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  1. The loot spawning on my server will respawn or cycle right infrnt of you if you move more than 5m away or if someone else near you moves 5ft away. I check player_spawncheck.sqf and it looks fine. player_spawncheck.sqf //player_spawncheck.sqf private ["_isWreck","_maxControlledZombies","_looted","_zombied","_doNothing","_spawnZedRadius","_serverTime","_age","_nearbyBuildings","_position","_speed","_radius","_maxlocalspawned","_maxWeaponHolders","_currentWeaponHolders","_maxtoCreate","_inVehicle","_isAir","_isLand","_isSea","_Controlledzeddivided","_totalcrew","_nearby","_type","_config","_canSpawn","_dis","_checkLoot","_islocal","_bPos","_zombiesNum"]; _age = -1; //_nearbyBuildings = []; _position = [player] call fnc_getPos; _speed = speed (vehicle player); _radius = 200; //150*0.707; Pointless Processing (106.5) _spawnZedRadius = 20; /* //Tick Time PVDZ_getTickTime = player; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_getTickTime"; */ //Total Counts _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies); _maxControlledZombies = round(dayz_maxLocalZombies); _maxWeaponHolders = round(dayz_maxMaxWeaponHolders); _currentWeaponHolders = round(dayz_currentWeaponHolders); //Limits (Land,Sea,Air) _inVehicle = (vehicle player != player); /* _isAir = vehicle player iskindof "Air"; _isLand = vehicle player iskindof "Land"; _isSea = vehicle player iskindof "Sea"; if (_isLand) then { } else { }; if (_isAir) then { } else { }; if (_isSea) then { } else { }; */ _doNothing = false; if (_inVehicle) then { _Controlledzeddivided = 0; //exit if too fast if (_speed > 25) exitwith {_doNothing = true;}; //Crew can spawn zeds. _totalcrew = count (crew (vehicle player)); if (_totalcrew > 1) then { _Controlledzeddivided = 2; //Dont allow driver to spawn if we have other crew members. if (player == driver (vehicle player)) exitwith {_doNothing = true;}; } else { _Controlledzeddivided = 4; }; if (_Controlledzeddivided > 0) then { _maxControlledZombies = round(_maxControlledZombies / _Controlledzeddivided); r_player_divideinvehicle = _Controlledzeddivided; }; }; if (_doNothing) exitwith {}; /*if ("ItemMap_Debug" in items player) then { deleteMarkerLocal "MaxZeds"; deleteMarkerLocal "Counter"; deleteMarkerLocal "Loot30"; deleteMarkerLocal "Loot120"; deleteMarkerLocal "Agro80"; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal ["MaxZeds", _position]; _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorYellow"; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr setMarkerSizeLocal [_radius, _radius]; _markerstr1 = createMarkerLocal ["Counter", _position]; _markerstr1 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr1 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr1 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr1 setMarkerSizeLocal [_radius+100, _radius+100]; _markerstr2 = createMarkerLocal ["Agro80", _position]; _markerstr2 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr2 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr2 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr2 setMarkerSizeLocal [80, 80]; _markerstr2 = createMarkerLocal ["Loot30", _position]; _markerstr2 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr2 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr2 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr2 setMarkerSizeLocal [30, 30]; _markerstr3 = createMarkerLocal ["Loot120", _position]; _markerstr3 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"; _markerstr3 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr3 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr3 setMarkerSizeLocal [120, 120]; diag_log ("LocalZombies: " +str(dayz_spawnZombies) + "/" +str(dayz_maxLocalZombies)); //Logging diag_log (format["%1 Local.Agents: %2/%3, NearBy.Agents: %8/%9, Global.Agents: %6/%7, W.holders: %10/%11, (radius:%4m %5fps).","SpawnCheck", _maxlocalspawned, _maxControlledZombies, _radius, round diag_fpsmin,dayz_currentGlobalZombies, dayz_maxGlobalZeds, dayz_CurrentNearByZombies, dayz_maxNearByZombies, _currentWeaponHolders,_maxWeaponHolders]); };*/ // nearObjects is faster than nearestObjects when sorting by distance isn't needed // "Building" includes House and all of its child classes (Crashsite, IC_Fireplace1, IC_Tent, etc.) _nearby = _position nearObjects ["Building",_radius]; _maxlocalspawned = _maxlocalspawned max floor(_maxControlledZombies*.8); if (_maxlocalspawned > 0) then { _spawnZedRadius = _spawnZedRadius * 3; }; //Spawn Zeds & loot in buildings { _type = typeOf _x; _config = missionConfigFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Buildings" >> _type; _canSpawn = isClass (_config); if (_canSpawn) then { _dis = _x distance player; _checkLoot = (count (getArray (_config >> "lootPos"))) > 0; _islocal = _x getVariable ["", false]; // object created locally via TownGenerator. //Make sure wrecks always spawn Zeds _isWreck = _x isKindOf "CrashSite"; //Loot if (getNumber(_config >> "lootChance") > 0) then { if (_currentWeaponHolders < _maxWeaponHolders) then { //Basic loot check if ((_dis < 125) and (_dis > 30) and !_inVehicle and _checkLoot) then { _serverTime = serverTime; _looted = (_x getVariable ["looted",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _looted; //Building refresh rate if (_age == 0 or (_age > getNumber(_config >> "lootRefreshTimer"))) then { _x setVariable ["looted",_serverTime,!_islocal]; _x call building_spawnLoot; if (!