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  1. scripts.log: 24.08.2015 23:22:47: Larry Melone ( 654960337f9d6c07ee97ca47a3de6102 - #34 "; if (!isNil "blck_OrangeMarker") then {[blck_OrangeMarker] execVM "debug\spawnMarker.sqf"}; if (!isNil "blck_GreenMarker") the" Created a BE Filter for it: !="#34 \";\n\nif (!isNil \"blck_OrangeMarker\") then {[blck_OrangeMarker] execVM \"debug\spawnMarker.sqf\"};\nif (!isNil \"blck_GreenMarker\") the" Why isnt this working ? Would be nice if you could help me out with this.
  2. Well at the moment the AI are independent. I want it to run in a coop mission where one fraction is independent too. So is it possible to change heir fracton to civilian or blufor ?
  3. Am I totally stupid ? Could anyone tell me whats wrong with this part of my description.ext ?
  4. Settings in description.ext are set right. What do you mean with modded server startup?
  5. As the titel says player corpses and wrecks instantly despawn when the only player on the server dys or logs off to lobby and back ingame. Epoch Building Objects are getting saved fine, vehicles too.
  6. That escalated quickly. I'm glad that I dont run an a3 epoch server so that I dont have to worry about the occuring problems :D . And please relax, this was just some critism/feedback and a personal opinion.
  7. Might be true, but for what reason ? Why does it need a wipe? Dont see any reasons, adding new cars doesnt require a wipe so why should building parts do? Same DB.. (Correct me if I'm wrong, didn't need to wipe my a2 epoch server when adding custom building parts so it) If the updates are released without any changed structure of the server files its just copy and paste and 1-2 hours of work, but wouldnt updates which bring more stuff at one times be better then?
  8. Wow. Is that the way to deal with a community ? Seems to be true.. sadly.
  9. Thats nothing to complain about and should be accepted by everyone.
  10. Theres nothing wrong with it, its nice that there are added/given a lot of possibilities to change things, my point is that an update that takes so long to get released should bring some new innovation for players.
  11. It took over 2 months to get the new update. And what does it contain for players ? Nothing new. There are some improvements for server owners, but really, really nothing new for players. In my oppinion building is the main part of epoch. So the only thing that epoch contains atm is the building system, a trader system and the loot system. A lot of players would love to see some new building parts (can also be seen here in feedbacks). Why didnt you add at least 1 or 2 new building supplies ? Just like a ladder or a cinder or metal floor so players could see that the developement is still going. Creating a Ladder or a floor isnt really that much work. Epoch is getting borring without improvements of its main parts. Edit: Just want to see If I'm the only one who sees it like this. Calm down please.
  12. Looks good for PvE Servers. PvP is simply no possible because of its size.
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