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Anti Duping backpack script by ivlar.net


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//    @file Author: Ivlar.net
[] spawn
while {1 == 1} do
waitUntil {!isnull (findDisplay 602)};
if ((isPlayer _x && _x != player) && (alive _x)) then {
_backpack=backpackContainer player;
_backpack_x=backpackContainer _x;
hint "No Duping!";
removeBackpack player;
} forEach nearestObjects [player, ["Epoch_Male_F","Epoch_Female_F"], 10];
sleep 1;

Add to your init:

if (hasInterface) then {
[] execVM "InventoryOpened.sqf";
Maybe you have any ideas on how to improve the script?
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I can see people causing issues on servers using this by just standing near traders with their inventory active thereby blocking anyone using traders.


as i have already mentioned once (alltho my post was deleted for some reason), this will most likely NOT work ...



script updated 05/18/15

Edited by Ivlar
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Haha had to sit here and think for a second what duping exploit this covered. Well if all goes well nice script, but yes several people raid the mission boxes to get out faster, load their vehicles up same time plus more I haven't thought of.

Not sure of this would be as much of a benefit as it would be a hindrance

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