(_x in dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor)) then { dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor set [count dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor, _x]; }; //diag_log [ diag_tickTime, "new loot at",_x,"age:", _age, "serverTime:", _serverTime]; }/* else { diag_log [ diag_tickTime, "won't spawn loot at",_x,"age:", _age, "serverTime:", _serverTime]; }*/; }; }; }; //Zeds if (getNumber(_config >> "zombieChance") > 0) then { if (_dis > _spawnZedRadius) then { _serverTime = serverTime; _zombied = (_x getVariable ["zombieSpawn",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300)) then { if (!_isWreck) then { if ((dayz_spawnZombies < _maxControlledZombies) and (dayz_CurrentNearByZombies < dayz_maxNearByZombies) and (dayz_currentGlobalZombies < dayz_maxGlobalZeds)) then { _bPos = getPosATL _x; _zombiesNum = count (_bPos nearEntities ["zZombie_Base",(((sizeOf _type) * 2) + 10)]); if (_zombiesNum == 0) then { _x setVariable ["zombieSpawn",_serverTime,!_islocal]; if (!(_x in dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor)) then { //add active zed to var dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor set [count dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor, _x]; }; //start spawn [_x] call building_spawnZombies; }; //diag_log (format["%1 building. %2", __FILE__, _x]); }; } else { _bPos = getPosATL _x; _zombiesNum = count (_bPos nearEntities ["zZombie_Base",(((sizeOf _type) * 2) + 30)]); //Should be a wreck if (_zombiesNum == 0) then { [_x,_isWreck] call building_spawnZombies; }; }; }; }; }; }; } forEach _nearby; At first I thought it was a respawn timer issue or something like that but if you don't move the loot will stay, you have to back away from it or someone else has to get within range and its not like you have to run away for this to happen, you can just back up a few steps and watch the loot change right infront of you. I have been playing around with it just trying to see if i can figure it out but if anyone knows what i should do or can at least point me in the right direction it would be a huge help. Thanks
  2. Go to your init file in the mission folder and where it says: spawnShoremode = 0; // Random spawn locations 1 = on shores, 0 = inland make sure it's 0 and not 1. Also if you have a default spawn loadout in your init file, comment it out like: //DefaultMagazines = ["HandRoadFlare","ItemBandage","ItemPainkiller","8Rnd_9x18_Makarov","8Rnd_9x18_Makarov"]; //DefaultWeapons = ["Makarov_DZ","ItemFlashlight","ItemMap","ItemRadio","ItemToolbox"]; //DefaultBackpack = "DZ_Patrol_Pack_EP1"; //DefaultBackpackItems = []; // Can include both weapons and magazines i.e. ["PDW_DZ","30Rnd_9x19_UZI"]; //dayz_paraSpawn = false; // Halo spawn
  3. I also want this. I found a mod before that was smooth and just accelerated time, it didn't skip time like most mods, if you looked at your watch, time just went faster but now that a couple years have passed have ive hosted an epoch server, i can't find half of the things i used to run on my old server.
  4. You missed a comma between the last 2 admin ID's.. thats why its not working
  5. Ive been running my server for a little while now and it runs fine but I been having an issue with Redis lately. It seems to hold the information perfectly while its running but if I have to stop it for any reason or reset my box then the information doesn't get stored and my server will get sent back days sometimes weeks. I thought I would fix this by writing a batch file that creates backups of the database every hour so this way we'd only lose an hour but it turns out its not writing any of this information to the dump.rdb file so even the backup will go back days/weeks. I ran the database while setting it up and it comes up "10 changes in 300 seconds... successfully..." I don't remember word for word but it was running like it was supposed to. I've read the files 100 times and can't see what could possibly be causing this. I have it on an ssd drive currently, I'm going to try moving it to my C:\ drive and see if that makes a difference but I was hoping someone here might have some insight on what's happening. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. I'll copy my redis config contents here so you can see how I have it set exactly. redis.conf ------------------- bind maxmemory 2gb save 900 1 save 300 10 save 60 1000 requirepass mypassword ----------------- server.ini ---------------- [Redis] IP = Port = 6379 DB = 0 Password = mypassword -----------------
  6. I have the server up and running now. Still not sure what the problem was. I wiped the whole thing and started from scratch and this time it started right up. I'm guessing there was a typo somewhere and I just couldn't spot it. Thanks for the help guys.
  7. Ok it is a problem with the database. I noticed when I start redis and the server, it's not creating the .dump file (the database) so I'm guessing that it's not connecting to the database for some reason and that's what's causing the "epoch mod read from bank" issue. I checked the config.cfg and basic.cfg for typo's or missing comma's or quotations and everything looks good. I went back and checked with my old server files and the only thing that was different was the amount of memory I was using with redis so I just increased the memory on the server and set redis from 2gb to 4gb but it didn't help. I just wiped everything, I'm going to start from scratch again and see if I have better luck. Maybe I'll pick up on the error as I'm loading everything in. I'm stumped right now. I've done this 100 times before and didn't have these problems, i can't figure out what it is that i'm missing this time.
