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  1. that's also a possibilty i thought it would be easier to start with old files and update them instead of starting from the scratch you are using epoch as base-mod, right?
  2. There is no time pressure so just relax. You can pull-request your changes to the gitlab, if you want to, then other people can help you with optimizations and fixes
  3. i would say, let's discuss in another thread and not spam the guys here New Thread
  4. :( that's very sad... but thanks for the answer hopefully DayZ SA mod community will bring back some communities back
  5. Hey guys, I just came back from a long break. I saw that most DayZ Mod Communities are nearly dead. I wanted to host a Overpochins Server again, but couldn't find any nearly updated Serverfiles, so I decided to make a project out of this. Due to university and job I don't have 24/7 time for working on this, so maybe someone wants to participate to make this project get updated faster. Else it could take a while for me alone. The Files will always be public and everyone has access to them on my Gitlab. My goal is to have fully updated Server Files with the probably last versions of the DayZ Mod's. And to have them public for everyone, so the small community, which is left can use those files to directly start a server and have fun. In my eyes the best base to start with are ElDubya's Files, which you can find here: Link I've already uploaded his files in the Git and added some Milestones. I will start some work in a few days. If anyone want to help just reply here and I can add you as Member to the Git. Link to the Gitlab: Link
  6. Where is the exact problem between epoch 1062 and origins 1795 or maybe origins 183? Any known Workarounds? I just came back from a long break of DayZ and I want to build an Overpoch Origins Server, public. I thought these files would be great as a base to begin, because i couldn't find better ones to start with. Now the next step is to update all the used versions to the newest ones. If anyone has some experience and want to help just reply, then i would set up a gitlab to share the project and update it together. Or any suggestions for good scripts, that are missing here?
  7. really? i couldn't find out a release date, but then i will rebuild this server and make an update, thanks for the information.
  8. I made an DayZ Epoch Chernarus server for friends with some scripts. Does anyone know other cool, useful scripts we could use? When I finished this 'project' I will give it to some newbies, who has problems with setting up a server. The current scripts are: - Walking Zed - DZAI - WAI - DZMS - Snap Building Pro - Take Clothes - JAEM Evac Chopper + modified call by Radio - Service Point - Ai Recruitment - Salvage all vehicle parts - Animated Helicrashes - Self BB (Epoch) - custom Trader - custom map Content (Kamenka Ore Mine, Big Hemp Plantation, Weedfarms) - custom Startgear - Nox's Admintool + SafeZones + Custom Debugscreen - Combo-Key-Changer - Vehicle Key Changer - Plot Management - Harvest + Smoke Weed - R3F Lift and Tow - DayZ Group Management - Spawn Selection - Right Click System Bug fixes and others: - Waterbottle(1-9oz) can now be filled, too - Smelting fixed - Waterbottle can be filled on Outhouse
  9. the weird part is, some can find and play on my server and some can't even find it
  10. Hey, I made an Epoch Server and I'm hosting it via my computer. I forwarded the needed ports and two friends with the same router (Fritzbox 7490) can find the server and can connect. Two other friends can't even find the server. What's the reason?
  11. I got it. it was a bug with the new steam update on normal arma 2 oa. i used arma 2 oa beta so i thought i got have both versions at the same time the new steam patch on arma 2 oa and the 112555 patch on arma 2 oa beta
  12. Hey, I found a L85A2 AWS on my server and i can't toggle the nightvision to thermal and also can't zoom in and out with + and - I gave the weapon to a friend and he can toggle it. Anyone have an idea?
  13. did you activate static ai in config?
  14. i built a custom weed plantation with buildings, loot crates and a wai mission. if anyone wants it just pm me This is one part of the farm :) i tried to make it a bit realistic and detailed (on the pic i cutted the weed so you can see the house better)
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