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  1. Never go to hosting like GTX and Vilayer. Always buy your own managed dedicated server. http://www.soyoustart.com/en http://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers Both are really good companies for buying servers.
  2. What I want to know was why you blocked out the username, but not the ip?
  3. Its not really encrypted but more obfuscated than anything else. Hence why you can read some of it...
  4. With some good knowledge you could decode the obfuscated code. I believe its done like this so that most generally unintelligent people wont edit themselves.
  5. I would assume its because of the servers... It's put like this so that Epoch doesn't "Make Money" off it, but instead they get the servers to host it/develop.
  6. That is the key thing, but the issue becomes what happens when you need to load a big db? You will bottleneck the server more than anything else. Redis takes up about 20% more memory than MySQL does. Lets not forget Redis is a key-value db not a table structure...
  7. Yeah that is because it uses memcache... No, MySQL is ACID. My biggest issue is that you are going from a schema data to a key-value.
  8. Not any where close to 1000x better. Redis is a NoSQL... Yes it is faster at loading smaller types of data because its all stored in the memory. Now this means its fast, but it's prune to data loss due to server crashes and memory issues not to mention this will take up even more memory. I will say Redis is good for loading the server up faster for performance.
  9. I say stick with MySQL. No other database design is better and more stable then MySQL. The older versions of A3 Epoch had used the Profile Space since most servers had a lot of hackers due to this issue. Even if it was using it or not, its not really hard to configure MySQL to work with it.
  10. Have to agree g2a.com is cheaper. I noitced that the ebay prices are in quid which is a lot more then usd...
  11. Win 2012 would be best due to its Hyper-V which 2008 doesn't really offer it. Not to mention 2012 has the changing dynamic memory so you wont have to restart the server like 2008 does. A big thing is 2012 can be used for non clustered migration which 2008 only supports clustered. 2008 offers more compatibility since a lot of programs are coded to support this. The only thing that is good enough would be if 2012 handled Arma 3 better. I have 2 Windows Server 2012 R2 keys which I will use to test it over the next couple of weeks.
  12. Don't buy any gaming servers from any of those mentioned websites. Buy yourself a dedicated server and host it your way.
  13. Something seems weird here... What "viewers" could you possibly give keys away to?
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