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Found 22 results

  1. THANK YOU FOR READING. This debug is very similar to one offered by a service. After so long, I armed my own Latin American server. I had everything in place as wanted, but something was missing .. I was missing the debug. I've been looking for various topics, several forums, or maybe if there was someone who could share it with the community, and I have not succeeded. So why (besides being a beginner) I read about how. I will come to share that secure more than one (like me) you are looking for. THESE ARE THE STEPS. Step 1) Go to your "MPMissions" folder, then "DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus" (or as your folder is called). If you have a folder named "Custom" in there create a folder called "Debug" and create a file with the following custom_monitor.sqf in and keep within it. Step 2) Within the "Debug" folder create another debug_init.sqf file with the following. IMPORTANT: This debug is hidden by mouse wheel. Since doing so by a key is broken. Step 3) Go to your "init.sqf" and go to the bottom of everything and paste the following. If all goes well, when you open the server will see the debug so. View image. :) Well, I hope you like it. It's my first "edition" you could say, so try to do it the best way. I hope to move forward and continue sharing. Many thanks to user "Juandayz" for all the support he gave me. See you soon!
  2. Hey everybody, Here is another goodie from me to YOU! Real Health System v0.3 This was started because a couple of community members at EpochMod.Com/Forums got together and took a basic idea and ran with it. Their initial work on Hunger and Thirst gave me the inspiration to make it even more involved and more realistic. From there I took it that next step and started looking at the other debug values that Epoch gives us and wham, ideas started pouring out! I still have many ideas left to add and tweak but this is a good start for the entire community to use in the meantime. So, all variables involved here kinda work with each other as well as work with the current health system in place made by Epoch. hunger thirst wet temp soiled toxicity immunity bloodpressure stamina damage rain That's the current list of all variables that come into play. Any modifications to this script must be shared back to me(to add to the current script) for the rest of the community to enjoy. Please consider donating to Donkey Punch to keep not only the scripts coming but this community alive! https://github.com/donkeypunchepoch/DP-Real-Health-System Whats in it so far too wet, lower temperaturetoo soiled, increase toxicitytoo toxic, lower immunitytoo low of immunity, raise temp - tox lower staminabloddpressure too high, lower stamina, raise temp, increase damage headwound too great, raise temp, lower immunity, raise tox, erase stamina, increase damage Update, just got to understanding bleeding will add it into at least one current and any future ideas that require it.
  3. Tricks

    Juandayz's Mods?

    I have been browsing the forums looking for unique mods to add to my server. I noticed Juandayz deleted a lot of his mods before leaving the community. Just curious if anyone has them all and would possibly repost them giving him full credit? I am particularly interested in his "Admin Skin" and "Debug" mods. Thanks community, here's hoping someone will step up!
  4. I had this debug back in I was wondering if someone could tell me why this isnt showing up when I place it in my selfactions. if((speed player <= 1) && _canDo) then { //default = 1 not 1000 if (s_player_toggle < 0) then { s_player_toggle = player addAction[("<t color=""#c70000"">" + ("Toggle Stats") +"</t>"),"custom\custom_stats\custom_stats_my_tweak.sqf","",5,false,true,"",""]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_toggle; s_player_toggle = -1; }; // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks guys!!
