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  1. Nice to see that you are still working on the map :)
  2. Your statements Richie.. and you still complain about the answers you get? To answer the topic: Even if there were any "innovations", what you it be? Another useless carneval gadget? Another magical spirit that is simply annoying you the second time you meet it? Epoch had a good start, but it became somewhat of a script and content collection that isnt really matching in itself. The lead story Epoch once had ("2035 post apocalypse") was a good thing since the theme of DayZ lived along with it (kinda). But all the things added are just some kind of a joke to me in terms of the gameplay. I really acknowledge the work and the proficiency behind the Ferris wheel (f.e.) but for the time it took to make it and for what it is used to be ingame.. well .. If things kept as simple as they started, it would have been better in my opinion which I share along with many other players. I can understand the future setting, but I cant understand how a magical priest and a Ferris wheel are matching up.. And btw: You get what you pay for -> monthly donations of about 100-250 $ from GTX and survival servers.. (+ any other donation). I have been working on my survival mod (1,5 months) finishing up almost all aspects planned and some extra features (ofc the code may not be as good as the epoch code, but I am doing this solo, no help, no donations, no extra testers.. so bp.. this isnt a reason for not bringing up "innovations" in 2 months)
  3. 1.48 is devbranch only (see http://dev.arma3.com/post/sitrep-00112) maybe there was battleye update or anything like that
  4. Check you createVehicle logs, either a hacker or some sneaky extra in a mapaddition you installed
  5. Nice thing there, thanks for sharing
  6. make use of pickup eventhandlers
  7. BHG is the best thing for you to join,many things for the veterans to explore and easy to understand for the greenhorns :)
  8. Richie, this isn't the A3 forum :D It means that you will find weapons and armed vehicles easily. Sometimes tanks and jets are added ... I wouldn't recommend it, join wasteland if you want heavy military stuff :)
  9. Anything you wanted and many many other unique scripts can be found here Blackhorizon-gaming.com We are frequently updated and fix bugs asap. We are hosting events for the daily average of 14-35 players! Join our teamspeak if you want to and one of our admins can introduce you to our levelsystem, advanced building, greenhouses, weaponattachments, missions and many other things. Some tutorials can be found in our forums too :) We would be glad if you both join us on: Greetings, Creep/Senfo
  10. Look for the number in DayZ Code and Server..
  11. Maybe you forgot the add a defines File :) Check the description.ext Part for any mistakes or missing lines
  12. Thanks for the reply awol! This sounds really promising :)
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