would prefer whoever it is to host both A2 and A3 servers
  6. We have had to cancel our GTX A3 Epoch server due to it being down for over a month and them blaming us for their database settings. We then bought a FastPointGaming server which never came online and their forums has error message saying their account has been suspended and their support stopped responding days ago. We really wanted to host our A2 and A3 Epoch servers somewhere but so far too many bad reviews and our bad experience leave very little choices for UK renting and some of the providers don't do UK or as really expensive and don't give full file access. If anyone has a provider who is actually good and solid and doesn't cost an arm and a leg we would much appreciate it. Currently looking at Vilayer - they are a bit more expensive than GTX and FPG but don't have some of the file access for A3, and Vert Hosting where the price seems ok but no UK servers and again no access to some files. I swear it never used to be this hard to rent a server, we've been going over 15 years and I never seen so many cowboys and fly by nights. Suggestions please! ps we may also buy an ARK server if they turn out to be good
  7. Apparently due to the construction of A3 and the use of a flat database file which reads sequentially so the car can spawn in first on restart if bought before the floor was constructed, then the floor spawns in after and any height difference means the car can be in or under the floor which causes it to take damage. Its the same for landing helicopters on roofs in A3 - flat file databases pretty much suck when it comes to reading through one line at a time to build a world.
  8. I think we need a share hackers thread somewhere as we were attacked again, this time he decided to tp and kill everyone: Anonymous Previously seen named Mystic 0110eea92059051663e09a4aa18c2de0 76561198169560016 STEAM_0:0:104647144 He then decided to post on our forums to gloat and threaten- http://cic-gaming.co.uk/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=20037 It would be nice if we could share more of these across servers to try and get rid of as many as possible, ofc there would have to be legitimate evidence of an offence but BE/BEC/VAC and all the other anti cheat/hack people don't seem to deal with this quickly enough. BTW the player who reported thought there was 2 people due to one player being teleported and opened fire in confusion but there was only one. ned
  9. but Config traders requires loads off work to swap into and you would have thought pulling data from the database wouldn't totally screw up all your trader menus, plus you end up having to have 2 versions so you can have trade from backpack and trade from vehicle, plus you cant use the % tax if you're using gold. As the instructions don't say you HAVE to be using config trader then from everyone using a database's perspective, its bugged as hell. Today even had to turn off backpack due to it causing enough issues on its own so to think off expanding it to buying when it doesn't work as expected or advertised would just be script suicide. I am always grateful to the script coders for the work they do and to all the contributors helping out and i know very few of us do it for money but broken is broken
  10. the sell from vehicle/backpack is severely bugged so selling could only make it worse
  11. if(isServer)then{ [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\kroe\cic_DevCasFinalEdit.sqf"; [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\kroe\donatorzone.sqf"; }; i presume you have the if isserver around it?
  12. think we have this sorted now as someone came to my rescue. thanks
  13. the other lines just go outside the }; right at the end just add new line after and add
  14. Hi, i think i have finally come up against the limits of my knowledge and patience with a few remaining bugs which have showed their heads in the last month. I would be willing to pay someone who could properly fix them if i cant get someone to help for free. You can have access to our Dev server or have the files yourself and run wherever you want. CiC is a gaming community ( http://cic-gaming.co.uk ) which just celebrated our 15th year which is non profit making and funded by either myself or donations from people who play with us. Dev platform is on GTX Gaming and live server is with Gameing Deluxe (GTX is cheaper but has no BEC messages which we like for restarts and rules) and we don't use infistar. Please get in contact if you think you can help. cheers [CiC]red_ned Details below of setup and mods. Installed modsEpoch server help required Plotpole 4 life v2 Snap Pro with vector Logistic tow lift evd deployables Advanced gem crafting - with F key function Recover skin Base safe area self BB Service Point Bus route Custom loadout Craft from Packs Donator trader with TP dome Admin Tools version 1.9.1 by NoxSicarius custom markers and triggers Custom AI city, island, castle missions with heli patrol DZAI with roaming heli and land patrols - used in static missions DZMS WAI - using machine gun positions in static missions Tweaked - stop purchased vehicles disapearing Full base maintenance and degrade current bugs 1. plotpole for life not working - upgrade to latest? Doesn't remember you after death and upgrading seems bugged as you have to remove the pole for upgrading items. Would like the retina system installed if possible too. 2. advanced crafting - items not being maintained and have no characterID attached 3. donator trader zone TP not working It warns but nothing happens on live server random working on dev server 4. Event scripts are afffecting advanced crafted items due to 0 characterID but i have a workaround if they cant be made to craft with charID
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