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Adjusting Player Damage

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Hi everyone!  I have a very small private server that my family plays on. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to modify the damage that players receive from AI?  In a perfect world, I could set it in a way that would allow the 'dead' player to not actually die, but have a 5-minute countdown, and maybe even be unconscious, allowing the rest of the family to try and revive them.  Is this possible? If so, what file should I be looking for? Thanks to all who can provide feedback!

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There is an in built revive system as I am sure you are aware, but it is limited to once per life. I am not a server owner so can't help with identifying the config that needs to be adjusted if it is even available.

But to look at the problem another way may be you could adjust the strength and skill of the AI so that they are not so deadly. Thus giving your players more chance to survive.

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      to make it work for any player skin.
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