  5. My server RPT is full of these HIVE: WRITE: Statements. Is this normal? Is there a way to turn them off?
  6. This is a new custom journal. and how to do your own. *Whats its journal? It is a book that replaces the debug monitor. "Insert" deployed with and can hide. *First IF U HAVE THE JOURNAL GO TO STEP 2 IF U DONT HAVE JOURNAL u can follow the old guide or use my step 1 its the same. Step 1: download the given rar-archive and extract into your missionfolder. (This is the old journal files) in description.ext add at top class RscIGUIShortcutButton; #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\defines.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p__cover.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_journal_humanity.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_humanity_art.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_zombies_killed.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_bandits_killed.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_headshots.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\p_murders.hpp" #include "dayz_code\config\CfgPlayerStats\sound.hpp" in dayz_code/actions/dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf search for User20 (line 138) replace _nill = execvm "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\playerstats.sqf"; (line 140) with createDialog "horde_journal_front_cover"; ***Note: if u have a dayz_spaceinterrupt.sqf file do the replace in your custom for example if u use snap pro, do here: \MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\custom\Snap_Pro\dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf in dayz_code/init/compiles.sqf search for dayz_spaceInterrupt (line 26) replace dayz_spaceInterrupt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf"; (line 26) with dayz_spaceInterrupt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\actions\dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf"; **Note: if ure using Snap Pro you already have a dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf file so dont remplace in compiles.sqf in dayz_code/init/compiles.sqf search for //System (line 122) above insert ... //playerstats horde_epeen_fnc_fill_page = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\fill_page_fnc.sqf"; horde_epeen_determine_humanity_fnc = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\determine_humanity_fnc.sqf"; horde_epeen_setText_journal_fnc = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\epeen_setText_journal.sqf"; horde_epeen_setText_humanity_fnc = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\epeen_setText_humanity.sqf"; horde_epeen_setText_stats_fnc = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\epeen_setText_stats.sqf"; horde_epeen_show_humanity_fnc = compile preProcessFile "dayz_code\actions\playerstats\show_humanity_fnc.sqf"; thats all _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________// Step 2: (New journal) Download this folder: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cay66dlflbhbbot/dayz_code.zip A: paste the content into "YourServerRoot\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\ *Note: The content of the new folder remplace all the Old Journal Files so its important to have respected the paths of the OLD guide. ITS DONE! (but if u want to do your own go to Step 3) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OTHER INFO: Headers: contains the titles "Bandit,Humanity,Headshots,Murders,Kills,Zombies" Illus: contains the graphics for the Headers titles Book: contains the graphics for the Journal tape and pages Card: contains the graphics for the journal humanity, its a card i changed the card whit a passaport. u can change for any other thing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STEP 3: To do your own journal you need TextView2 and Photoshop. Example whit "bandit.paa" *Whit TextView 2 open the "bandit.paa" ("yourserverroot"\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\dayz_code\headers) *now see the measures in pixels for this file for example : 512x512 *go to photoshop or another editor and create a new file whit the same measures and transparent background. *do it the graphic edition for your new journey and save as .PNG *Again open TextView2 load the .PNG and save as .paa (remplace the old .paa file *For this Example: save as "bandit.paa" +.do for each file you want to replace. Notes: **if u can't view the journal go to options, controls, custom controls, and user action 20, then bind a key for it. **Another problem could be your debug monitor, disable it if u want. ****Other thing: My journal stats are in spanish so if u want change to english go to your ...\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\dayz_code\actions\playerstats open the epeen_setText_journal.sqf and look for this lines: align='left'>Grupo/Factor A+: means blood align='left'>Hambre: means food align='left'>Sed: means thirst align='left'>Sensacion Termica: means Temp align='left'>Bondad: means Humanity align='left'>Infectados: means Zombies align='left'>Selector Spawn: align='left'>Luna Llena: means full moon align='center'>Sobreviviendo: %8 Dias(s)</t><br/> means survived days align='center'>Demas Personas:%9</t><br/> means other players align='center'>FPS:%10, FPSMin:%11</t><br/>
