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  1. ..i was imported folder buildings.pbo (depbo-ed) from AiA TP addon..but its not textured..:/
  2. Hello. I want use trees from,for example,Chernarus...i hate Altis trees..:) How to add another trees,building etc. from other mods? Thank you
  3. LOL im big idiot :D I was not exported all roads(Shapes)....It caused the fall of Arma 3
  4. Thank you guys for tips...i will try it. :)
  5. Hello.Have trouble with Arma 3 crash if i start buldozer connect...here is error: Podpis problému: Název události problému: APPCRASH Název aplikace: Buldozer.exe Verze aplikace: Časové razítko aplikace: 567032dc Název chybného modulu: Buldozer.exe Verze chybného modulu: Časové razítko chybného modulu: 567032dc Kód výjimky: c0000005 Posun výjimky: 00de8a62 Verze operačního systému: 6.1.7601. ID národního prostředí: 1029 Další informace 1: 0884 Další informace 2: 08841a6ee79269c1b76726626d36ca30 Další informace 3: 99f4 Can anyone tip for fix?Thx
  6. Hello all builders.. I have trouble with terrain...if i generate terrain, in buldozer see a lot of bumpy surface..:/ Know anyone why?
  7. Thx... But i think now my main problem is do terrain from google maps..(real map)
  8. Hello guys. Cant find best tutorial for map (terrain) tutorial.Can you give me tip? Thanks.
  9. Hello. Looking for skript deleting vehicles after restart.How can i do it? Thanks!
  10. Ivlar is possible add anti duping vehicles?Not only backpack? Thx.
  11. Hello all scripters. I looking for some script for vehicles protection in Jammer area... Have you any idea how to do it? This script can help in war online vs. offline players Thx so much for answers.
  12. bombajack

    Ambient sound

    One more thing... It would be good if player enter to City start ambient...into any City.But then you need lot of triggers..right?
  13. bombajack

    Ambient sound

    Sparky..god job! ;)
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