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  1. For infiSTAR find to AH.sqf if(_shift)then { if(_key == 0x19)then{['Shift + P to CombatLog'] spawn "+_randvar4+";call _fnc_punish_combatlog;_handled=true}; }; change to if(_shift)then { if(_key == 0x19)then{['Shift + P to CombatLog'] spawn "+_randvar4+";call _fnc_punish_combatlog;_handled=true}; if(_key == 0x4A)then{['Shift-Minus to Dupe'] spawn "+_randvar4+";_handled=true;true}; }; and all will be well! frieze + logs = no dupe
  2. Many menu scrolling, given the load on the server. Because there is a constant request for some kind of action. It's not quite a delicate script...
  3. You can put a reward of game currency (Coins) ? If so, how?
  4. no comprenderé solamente, por qué ellos verde
  5. Todo funciona muy bien) Gracias!
  6. http://pastebin.com/P2xWF6zX Can see what happened.
  7. I tried to do in player_death.sqf but I only have the camera to the top of flies and all. There is no respawn. :(
  8. Hello! I played on the same server and I really liked the new player spawn. :o Who can help me to find out about this script. :huh: Server DE-1000
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