  7. ZHB - Zupa's Hud & Builder. V1.2 Hotfix This is a selfbooting addon inside your mission pbo with easy installation. It will add a hud and hud builder on your server. Default pressing 8 for hud builder and 9 to toggle on and of. Future plans Opacity on images. More options. Saving to redis. Config to allow hud builder or to disable it Define your own keybinds. Changelog V1.2 Fixed a wrongly named variable Infistar should work now correctly. Commits https://github.com/DevZupa/ZHB-A3/commit/070b15162a10c475d2872c564fb73a22a8e377d8 https://github.com/DevZupa/ZHB-A3/commit/abb6e4da1d32d953528fd27f5302fa83388dae16 https://github.com/DevZupa/ZHB-A3/commit/afc50e71910c4ab684b41aea444cff6c981055d6 V1.1 KeyUp Handlers. Download https://github.com/DevZupa/ZHB-A3 Feel free to push fixes/addition to the git. Installation Battleye Filters in Scripts.txt Edit the following exceptions to the 7 xxx , only copy the part that starts with ! Search for the tag word and place the rest behind it. 7 displayAddEventHandler !"ZupaKeyUpWorking = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler ['KeyUp', '_this call ZHB_fnc_handleKey'];" 7 displayRemoveEventHandler !"(findDisplay 46) displayRemoveEventHandler ['KeyUp',ZupaKeyUpWorking];" 7 createDialog !="createDialog \"Z_HUD_Builder\";" 7 playableUnits !",count playableUnits ,_align,_valign" Edit your filters as stated above. Place the ZHB folder in your mission pbo. Place the folowing on the bottom of your description.ext If you already have a RscTiles or CfgFunctions, place the includes in there ofcourse. #include "ZHB\ZHudBuilder.hpp" class RscTitles { #include "ZHB\ZHud.hpp" }; class CfgFunctions { #include "ZHB\ZHB_Functions.hpp" }; 4. Add the following in your antihack as exception. Z_HUD_Builder 5001, -3 5. DONE - Change the fn_initVariables to your likings. You can edit the default hud in the initVariables.sqf // Starting positions Z_HUD_pos = [ 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, // Bottom SIde -> left to right 0,0,3,4,5,6,0,0, // Right Side -> bottom to top 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0, // Top side -> right to left 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 // Left side -> top to bottom ]; Numbers are as following: // 0 = Nothing/ Blank // 1 fps // 2 players // 3 damage // 4 crypto // 5 hunger // 6 thirst // 7 grid // 8 fatique // 9 Restart // 10 Toxicity // 11 Stamina // 12 Energy Extra Restart timer is default disabled to be picked ( change in initVariables.sqf) icons are 6 kb paa's, CAN U BELIEVE IT? SO SMALL Screenshot
  8. as a server admin i find very dificult finding players reports of abuse or bugs without a time and date so i can check the logs. it would be very helpful if there was a time/date right on the players screen so all they would have to do is take a screenshot i would have specific time/date to check. Does anyone know or mind sharing something that would work? i have searched and found https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_infoText and http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18353 havent tested yet i do have a general ideia on how to do it but am not completely sure (most of the stuff i do is by trial and error) so any help here would be great.
  9. Hi, im running a modified version of this hud here: and I am having trouble finding a way to use my coin Icon to add the the side of the screen so people know how much money they have, and help would be appreciated
  10. Hey,guys I finally got infiStar like their debug menu, but it doesnt show how many time until restart. Anyone knows how to enable it? PS. do infistart bring lags? last night server lag 1 second like every 5 minutes when big amount of player join. it was fine before i install infistar
  11. In the UK and probably the US as well, 'Soiled' means you've shit yourself. So when I see the dubug monitor saying "Soiled 29" I read that as I've shit myself 29 times and I don't think a single moist towelette is going to clean that up!! I 'think' soiled is supposed to mean your hygiene level, or how 'dirty/smelly' you are. I would recommend renaming 'soiled to Hygiene to better describe what that parameter is actually measuring.
  12. Hello guys, sry for my bad english, but I'm from Germany. I created a "Spawn Dialog" where you can choose your own spawn location, but after 1 minute the server port you to the Debug Box. I think it's a cheat protection. How I can turn it off? I hope you can help me. Greez Noldy
  13. When i press the default "insert" key to try to toggle it , the original "default" debug comes up so how do i remove that?
