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  1. even if i set the characterid to 0 in the database, the server monitor will set the characterid to 0000, so in my code "0" would only be returned if the variable is not set. And it was my failure, i was on my test server and looked for the safes with 0000 in the real database and not in the test database, sry for that, but thank you anyway for the allmissionobjects :)
  2. _safes = (allMissionObjects "VaultStorageLocked"); _safearray = []; _counter = 0; _count = count _safes; { //if ((_x getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]) == "0000") then { _safearray set [count _safearray, _x]; //}; } forEach _safes; diag_log format["safearray = %1", _safearray]; Maybe i got some few informations missing, i did it like this: _safes = (allMissionObjects "VaultStorageLocked"); _safearray = []; _counter = 0; _count = count _safes; { diag_log format["object before condition"]; if ((_x getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]) == "0000") then { _safearray set [count _safearray, _x]; diag_log format["object with match the condition"]; }; } forEach _safes; and it throws out about 150 "object before condition" But not a single one "object with match the condition" So i thought something with the condition is wrong, and i got 29 safes which got the characterid 0000
  3. Why Wow completly forgot about the allmissionobjects :D But also, why should i cant add a object to an array ? nearestobjects returning also an array with the objects ? And for sure it does matter if it says 0 or 0000, 0 will only be returned if the variable is not set on the object. and also, your code do not work either, even if i fix the _vault variable. P.S the problem is in the if condition, but i dont know what the problem should be.
  4. How i said, it seems like he get the variable but also do not get the variable, if i make it like you said it also wont work. (added a diag_log line inside the condition)
  5. hey :) Just getting some trouble and cant find why the hack this code below does not wotk.... ->> _safes = nearestObjects [player, ["VaultStorageLocked"], 12000]; _safearray = []; { if ((_x getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]) == "0000") then { //added under it some debug code via diag_log seems like he is not able to get the variable.... but it also do not throws out "0" _safearray set [count _safearray, _x]; }; } forEach _safes; //Also tried count, makes no difference //if you diag_log the safearray now it throws out a null maybe any of you could help me with it...... and yes, there are safes with the characterID "0000" Thank you for your help
  6. You mean for the current_mission.pbo or for a mission system like WAI ?
  7. Why disconnect him ? just disallow him to open the menu while the red chain is present and its done :) //edit, Found out more.... sadly RscPendingInvitation (red chain) do not have a idd...... (source ->> https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Benargee's_Sandbox)so i think its not possible to detect if its currently visible.....
  8. Yeah but its a bit overkill, a easy and much less network taffic usage would be to just detect if the red chains gets shown, but nobody can tell which display it used ..... even not in the Bi forums ->> http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?187729-Show-active-displays-(looking-for-red-chain-idd)&p=2859804#post2859804
  9. _check = isPlayer _player; never thought about it :D
  10. depends on your dificullty which you can set in your config.cfg
  11. I thought about a new methode cause you said it did not working :P You said it wont work ^^ so i thought about another way :P Thats sucks a bit, most ppl log out in their base and the most of them got a storage unit nearby them while they want to log out. I just write a new methode, which sets a variable with the current server time on your player, and if the player press esacpe it compare each other and checks if 90 seconds are gone since the last gear interaction, its works actually pretty well now i try to find out the idd of the red chain icon..... which could be really hard.
  12. I am just working on a solution, i am thought about replace the abort button function, new function would kick you directly in the main menu instead of the lobby, but i cant add the function because the player_onpuase script replace the function everytime. So i am thought about add a key eventhandler which close the current dialog if you press Escape and create a new main menu, that is actually working but i need to know the function that opens the options menu. //edit ok i found the dialog name its "RscDisplayOptions" however, i cant find the code where it adds the functions to the menu.... maybe someone else can help me with it ? i do not like displays and dialogs....
  13. Eventhandler is the magic word :D https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addPublicVariableEventHandler or say which is maybe better, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/say
  14. Anyway if you did it, the trees/bushes only get deleted for the players which are currently online, so there is no JIP support for it. You could to it with eventhandlers, but this would create quite huge traffic.
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