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Found 9 results

  1. Hello how can i enable in infistar "display owner plotpole" if have enable Map Markers - PlotPoleMarkers
  2. So i wanted to share a script that make's players navigate a bit easier. I do not know who created this script its been out there for awhile otherwise i would've share'd his Credits for making this. In your init.sqf : // Player Location execVM "marker.sqf"; Create a file called marker.sqf and paste this code into it: if(hasInterface)then{ [] spawn { waitUntil{uiSleep 0.2;!isNil "EPOCH_playerEnergyMax"}; //wait for player to load _playerPos = createMarkerLocal ["PlayerPOS", position player]; //create marker "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTextLocal ""; // Player marker text eg: You "PlayerPOS" setMarkerTypeLocal "Select"; // Player Marker icon "PlayerPOS" setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlack"; while{true}do{ waitUntil {uiSleep 0.2;visibleMap}; //update marker only while map is open "PlayerPOS" setMarkerPosLocal position player; }; }; }; Now paste both .sqf files into your mission.pbo. I can't remember wich BE filters i added to prevent kicking, But if you need help paste your BE kicks here.
  3. Hey there, I know it has to be very simple, but I'm stuck on this atm. Maybe someone can give me a push in the right direction. I want to place a global marker and want to delete it again with a trigger, when a player activates the trigger. So that's what I got so far: _marker = createMarker ["BOX", _object]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_start"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _trigger setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm pretty sure that the error(s) are in these 2 lines: _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm not sure what to put in as string code for deactivation. Trigger should be deleted as well of course, after the marker is deleted. Thanks in advance.
  4. Desire

    Markers not working?