  14. Dayz.Epoch.3d.Editor.Live.Mission -=Youtube Demo=- What is this A custom mission file for the purpose of testing/writing scripts for DayZ Epoch without the need of a server. It emulates the dayz_server and dayz_mission files, for live testing of code inside the 3d editor. Features Fully working GUI, zombies, hit registration, addactions, everything! Write code and execute it on the fly. No need to start a server and join with a client to test things. 99% of your scripts should work ! (dynamic weather, default loadouts, custom scripts etc) 2 setups. DefaultLoadout from init.sqf or a Fake database entry. (copy/paste your character info from the database) Includes most of BIS_fnc functions, so actions like BIS_fn_invAdd will work (with some changes, see bellow) Installation DayzEpochTemplate.Chernarus Head over to the GitHub where the project is. Click Download on the right sidebar Extract the Chernarus mission file in your \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions Copy the DayzEpoch.bat file (included in the .zip) in your Arma2 OA root directory and execute it When the game launches, press Alt+E, select Chernarus, then Load and select mission DayzEpochTemplate Start editing your files located in \My Documents\ArmA 2\missions\DayzEpochTemplate with your customizations. Customizing and Important Notes Default setup vs Fake Database setup There are 2 ways of initializing your player. The default Epoch loadout (like the one in your init.sqf) A manually entry of fake database data (coordinates, medical states, inventory etc) The 1st way has no bugs (so far), and its the easiest thing you could start with. Just open the dayz_code\init\setupChar.sqf and at the bottom of the file change the values to your liking. Make sure in the init.sqf, DefaultTruePreMadeFalse is set to true; and also from there you can change the Default loadout of the player. The 2nd option is a bit more complicated. It works, but sometimes it bugs out, when you select Restart instead of Loading again the Mission file. I left the PlayerUID in the debug monitor...so IF you see that it is set to 0 then you know something went wrong...Just reload the mission file and you should be fine. To setup your character with the second method open dayz_code\init\variables.sqf. The first 55 lines until //Model Variables is where the magic happens. Some things have to be set twice. CharacterID and playerUID so we set them up here at first. player setIdentity "My_Player"; //check description.ext file....There is no way to get the name of player otherwise in the editor. player setVariable ["CharacterID", "1", true]; // same as the line 28 (Your charID. Must be the same number) player setVariable ["playerUID", "111111", true]; // Your player's UID Further down is our first fake database entry. The first and second value, leave it like that. The 3rd has to be the same value as the one above. The only extra addition to this is the _survival state of the player. That is created in the dayz_server.pbo so i had to emulate the values. /* OK or Error = _primary select 0; Is newPlayer (true/false) = _primary select 1; _charID = _primary select 2; _isInfected (1/0) = _primary select 3; _inventory = _primary select 4; _backpack = _primary select 5; _survival = _primary select 6; //last ate+ last drunk +totalminutes alive _model = _primary select 7; _hiveVer = _primary select 8; */ primaryPre = [ "OK", false, "1", // My charID "0", [["ItemMap","ItemWatch","ItemToolbox","ItemFlashlightRed","Binocular_Vector","M9SD","NVGoggles","ItemRadio","ItemEtool","ItemHatchet_DZE","ItemCrowbar","ItemMatchbox_DZE","M4A1_HWS_GL_SD_Camo","ItemKnife","ItemCompass"],["30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD","FoodSteakCooked","ItemSodaCoke","PartGeneric","PartGeneric","PartWheel","PartWheel","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","ItemBandage"]], ["DZ_Backpack_EP1",[["AK_47_S"],[1]],[["ItemBloodbag"],[2]]], [4320,114.9,42.753], // ------ This is the only extra thing i had to add: 4320 means 3 days (survival time) in minutes, 114.9: last ate, 42.753: last drunk ----- "TK_Commander_EP1_DZ", 11]; The second part is this /* OK or Error = _primary select 0; _medical = _primary select 1; _stats = _primary select 