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  1. Hey there! I just set up an Overpoch Chernarus server on a server provider but the vehicle traders aren't spawning the vehicles when you buy them. The trader takes your gold bars, gives you a key, then a red arrow appears over where the vehicle Should spawn, but nothing appears. After restarting the server all the vehicles that were bought appear right on top of the spot where they were Suppose to show up. -I Do Not have infistar installed -I'm using worldwidesorrow's admin tools from here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/Epoch-Admin-Tools/tree/TestBranch -But just in case I removed the admin tool and tested the vehicle traders again but still no luck. Here is my server RPT: Can someone please look into this. This is the exact issue discussed in this post but the solution doesn't apply in my case.
  2. When I try to set an Evac Chopper the Evac Field appears under the chopper for less than a second then disappears, I get the option to call the chopper but whenever I do it says there are no choppers on my Evac Field. Is there a fix?
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