  8. I recently decided to re-open an ArmA 3 server for Epoch so I rented a VDS and installed arma pretty much following these instructions: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?147537-Tutorial-How-to-run-ArmA3-server-on-a-dedicated-server&p=2401936&viewfull=1#post2401936 I then installed Epoch 0303 and it's set up exactly how I had it a few months ago but now I can not load in. I won't even make it to the lobby. The console seems to get stuck on "Mission Epoch mod read from bank". It will just repeat that over and over again every second in the console window and anyone trying to join will get stuck at the loading screen before you reach the lobby. I should add that when I remove epoch, I can join and play the server just fine. I was hoping someone on here might have an idea what I did wrong and be able to help me out a bit.
  9. I tried to edit what the higher and lower admin are able to use on my server and no matter what i add or take away they have the same default tools depending on rank. I don't remember exactly what they are off the top of my head but lets say by default lower admin get: Map Teleport, spectate, and heal. I don't want them to be able to heal themselves so I remove it. When they spawn in they will still have it available regardless of my changes. They also have access to the admin log and spawn menus even though they aren't listed in the default string.
  10. I've noticed a glitch happening on my server where a player will log-in and have the entire server in his group. It won't show their names in the group list to kick them but you can see all of their octagons which gives away the location of evveryone on the server. This has happened 4-5 times since that i'm aware of. It seems that a server restart may fix it or you'll have to totally close and re-create your group to fix it.
  11. randall421

    Admin menu

    I agree, God mode needs to be put in. When an admin is teleporting to a player he needs godmode to avoid be shot on accident. Or if the admin is afk spectating or busy doing something ingame he should be able to put on godmode to avoid being killed. I understand that a lot of people abuse it but there's also a lot of people who care about their servers and run them properly who depend on fully functional tools to admin their server. Another thing I have an issue with is that my low level admin is set to only be able to spectate and teleport to player/ teleport player to him and when he logs in he still has access to everything; all the spawn menus, logs, bans, heal player, etc. That is one thing i would like to see fixed as soon as possible. I like to have some people to help me take care of the small tasks without having powers that can be abused.
  12. Ok I have one last issue and if I can get it fixed I should be good to go. There's some other minor issues but I can fix them later. Ok here it is: My server will start up and so will redis but I will get error message after error message on the redis app saying: "# can't save in background: fork: Invalid argument * 1 changes in 900 seconds saving... #beginForkOperation: system error caught. error code =0x000005af, message=BeginForkOperation: VirtualProtect failed: unknown error" It saves gear and player position and everything until server restart. Once the server shuts down redis "stops working properly" and is closed by windows. In the redis.conf I set the IP to my servers IP and changed the password then in my server.ini I set the redis IP to my servers IP and set the port to 6397 since it only seems to accept connections on that port when I start reddis and I set the password to match what I put the redis.conf. The DB folder is in my Arma 3 Directory with all the files in the folder just how it came. I'm assuming that since it's saving gear until restart that it's at least partially working. If someone can see a mistake that I've made or something I missed in what I've described can you please help me out. This is the last step I need to get my server going.
  13. Lol funny you would say that, I just did and the errors stayed the same but when I logged to lobby and back in my gear saved so I tried to restart the server to see if I would have gear when I came back and now BEC won't connect. Nothing was changed at all but now its saying "no valid response" when it tries to connect then it just closes. I can't connect with RCON either and literally nothing was changed from then til now. This is starting to make my head hurt. the gear didnt save through restart either =( -update Gear is saving through logging out and back in but not through restart. I'm assuming if the gear is saving at all then the ports and IP's for redis has to be set up properly since it wasn't saving at all earlier. Everytime the Arma 3 server is closed, redis "stops working properly" and is closed by windows which also seems to erase any saved data (if there ever was any) BEC was working fine 10 minutes but is not able to connect now for some reason. The server & BattleEye seem to start up and initialize fine but BEC get's "no valid response" then closes.
  14. wierd that I'd have to lower the memory. According to what I ordered from NFO I should have way more than 4Gb. Here's my next problem.. I have BEC working, the server loading up and people joining fine, but nothing is saving. I set redis IP to my servers IP address and also set it the same in the EpochHive config file and set the port in Epoch Config file to the defailt 6379 since everytime I start the database it says "now accepting connections on port 6379 so I thought it should match in config. Actually if it doesnt then redis wont start.. Now I'm logged into the server and seeing a lot of activity on the redis console but it is the same error over and over again. Can't save in background: fork: Invalid argument * 10 changes in 300 seconds. saving... BeginForkOperation: system error caught. error code =0x000005af, message=BeginForkOperation: VirtualProtect failed: unkown error. Nothing seems to be saving. People can log out to lobby and when they come back they're a fresh spawn. If someone knows how to get this going and can help me out I'd realy appreciate it. I'm so lost with this damn thing.
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