2; _state = _primary select 3; _worldspace = _primary select 4; _humanity = _primary select 5; _lastinstance = _primary select 6; */ secondaryPre = [ "OK", [false,false,false,false,false,false,false,6000,[],[0,0],0,[114.9,42.753]], // 6000 blood [10,20,1,22], // Kill stats ["M9SD","aidlpknlmstpsraswpstdnon_player_idlesteady02",42,["222222","333333"]], //42 is the temperature, ["222222","333333"] are my friend UIDs [91,[4965.1968,10002.998,0.001]], // Coordinates 11000, 11]; This is the medical condition, kill stats, stance, friendlist, coordinates, humanity and instance of the player. Like i said the 2nd option is a bit buggy, you have to reload or restart the mission sometimes, to get accurate results. Most of the scripts you'll test/write should work fine...but if you want to write code for something that requires more complex stuff, like for example that requires the friendsarray, then make sure the mission was loaded correctly. Loading the mission again doesn not affect your custom scripts. It will reload the mission.beidi file. The description.ext has your character's name in it. If you ever need to check player name...it will get it from there. class My_Player { name="DemoPlayer"; face="Face20"; glasses="None"; speaker="Dan"; pitch=1.1; }; Important info Related to coding Since this is an emulation of the dayz_server some things will never work. For example: _playerUID = getPlayerUID player; will never work in the editor. To get the _playerUID you have to do this: _playerUID = player getVariable ["playerUID", "0"]; This is the most important thing to remember. Lots of scripts use getPlayerUID. You have to remember to change it every time you want to use it. findDisplay 46 does not work in the editor :/ so scripts like the CCTV wont work Also some BIS_fnc functions have to be included in the dayz_code\init\compiles.sqf for them to work. For example i had to include: BIS_fnc_invAdd = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\system\functions\inventory\fn_invAdd.sqf"; If your code has BIS_fnc functions in it then check the folder dayz_code\system\functions for the function and include it in the compiles.sqf. I am sure there is a way to parse the folder and add a BIS_ infront of all the files, like epoch does it...but i didnt want to waste time and ran into problems, so manually adding the files is fine by me. Use the debug option in the init.sqf if you are using the 2nd method (fake database entry). And ALWAYS check your RPT log file for debugging. Its located at : %AppData%\Local\ArmA 2 OA Also enable this in the init.sqf if you want more details: DZEdebug = true; // Debug messages on log file Dont let the file names trick you...These are heavily modified files...Dont overwrite them with your own files. Add to them instead of replacing them. Related to mission file included You'll notice when you start the mission there are 2 bots standing there. If you double click the soldier you'll see that he initiates this script scripts\BotInit.sqf. I left that in purpose in case you want to do some scripting that requires 'another player', and you want to initialize the fake player like that. The other bot can be deleted. I just left it there because i was testing a Tag Friendly script, and needed a 3rd 'player' that has me as a friend. (i got no friends lol). In most of my scripts i use the playerUID to validate checks between owner and objects. Some default Epoch files use the characterID...meaning if you die...you lose ownership. Thats why i changed most of the stuff to playerUID instead...If for some reason you are using scripts that check CharacterID instead of playerUID, i would suggest you change that, because some things (with the 2nd method) might not work...due to the fact that my files are checking playerUID for validation. Worst case scenario if you cant edit the files....just use the same CharacterID and playerUID...so its always the same :) Example on how to use the superadmins.sqf (for actions restricted to admins only, just add your fake UID in the array) (In your fn_self_actions.sqf) //_adminList = call compile preProcessFileLineNumbers "superadmins.sqf"; // This line is already at the top of the file. _cursorTarget = cursorTarget; _typeOfCursorTarget = typeOf _cursorTarget; _ownerID = _cursorTarget getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; _playerUID = player getVariable ["playerUID", 0]; // Example on how to use _adminList if((typeOf(cursortarget) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") and _ownerID != "0" and (player distance _cursorTarget < 2)) then { if (_playerUID in _adminList) then { cutText [format["Plot Pole Owner PUID is: %1",_playerUID], "PLAIN DOWN"]; }; }; Bugs I disabled the call player_switchModel, on the Fake database method..meaning it wont switch the player to your skin when you press Preview, because it deletes one player and creates a new one. When this happens it kinda breaks tons of stuff. If you want to enable it its at line 70 in the dayz_code\init\setupChar_Database.sqf Sometimes the player will spawn twice. That's because when you Preview the map you are also the Server and the Player. The code runs twice....hence the bugs with the 2nd method with the fake database. Sometimes the dayz_Login and Setup method get all messed up cause in the 3d editor you have to have a Playable character for the mission to start...but dayz server doesnt work this way. I did my best to 'ignore' the manually added player in the beidi file and use the player the game makes (2nd method) but sometimes this whole isServer isPlayer as well messes up things. There are no .fsm files so dont try to include them. 3d editor will not work with them, thats why i broke the player_monitor.fsm to 2 .sqf files...One emulates 'login to the server', and one 'setup of player'. findDisplay 46 doesnt work :/ in editor...if anyone knows a way to make it work...please post it. Final Notes These files took me alot of time to make. It wasnt easy, and i am sure you'll find bugs or some things could have been writen a better way. The whole purpose of this project was to not waste any more time trying to code on this god forsaken Arma engine. I cant believe that there isnt an option to write code 'on the fly'. With a proper debugger... Sure there are little tricks and hacks you can add to diag_log variables, but to write an actual script that requires interaction with the environment or beta testing custom script ??? Forget it. I've included the Deploy bike and Self bloodbag scripts in the pack...just to see how easy it is to add/run/debug them. (Check the youtube video). And a personal note....You will NEVER find an easier way to code stuff for Dayz....period. I've been begging both here and on Opendayz for a Guru to point me to the right direction for fast coding/debugging code in Dayz and i got nothing. Only some debuggers for a glorified diag_log option. This is the fastest way to write code and see it in action. Hope this code will help you write code faster and easier :)
  15. Hey Guys, I cannot fix with my custom debug monitor and seems like no help is coming to fix that one... So can someone please post a tested & working custom debug monitor for Epoch Thanks
  16. Hey Guys, After hours of testing I have pinpointed to the one script causing the issue, I don't know how to fix it though so can anyone please help me to fix the no-gear-access-in-vehicle bug in custom debug monitor version 2.0 below? This below is version 1.0. It works. It does not have toggle On/Off option, hence this version was left behind. This is version 2.0. It is improved and is now user toggleable. It works (i.e.: displays custom debug monitor on player screen) however it disables gear access in vehicle in Driver/Gunner seats (gear access in back seat works).
  17. Hi There, I'm trying to get the my debug monitor to show the correct time before server restarts. I have a BEC setup to restart every 4 hours. 06:0010:0014:0018:0022:0002:00Here Is the commands I have in place for it. The custom debug screen Is what is slightly confusing me. Here is the script I'm using. The debug Is showing the wrong time before restart and I'm a little confused on how I can change it. I've changed the (serverTime) to (06:00:00) to see if that would allow it to begin the cycle repeating itself every 240 minutes thus breaking it to the cycle but It completely made my debug screen disappear. What can I do to make the debug show the correct time before restart? Cheers.
