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Found 13 results

  1. Im using JustBullet's script to block escape menu so you cant abort whilst your gear is open or has been open for 30 secs, as duping is rife in my server at the moment. keyboard.sqf It works fine if you press G to open gear,but how many people do that whilst duping? If you go up to a storage object and use your scroll wheel to open the gear this script has no effect, obviously as its called from the "gear" key. Is there anyway to get this script to run if a player also opens the gearmenu by any other method? That would pretty much wipe out all avenues for that way of duping, as you cant get into the lobby any other way. I know there are other scripts that block logout near storage and other anti dupe things, but they either dont work, or are a pain. I often log out next to a safe, as my "base" if just 4 walls and a safe. This script with the addition of blocking safe gear would be perfect, if its possible.
  2. InventoryOpened.sqf: // @file Author: Ivlar.net [] spawn { while {1 == 1} do { waitUntil {!isnull (findDisplay 602)}; { if ((isPlayer _x && _x != player) && (alive _x)) then { _backpack=backpackContainer player; _backpack_x=backpackContainer _x; if(_backpack==_backpack_x)then{ hint "No Duping!"; removeBackpack player; }; }; } forEach nearestObjects [player, ["Epoch_Male_F","Epoch_Female_F"], 10]; sleep 1; }; }; Add to your init: if (hasInterface) then { [] execVM "InventoryOpened.sqf"; }; Maybe you have any ideas on how to improve the script?
  3. Tricks

    Backpack/Skin Dupers

    Hey guys, Was wondering if there was a way I can make it so you have to drop your backpack to change skins. Finding players duping very easily with this exploit. Thanks!
  4. InventoryOpened.sqf: // @file Author: Ivlar.net [] spawn { while {1 == 1} do { waitUntil {!isnull (findDisplay 602)}; { if ((isPlayer _x && _x != player) && (alive _x)) then { _backpack=backpackContainer player; _backpack_x=backpackContainer _x; if(_backpack==_backpack_x)then{ hint "No Duping!"; removeBackpack player; }; }; } forEach nearestObjects [player, ["Epoch_Male_F","Epoch_Female_F"], 10]; sleep 1; }; }; Add to your init: if (hasInterface) then { [] execVM "InventoryOpened.sqf"; };
  5. Also - stop removing uncomfortable topics That helps nothing
  6. asd

    duping bugs

    1.mgt server 2.1.34; 3.logging out staying in lobby then logging in again. body duplicated. 4.yes
  7. Server: Money Grabbing Trolls (MGT). Arma 3 build: 1.34.128075. Server build:|1.34. Scenario: If character has already been resurrected in it's lifetime already you shouldn't be able to be resurrected again but if you have the second timer up which is 10 seconds to respawn, end task on the game and re log in, you appear to have no timer and a blurred screen standing, a player then can shoot multigun revive tool on you to give you life, with blurred vision, relog again to get rid of this and you are now alive, with your old corpse on the floor with all the items you had. The new resurrected body too, which is now living has all your equipment on. Repeatable? I imagine so, yes. But I have not tested this bit yet.
  8. Epoch Arma 1.34.128075 CPC Hardcore Wearing a ghillie, wanted to take AI's clothes in my backpack by dragging them into the backpack contents area. Wouldn't go in, but a copy of my ghillie (!) would be dropped next to the AI's body. Rest as per other reports - duped ghillie had same contents as mine (a whole lotta swings).
  9. Found a bug with the CH53_DZE. I you add gear to it and lock it you can still access the gear if you walk away to the edge of the main rotor. I f you take the gear from the CH53 whole it is locked the gear inside will be duped. Seams to dupe every few hours. So Guess that would be 2 bugs, gear can be taken when locked and gear can be duped.
  10. Hello there, Just want to let you know that it is possible to dupe items using the trade menu when you are with 3 players. When two players are in the trading menu and a third one joins, all trade items from the common trader get duplicated to others when they both accept the trade. Occured by accident and I could imagine you'd want to fix this :) Kind regards, Bubske4
  11. Hello! These have taken place on server: SSNC01 Prof 2 So I have ran across a couple of bugs. First one: With this duping bug you can dupe secondaries. How-To: Start a trade with player2. Send player2 a secondary. You will not lose it and player2 will not lose their secondary. If player2 removes their current secondary the traded one will appear in player2's inventory. This can be done multiple times. Second one: I logged back in and was dead on debug island and could not respawn instead of a respawn button appearing at around 2-3 minutes left I just respawn. I was also able to loot bodies around me even though I was dead.
  12. I am also getting the duping problem on my server and currently can only really deal with this through spectating and punishing reactively. I'm not going to explain here how it's done as I know the experts who can help me prevent it already know how it's done. I have searched high and low for a fix in the forums but can't find anything. I have a suggestion for a script but, I'm a n00b server admin (3 months) and certainly nowhere near the level of scripting. Wouldn't the easiest way to solve this problem be a script that simply empties any backpack put into storage or vehicle immediately, rather than waiting for a restart as currently happens. Maybe a pause and warning message to the player telling them that their pack will be emptied if they continue? Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Also, as I'm new to this forum please advise if I have posted in the wrong place. Thanks BaroN
  13. I was recently running around with some friends when we got a sudden server restart. I logged back in and saw my bag had been wiped and I'd lost the main rotor assembly I had in there and some ammo. (We were on our way to fix a chopper. I got lucky, I didn't have much else with me.) I asked the Admin if he had any ideas and he pointed out the patch note: [ADDED] If you logout near another player your backpack contents will be wiped. It it very important you do not logout next to another player. Change with DZE_BackpackGuard Default: true; That's fair enough, it's there to prevent cheating/duping/cloning/etc. But can we get some clarification on what a safe distance is please? There's 3/4 of us in my regular group that build and gather together. Disconnects, crashes and server restarts are.... maybe not "common" but they happen enough to make us paranoid about where we stand and how we move around together. Is a backpack/main inventory wipe really the best solution? (I realize the options are very very limited.) What happens if 4 of us are in a car and the server crashes or the Admin restarts it to apply something new? Again, I don't have a problem with these anti-cheat measures, I just want to avoid false-positives like I previously had. Great mod, keep up the good work!
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