    I basically went into my mission.sqm and added my own marker, but it doesn't seem to be working. Anyone know why? here is the code. class Markers { items=18; class Item0 { position[]={7839.6055,381.33774,8414.7324}; name="center"; type="Empty"; }; class Item1 { position[]={-7245.377,365.98782,19535.367}; name="respawn_west"; type="Empty"; }; class Item2 { position[]={4932.3345,0.39950246,1989.1094}; name="spawn0"; type="Empty"; }; class Item3 { position[]={2236.0391,0.63119155,1923.3735}; name="spawn1"; type="Empty"; }; class Item4 { position[]={8738.1328,0.45720705,2122.1082}; name="spawn2"; type="Empty"; }; class Item5 { position[]={10909.267,0.57597214,2422.3096}; name="spawn3"; type="Empty"; }; class Item6 { position[]={13510.764,0.44504455,5249.3027}; name="spawn4"; type="Empty"; }; class Item7 { position[]={6326.4805,304.99265,7809.4888}; name="Tradercitystary"; text="Trader City Stary"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item8 { position[]={4361.4937,3,2259.9526}; name="wholesaleSouth"; text="Wholesaler"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item9 { position[]={13532.614,3.0083523,6355.9497}; name="boatTraderEast"; text="Wholesaler"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item10 { position[]={7989.3354,0.30462033,2900.9946}; name="BoatDealerSouth"; text="Boat Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item11 { position[]={12060.471,158.85699,12638.533}; name="AirVehicles"; text="Aircraft Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; class Item12 { position[]={1606.6443,289.70795,7803.5156}; name="BanditDen"; text="Bandit Camp"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorRed"; }; class Item13 { position[]={11447.91,317.27109,11364.536}; name="Klen"; text="Trader City Klen"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; class Item14 { position[]={13441.16,1.1406164,5429.3013}; name="BoatDealerEast"; text="Boat Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item15 { position[]={4064.2258,365.13501,11665.938}; name="TradercityBash"; text="Trader City Bash"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item16 { position[]={12944.227,210.19823,12766.889}; name="HeroTrader"; text="Hero Camp"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlue"; }; class Item17 { position[]={6991.15,5362.56,0}; name="CarSafeSpot"; text="Vehicle Safe Spot"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; }; Item17 is my custom one.
  5. ================== Schwedes Map Marker UPDATE: 2015_04_01====================== UPDATE NOTES: Now with multiple marker support and easier to call Prologue This Script was born through some support and should help people with infistar and scripts which create Map Markers on Clients. Also it can be used by scripter to get simple markers without adding each on individually. I will not give much support for this, simply because i do not have much time to give support and this is for scripter/admins which know what they are doing. The Installation wont be a step by step instruction on how to get everything prepared, you need to know where some files are and some scripting skills! What it does? This Script simply lets create the server a marker on the map through a clientsided script. This should be used by anyone who is using antihack (infistar) and a script which should create a marker clientsided (like carepackages) What you need: public_EH.sqf compiles.sqf server_functions.sqf your Script where the marker should be created Instructions: Step 1: compiles.sqf Place this in the !isDedicated Section Schwedes_CreateMarker = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "dayz_code\compile\schwedes_createmarker.sqf"; //Schwedes create Marker Safe and Done Step 2: public_EH.sqf Add this: //Schwedes Marker "PVDZE_SchwedesMarker" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select 1) spawn Schwedes_ServerMarker}; "PVDZE_SchwedesMarkerRemove" addPublicVariableEventHandler {(_this select 1) spawn Schwedes_ServerMarkerRemove}; in the isServer section [A Section is allways something between {...input...};] Safe it and place it somewhere in your mission Step 3 init.sqf redirect the public_EH.sqf to your custom one Safe and Done Step 4 server_functions.sqf Place this somewhere near the bottom: http://pastebin.com/2Rx03bNw Safe it and place it in your dayz_server.pbo Step 5 create a new sqf and name it schwedes_createmarker put this know at the point you want to create the marker /*////////////////////////// Schwedes Marker How to call: [_unit,_markername,_text,_type,_brush,_sizeX,_sizeY,_color] spawn Schwedes_CreateMarker; Example 2 for a Shape [player,"MyMarkerName","DisplayTextonMap","RECTANGLE","Grid",50,100,"ColorGreen"] spawn Schwedes_CreateMarker; Example 1 for a cfgMarker (width and hight does not matter on cfgMarkers so just set to 0) [_box,"MyOtherMarkerName","Location Box","Flag","Solid",0,0,ColorOrange] spawn Schwedes_CreateMarker /-----------------------/ How to Remove: Put this in your Code where you called it from PVDZE_SchedesMarkerRemove = [_uniqueName,_markertext]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_SchwedesMarkerRemove"; */////////////////////////// private ["_unit","_markername","_getPos","_text","_type","_brush","_sizeX","_sizeY","_color","_uniqueName","_markertext"]; //Getting the Variables _unit = _this select 0; _markername = _this select 1; _text = _this select 2; _type = _this select 3; //Possible Values: "ICON", "RECTANGLE", "ELLIPSE" << or >> [url=https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cfgMarkers]https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/cfgMarkers[/url] //Only change this Values if using: "ICON", "RECTANGLE", "ELLIPSE" as a type _brush = _this select 4; _sizeX = _this select 5; //Needs to be a Number _sizeY = _this select 6; //Needs to be a Nubmer _color = _this select 7; //Possible Values: "Default", "ColorBlack", "ColorGrey", "ColorRed", "ColorGreen", "ColorBlue", "ColorYellow", "ColorOrange", "ColorWhite", "ColorPink", "ColorBrown", "ColorKhaki", "ColorWEST", "ColorEAST", "ColorGUER", "ColorCIV", "ColorUNKNOWN", "Color1_FD_F" (Light red), "Color2_FD_F" (Light khaki), "Color3_FD_F" (Light orange), "Color4_FD_F" (Light blue) //Making them Unique if (isPlayer _unit) then { _playerUID = getPlayerUID _unit; _uniqueName = _markername + _playerUID; } else { _ObjectID = _unit getvariable ['CharacterID','0']; //May change for CharacterID for another Variable you have set to the Object e.g. Mission, Sarge, etc. _uniqueName = _markername + _ObjectID; }; //get Position of _unit if !(typeName _unit == "ARRAY") then { _getPos = getPos _unit; } else { _getPos = _unit; }; //Unique Name for Markers type "ICON", "RECTANGLE", "ELLIPSE" _markertext = _uniqueName + "_shapeText"; PVDZE_SchwedesMarker = [_uniqueName,_getPos,_text,_type,_brush,_sizeX,_sizeY,_color,_markertext]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_SchwedesMarker"; /* you also could set a Condition with a global variable or something to delete the marker waitUntil { GloabalVariable_Condition }; PVDZE_SchedesMarkerRemove = [_uniqueName,_markertext]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_SchedesMarkerRemove"; */ STEP 6 Security Changes: You may want to rename the PVDZE_Schwede variables to something unique, so hackers cant exploit this to create marker all over the map :) Battleye Filters: You will need to edit your publicVariable.txt to prevent kicks from using this Script! Simply add !="PVDZE_SchwedesMarker", !="PVDZE_SchwedesMarkerRemove" to the Filter 5 "PVDZE_" If you still get kicked, try it yourself with this very good tut from ebay: BE-Filders HOW TO USE: You can find examples in schwedes_createmarker,sqf at the Top in the Comment Section and this at the point where it should delete the marker: PVDZE_SchwedesMarkerRemove = [_markername]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_SchwedesMarkerRemove"; or use a condition in schwedes_createmarker example in in there. Done. Tested and worked :) Credits: DangerRuss infiSTAR UKMartin
  6. Tricks

    Custom Map Marker?

    Hey everyone, Just wondering if I am able to create a custom map marker? I want to mark on the map a square or circle area, the size of a large mission marker and lable it "No Fly Zone". Would this be possible? Thanks! ;)
  7. Hello, I would like to make a marker for where the Helicopter Crash is located, and I have no idea how to make one, can someone help me? Thanks.
  8. I like flying around the coast and giving new players on our server a ride to wherever they want to go. A lot of them either shy-away from the strange chopper or shoot at it, not realizing it's trying to help. I know how to add map markers (for Admin bases etc) but they're static. Is it possible to get the marker to follow me (based on my UID number) and maybe toggle it on/off with a keypress or mousewheel menu? Thanks. (Yes, I get bored easily :D)
  9. Hey guys, We are struggling a little with lag lately. So instead of adding in proper missions with AI I was wondering if anyone knows any way to make the in game crashes or supply drops actually make map markers of them selves? This way we figure wouldn't cause lag but would still cause the PvP zones away from base raiding etc. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Goat
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