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Map Marker That Follows A Certain Player?


I like flying around the coast and giving new players on our server a ride to wherever they want to go.
A lot of them either shy-away from the strange chopper or shoot at it, not realizing it's trying to help.

I know how to add map markers (for Admin bases etc) but they're static. Is it possible to get the

marker to follow me (based on my UID number) and maybe toggle it on/off with a keypress or mousewheel menu?




(Yes, I get bored easily :D)

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      "You cannot gut this animal without a knife"
      but now the scroll  action is dead and I don't get an error.
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      Hi there, I would like to move this file to my server pbo.
       I have moved it to my mission pbo and tested by changing the call to this and it spawns fine.
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      The main reason for wanting to move this file is that when I edit my map I dont want to place any objects over existing ones. If it is not going to be possible then an alternative will be to load the buildings in the 3d editor make my map and just remove the duplicates that already spawn/exist in chernarus11.sqf 
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      So what am I doing wrong?  I see lots of custom content using these things and I just can't figure it out.
      Second question ... if I add a new file like @Jon_edit into my FTP @EPOCH\Addons folder, do I then need to add that same @file into the top of my missions.sqm code?
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    • By DirtySanchez
      Had a fellow community member approach me about a serious question regarding removal of a vehicle mod and how to proceed.


      Mas vehicles was installed but host realized that CUP vehicles and weapons were already configured within Epoch for easy setup and start.
      So what we want to do here is get rid of those vehicles.
      Most mods use a common string for their mod in the class names.
      In this case it is "mas_" so we will check the classname for a partial match.
      If it finds the match, lets kill the vehicle and remove the database entry.

      At the end of EPOCH_server_loadVehicles we can add this code.
      after this line of code: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server/compile/epoch_vehicle/EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf#L228
      if(_class find "mas_" > -1)then { [_vehicle,""] call EPOCH_server_save_killedVehicle; };
      Start up the server with this code installed.
      Let the server fully start up.
      Remove the code and restart the server again

      ps. Someone asked why not do a _vehicle setDamage 1; Well do we really want to blow up a bunch of vehicles and possibly damage bases and other vehicles? NO
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