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Traderzones not working on


Hello, i've got problems getting the traders working..

Every time a normal player tries to open the trader window it closes instantly. For me (admin with infiSTAR it is working). Anyone knows what that could cause ? Need to get it working. My players want to trade again :D

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Ok, found a temporary fix on opendayz, thanks to ebay, its not a solution but its better to deactivade the complete AH.

delete this code

if ((isNull (findDisplay 106)) && (isNull (findDisplay -1)) && (isNull (findDisplay 41144))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 6902)) && (isNull (findDisplay 6903)) && (isNull (findDisplay 6904)) && (isNull (findDisplay 6905))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 65431)) && (isNull (findDisplay 65432)) && (isNull (findDisplay 65433)) && (isNull (findDisplay 65434))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 65440)) && (isNull (findDisplay 65441)) && (isNull (findDisplay 65442)) && !(ctrlEnabled 1900)
         && (isNull (findDisplay 24000)) && (isNull (findDisplay 24011)) && (isNull (findDisplay 24001)) && (isNull (findDisplay 24101))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 24020)) && (isNull (findDisplay 24030)) && (isNull (findDisplay 24040))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 10667)) && (isNull (findDisplay 10668)) && (isNull (findDisplay 10669))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 10670)) && (isNull (findDisplay 10671)) && (isNull (findDisplay 10672)) && (isNull (findDisplay 10673))
         && (isNull (findDisplay 10674))) then
           closeDialog 0;
           if (!isNull (findDisplay 106) and !(ctrlEnabled 6902) and (lbSize ((findDisplay 106) displayCtrl 105) < 1)) then {closeDialog 0;};

its dont look like this, but you should find it

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Yep, also solved it for me. It was infiSTAR. But now all is working correctly. But still one problem.. the new Helicopter ch53 doesnt spawn in if I buy or spawn him. Had the same problem with the vodnik and fixed it removing it from the banned vehicles in the overwatch files. (running an overpoch server) but now it's the ch53.. think it isnt banned there. Any idea ?

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