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    HiveExt is located in a folder called "SC" that's how it is for me and i have been messing around with these files alot so at this point i know my way around gtxgaming's FTP Also i recommand you use FileZilla it is alot better than gtx's file manager
  2. never got an answer from him rather than a mid finger and a f*** off at the start, and you were already a rude clown with ur second post where you stated that anything i say is bullshit with ur little joke very funny i might just leave the forums for a while i feel retarded paying attention to you amatures + i haven't got anything else to do here so have a good one
  3. Whatever you say cupcake, might aswell lock the topic since i got my answer and definitely Not from the guy above me
  4. He shouldn't have started a circus here and wow such an insult I called him a clown because he started making up all those jokes, i never asked for any help only came here TO help the devs find bugs and fix them if possible I don't know wether it's on purpose or not or fixable or not i can't read people's mind, as for you instead of telling people Change ur keybind either help them or don't bother commenting because all of these pointless posts and waste of time were caused by ur CHANGE UR KEYBIND comment.
  5. that is how mr.clown (juandayz) you should have answered, and the other dude with the weird name who simply told me to f*** off the way it felt to me, anyway thanks for that ebayshopper, this topic has turned into a circus because of those two "funny dudes" and i basiclly understand that the other bug cannot be fixed which is unfortnate, you should teach ur "collaborator" some manners and how to use these forums to actually help people rather than annoy them or make jokes out of them, a shame that on the first time i actually visited this forum i found 70% of the comments to be full of amatures.
  6. most useful thing i have ever seen lmfao
  7. i can be a little rude when people like this guy just sit on these forums and talk alot of useless crap it would be better if they didn't reply at all, but about the side chat thingy it shouldn't freeze you if chat is open because you cant speak while chat is open that's why its a glitch and should be changed
  8. You are not one of the devs so i don't give a crap what you have got to say here, and tbh epoch was perfect and didn't require any changes at all, but these are bugs in the new update that exist and are pretty damn annoying so we don't you go annoy someone else while i am trying to make sure the devs are aware of these problems.
  9. so simple isn't it? what if i don't want to what if a couple of hundreds of others don't want to? the worst thing is that you can get killed for these stupid freezes
  10. a few bugs in the new update First Bug - Zombies Run in a completely different direction most of the times, and i know for a fact that wasn't a thing in good old epoch Second Bug - When You try to turn on caps lock when chatting in side chat you get freezed, i know the 2nd bug is because you tried to block morons from talking in side chat but i am sick of turning on caps lock while typing in side chat and getting freezed because of that A Video incase you didn't understand:
  11. its not about that and i am not changing those binds because these are the default key binds for zoom in and zoom out and it makes sense for them to be in, this entire thing is completely pointless and doesn't stop anything i don't see why i have to change my keybinds because they feel like blocking something
  12. i doubt it cant be changed and literally the entire server i just played on got teleported into a barn so obviously that doesn't help with hackers at all
  13. so in the new epoch update whenever i press shift and - or + together i get freezed, and i really don't understand that i mean if its against hackers it is completely pointless they can just change the bind i am getting sick of getting freezed while building or fighting incase you didn't know Shift is for walking which is why i hold it down and - is for zooming out and + is for zooming in, these are important keys and this thing makes no sense to me at all. here's an example and its not the first time it happened to me in combat. Sometimes it even freezes you for 10 seconds
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