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    Debugging the Debug

    Hello, I'm having some trouble with my debug monitor causing some weird errors: The debug monitor works in all its glory with a toggle function. Here is some info: This is in my init.sqf to make it so it is enabled by default. if {!isDedicated} then { debugMonitor = true; [] execvm "custom\debug.sqf"; }; Here is the debug.sqf while {debugmonitor} do { _kills = player getVariable["zombieKills",0]; _killsH = player getVariable["humanKills",0]; _killsB = player getVariable["banditKills",0]; _humanity = player getVariable["humanity",0]; hintSilent parseText format [" <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#5882FA'>Website:</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center'>Numenadayz.com</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center' color='#5882FA'>Teamspeak:</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream'align='center'>ts.numenadayz.com</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Players Online: </t><t size='0.95 'font='Bitstream' align='right'>%1</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Blood: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%2</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Humanity: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%3</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Murders: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%4</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Bandits Killed: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%5</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>Zombies Killed: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%6</t><br/> <t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='left' color='#FFBF00'>FPS: </t><t size='0.95' font='Bitstream' align='right'>%7</t><br/> <t size='1.15' font='Bitstream' align='center' color='#5882FA'>Restart in %8 Minutes</t><br/> <t size='1' font='Bitstream' align='center'>Press F10 to toggle</t>", (count playableUnits),r_player_blood,round _humanity,_killsH,_killsB,_kills,(round diag_fps),(round(180-(serverTime) / 60)) ]; sleep 1; }; and this part calls the debug monitor when you press F10 if (_dikCode == 0x44) then { if (isNil 'debugMonitor') then { debugMonitor = true; [] execvm "custom\debug.sqf"; } else { debugMonitor = !debugMonitor; hintSilent ''; [] execvm "custom\debug.sqf"; }; }; is the isNil value causing the problem? and if so what can I replace it with? I used this debug monitor before without any problems, but when I added a toggle function this happend.
  19. I could not find any ArmA2 debug tool that worked with Epoch so I developed my own little script and dialog to do just some simple things like execute SQF code on the fly (client and server side via custom remote execution). Also I have added my own little extension (DLL) for remote logging to a separate window on the server, so essentially if you want to log some debug info it pops up in that window and not in the RPT file. That logging extension is optional of course but i use it for debgging myself, not on the live server. Is there any interest in tools like this? I can publish my stuff if any admin or script/mod developer may need something like this.. :) Here a simple screenshot what the debug dialog looks like atm: you can enter any valid SQF script code in the large text field and then execute it locally on the client or via remote execution on the server, the result of the code is displayed in the lower text field (also the result of remote exec), just to simplify it so you won't have to add a log call or "hint str (1+2+3)" instead of just call "1+2+3" or whatever (and yes you can use this as a calculator lol) some screenshots of the remote log: I've just added a simple log filter at the bottom, so you are able to filter the log entries to match a specified text in real time. the number in the bottom right cornor means 9 log entries filters out of 26 log entries overall. this ain't pretty but might help with script debugging a lot. the code to log something in this example is pretty simple: format["Refueling %1 with %2 fuel",_name,_fuel] call DT_fnc_log; this is called in my service point refuel script, just as an example how it can be used (keep in mind the refuel script is client side and the log window on the server). :) Download: http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/ArmaDebugTool1.0.zip Installation Script Console copy the files RscDebugDialog.hpp and debug.sqf to your MPMission folder/PBO open your description.ext file and include the debug dialog at the end of the file like this: #include "RscDebugDialog.hpp" execute the debug.sqf from your init.sqf (at the very bottom it needs to be executed on the client and server) execVM "debug.sqf"; you can open the debug console by invoking the function DT_fnc_openDialog yourself or by default just press the minus key on the numpad to open it if you are in-game (key can be changed with DT_openKey variable in the debug.sqf file) call DT_fnc_openDialog; you can now use the debug console in game, be aware the custom remote execution on the server might be tricky if you leave BattlEye enabled because many script values are just blacklisted in the publicvariableval.txt filter file, also you need to add BattlEye exceptions for publicvariable.txt: !="DT_logMessage" !="DT_remoteExec" I suggest to just disable BattlEye if you want to make use of the remote execution, since this script is only intended for use on a test server anyway ond not for a live server! If you want to use this on a live server make sure only admins have access to the script console! :P Installation Remote Log Extension (optional) If you want to use the external log window in combination with my log command DT_fnc_log you need to install the extension first. By default the log window is displayed on the server only, it can be used on the client but on the server makes more sense I think. The following steps are only server side! copy the files jni.dll, jni.conf and ArmaDebugTool.jar in your ArmA:OA installation directory (next to Database.dll and the other Epoch files) since the extension is written in Java you need to install a 32-bit (x86) Java 7 Runtime Environment (JRE), if you don't already have that on your server open the jni.conf and change the JAVA_HOME path to your JRE installation if necessary that should be all, you can now use the DT_fnc_log function on the client or server and it should open a separate window with the first log call. e.g. "log text" call DT_fnc_log; (position player) call DT_fnc_log; // on the client (count vehicles) call DT_fnc_log; // server or client or whatever you want to log, string conversion is done automatically so you can log any value or object. If there are any problems with calling the ArmaDebugTool.jar or Java-VM there should be a jni.log file next to the jni.dll with error information in it. Also for performance reasons the log window is limited to 1000 log entries, it will remove the oldest one from the top if you log more messages. References The Java Extension for Arma 3 (jni.dll) was created by micovery: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?167749-Java-Extension-for-Arma-3-(jni-dll) Source code for my debug scripts: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/debug Source code for the log extension (ArmaDebugTool.jar): https://github.com/vos/ArmaDebugTool
  20. So I was having problems with my server when I added a custom debug the can be toggled. When I had this on, it made people unable to use hotkeys when placing things like walls,safes etc , so they couldn't build anything. Dunno if anyone else has had this problem, but I thought I would share.
