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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everybody, Here is another goodie from me to YOU! Real Health System v0.3 This was started because a couple of community members at EpochMod.Com/Forums got together and took a basic idea and ran with it. Their initial work on Hunger and Thirst gave me the inspiration to make it even more involved and more realistic. From there I took it that next step and started looking at the other debug values that Epoch gives us and wham, ideas started pouring out! I still have many ideas left to add and tweak but this is a good start for the entire community to use in the meantime. So, all variables involved here kinda work with each other as well as work with the current health system in place made by Epoch. hunger thirst wet temp soiled toxicity immunity bloodpressure stamina damage rain That's the current list of all variables that come into play. Any modifications to this script must be shared back to me(to add to the current script) for the rest of the community to enjoy. Please consider donating to Donkey Punch to keep not only the scripts coming but this community alive! https://github.com/donkeypunchepoch/DP-Real-Health-System Whats in it so far too wet, lower temperaturetoo soiled, increase toxicitytoo toxic, lower immunitytoo low of immunity, raise temp - tox lower staminabloddpressure too high, lower stamina, raise temp, increase damage headwound too great, raise temp, lower immunity, raise tox, erase stamina, increase damage Update, just got to understanding bleeding will add it into at least one current and any future ideas that require it.
  2. I thought I would share my list of all weaposn/ammo and damage please share if I missed any... http://pastebin.com/h0Ja35FW
  3. We have some trouble with our server. When player take damage he kick to the lobby and show the stats(server write that playes was die). And same situation when he dies. We can`t revive the player because when he dies, shows stats. What need to do in this situation? Sorry for russian.
  4. Hi everyone! I have a very small private server that my family plays on. I am wondering if anyone knows a way to modify the damage that players receive from AI? In a perfect world, I could set it in a way that would allow the 'dead' player to not actually die, but have a 5-minute countdown, and maybe even be unconscious, allowing the rest of the family to try and revive them. Is this possible? If so, what file should I be looking for? Thanks to all who can provide feedback!
  5. After restarting the server, all bases are suddenly damaged, even if each team has maintained its base at the Jammer. I have version b3 and Arma 1:42 Can i fix the Problem self, or must wait on the epoch dev?
  6. Hey, After i updated to the latest steam version some of my players get issues that vehicle keeps randomlly exploding, after some time driving they get ejected and the vehicle explode but they dont get any damage, what i see in the logs it hapens every time when the server do a cleanup, see here, vehicle exploded at "13:03" (03:03 P.M), 13:02:18 "Player is Null FAILED: Exiting, player sync: <NULL-object>" 13:02:42 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198146178268 _name: keezarts" 13:02:44 Server: Object 20:568 not found (message 94) 13:03:08 "CLEANUP: Deleted 127 Loot Piles out of 536" 13:03:09 "get: STRING (76561198038755076), sent: STRING (76561198038755076)" 13:03:09 "DISCONNECT: EnZZo (76561198038755076) Object: B 1-2-H:1 (EnZZo) REMOTE, _characterID: 153 at loc [4850.96,2916.29,0.00152969]" 13:03:09 Client: Remote object 28:410 not found 13:03:09 Client: Object 13:241 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 4:478 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 11:119 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 23:96 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 19:220 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 9:71 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:09 Client: Object 20:573 (type Type_149) not found. 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: _uid: 76561198046305176 _name: David007" 13:03:11 "infiSTAR.de - Player-Log: David007(76561198046305176) - 1h 02min" 13:03:20 "infiSTAR.de Log: David007 (76561198046305176) | New Player: ["161",[],[],[0,0,0],true,"","Survivor2_DZ",true,true,0]" 13:03:39 "DELETE: e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE Deleted by ID: 122" 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_69) not found. 13:03:39 Client: Object 23:98 (type Type_70) not found. 13:03:39 "Vehicle killed: Vehicle e19ac100# 1056164: v3s_transport.p3d REMOTE (TYPE: V3S_TK_EP1_DZE), CharacterID: 0, ObjectID: 122, ObjectUID: 0, Position: [11452.1,11343.5,-0.0125427]" 13:03:53 "CLEANUP: Deleted 27 Loot Piles out of 420" 13:04:02 "0 Active ground units" 13:04:02 "0 Active emplacement units" 13:04:02 "0 Active chopper patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:02 "0 Active vehicle patrol units (Crew)" 13:04:07 "EPOCH SERVERTRADE: Player: [F4] bathing ape (76561198082824296) sold a ItemSodaMdew in/at Unknown Trader City for 3x ItemGoldBar" 13:04:42 NetServer::SendMsg: cannot find channel #240256419, users.card=15 13:04:42 NetServer: users.get failed when sending to 240256419 13:04:42 Message not sent - error 0, message ID = ffffffff, to 240256419 (Bryan Pegre) 13:04:51 "CLEANUP: Deleted 26 Loot Piles out of 393" and i dont on what i can do... did no changes to my mpmission, the only what i chagend was installing plotpole for life.
  7. Microb


    Hello. I have 2 questions. 1: I have working nuke script working with dayz... is it possible to attach nuke launch script (or any script) to scud B rocket launch? 2: Nuke script is working trough setdamage 1... Everything works fine and every building is destroyed in radius I set, but if player relogs or another players logs in, some buildings(Hangars,Factories,etc) are not destroyed. Any ideas how to fix it?
  8. Pretty much as the title says, me and some other players on our server are suffering radiation damage in Lenzburg, any reason why?
  9. Booguy


    Hello to everyone, i have some question,maybe someone can answer to me please! Everyone know that kids don't keep rules and don't want to keep it. When admin is offline, kids always try to steal foreign vehicles in safe zones,or sell it. Or they especialy like to destroy bases(wood walls,cinder, etc.) Maybe someone can explain which logs i need to look? (for example set damage,addcargomag??) Thanл you, and sorry for bad spelling.
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