  21. I have seen a couple of threads where debugging is becoming an issue and thought I would share one of the tools I have written. Basically it allows you to add an entry to the server log, normally done with diag_log at the server, from the client (player) side of your mission scripts. Normally, for the client, hint is the only way to do any sensible debugging. I now use this religiously when scripting. All this does is setup a public variable event handler that, when called, runs a small script on the server that logs whatever is sent to it via the public variable. The reason for this requirement, if you have tried doing a diag_log from the client you will have noticed that nothing appears in the server log. This is because of locality. In short, not all things are available to the client that are for the server and vice/versa. If you are serious about scripting locality is one thing you will want to get your head around, it explains why a lot of things that, at first glance, appear like they should work but just don't.. To Install: In init.sqf (in your mission folder) add (Or add the relevant code to an existing isServer): if (isServer) then { axe_server_log = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "tools\logtorpt.sqf"; "axeDiagLog" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn axe_server_log}; }; Create a folder called tools in your mission folder and add logtorpt.sqf (this can be packaged in, and referenced from, dayz_server.pbo): //logtorpt.sqf private ["_targetObj"]; _targetObj = _this; diag_log format["AXELOG: %1",_targetObj]; Then when you want to create a log entry from your clientside code use this as an example (the key bits are the last two lines): _var1 = "wow"; _var2 = "a log entry."; axeDiagLog = format["I am logging something here: 1st Var=%1 | 2nd Var=%2.",_var1,_var2];//Set the public variable value publicVariable "axeDiagLog";//Send the public variable 'to the event handler' Obviously you can make axeDiagLog pretty much anything you want. That example will then appear in your server side log as: 13:49:31 "AXELOG:I am logging something here: 1st Var=wow | 2nd Var=a log entry." This is creating public variables so may cause network issues if overdone. Always remove for live servers to increase performance. That said I have had this running at hundreds of logs per second on my test server and had no noticeable lag with 2 to 3 players in testing. Is entirely possible this could be optimised using publicVariableServer instead, it works so I haven't 'fixed' it. That's it, server side logging from the client, enjoy.. :)
  22. So i have been setting up a new DayZ Epoch on a dedicated server, and got everything up and running fine, For the final step i installed BlurGaming Anti-Hack, Now most of you "Might" say that its a scam and doesnt work, even though it works on ym sever, i got it to work, but i spawn in debug, sometimes i can move around in debug, sometimes i cant, when i can, i spawned in a heli and tried to fly, and then i get sent to lobby, I uninstalled the Anti-Hack and ran they epoch server by itself, but the problem persisted, and when i tried running around, i got sent to the lobby. I tried re-installing the whole MPMissions\DayZ_epoch_chernarus.11 and without the anti-hack, and Again i still spawn in debug, and i read it has to do with the init.sqf file in the MPMissions, i tried downloading a fresh one and installing that and the problem still persists, if anyone has any answers to help me with this that would be great thanks!
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