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Epoch | PVP | Survival | High Loot | APEX | Custom | 24/7

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ARMA 3 Epoch | APEX | PVP | High Loot | Survival | | Custom | 24/7

My aim with this server is to grow it as a community, I will be doing nothing for my-self (By this i mean decisions will be community based). I want to expand this server over and over again!.

Server IP:

Server Page

Status - ONLINE!

Required Mods:

  • Epoch Mod


  • Karts
  • Helicopters
  • Marksmen
  • APEX!


Scripts Installed:

  • DayZ style Helicopter Crash Sites
  • Black Market Traders ( There are 3 Traders Based Around The Map )
  • Custom Status Bar ( A status Bar Located In the Bottom Of your screen tells you "Drink %, Food %, Number Of Players On The Server, Health %, Stamina Level, Krypto Amount (Money), FPS )
  • Custom Spawn In Option ( Allows you to choose from a verity of spawn locations when you first join or Die )
  • Custom Ear Plug Script ( Automatic Ear Plug's, Activate when you are parachuting or driving a Vehicle )

Other Information:

  • Restarts Occur Every 3 Hours ( Just so the server can stay FRESH and CLEAN ), Don't worry a WARNING is issued every 10 Minutes and 5 Minutes before the RESTART.
  • Full Support ( Staff and Myself are pretty much online 24/7, So if there's anything you need? don't be afraid to ask us we don't bite :cool: )
  • No Restrictions ( Build Your base wherever you wish, all we ask is that it's at least 700m Away from Trader Safe Zones )
  • PVP & PVE ( The Server Features "Player VS Player" So keep Your Eye's Open, It also Features "Player VS Enemy ( AI's ), Hear a Drone? Be careful Enemy AI's may be approaching )

Server Staff:

  • HAWK ( Which Is Myself )
  • Andy ( Awesome Guy, Loves a Good Laugh :tongue: )
  • StarLight ( Another Nutter On The Team! Watch Him Guys "He's Dodgy xD" )

- Coming Soon -

New Weapons, Clothing, Items, Vehicles, Skins + More If you have any Suggestions.. Or an item you'd like to see added? Let me know below.





Can i just say a huge thank you to "Grahame" for helping me set up this server! Absolute Saint :smile:.





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*Server Back end Updates* - Server's components have been upgraded.

CPU: 4.0GHz+ Intel i7 4790k - 4 Cores, 8 Threads

RAM: 32GB DDR3 ECC Memory

Storage: 2x 120GB SSD's

DDOS Protection Up To: 45Gbps


Fantastic PING of between: 25ms TO 64ms



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33 minutes ago, Kixo said:

Awesome server! Just checked it out and its great! Loot spawn system incredible, but i had trouble finding foods and drinks but all in all server is fantastic. Good job and keep it up!

Thank you, We Will work on evening out loot spawns during the next update! 

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I also figured that only things that spawn are ammo and guns, flares, granades.

I havent found any scopes/equipment/food/mines

I know server is still new and things will be added, but im adding up on what i said earlier.

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53 minutes ago, Kixo said:

I also figured that only things that spawn are ammo and guns, flares, granades.

I havent found any scopes/equipment/food/mines

I know server is still new and things will be added, but im adding up on what i said earlier.

Update hopefully coming sometime this week.

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*UPDATE #2* - Live as of 11/01/2017

Things Removed

  • Zombies Have been Removed as players did not enjoy playing with them & They caused a few crashes.

Things Added

  • Loading Screen/Welcome Image
  • Missions and Re-Supply drops have been added "Once a mission or Supply is ready They will be announced across an automated RADIO system in game"
  • :wub:Weapon & Gear Convoys have been added ( They will spawn every now and again anywhere on the map ) So keep your eyes open, there's some great items waiting for you!:wub:
  • Spawn/Staring Gear "Added the following weapon and gear for players when they spawn in":
  1. Pistol: 4-Five .45 + Amunition 
  2. 5x Water
  3. 5x Tinned Food

Things Changed

  • Ground loot has been reduced quite a bit as it was way to easy to gain weapons and ammo. 
  • Loot has been highly increased inside "Furniture - Fridges - beds - Chairs - etc"
  • Trader Prices have been Changed "Some Increased and some Lowered"
  • Base Building Limit ( Amount of items allowed per base ) Increased from "200" to "400" ( Allows you to build a bigger base ).
  • Fixed a bug that was causing users Stamina not to Re-Fill or Drop.



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      Im setting up a new epoch 1.0.6 server with very little addons/mods installed, and when i was testing i realized safes/plotpoles/walls etc werent saving to the server database. Anyone got any ideas what might be wrong?
    • By EditedSnowHD
      Hallo all,
      First I want to say i'm not the owner of this server. I just really like the server! Why?
      Well it reminds me of the good old days, and it has an 'OG Epoch feeling'. This is because the map isn't edited and the loot is really balanced. 
      You can't just join, get 25000 coins and start shooting with a tank. It's not like those servers. Ow and another thing, if you open up a map, you won't see like 300 activities all going on at once, not turbid at all. 
      The server also uses the original silver/gold system and everything you find/build/shoot feels really rewarding. 
      The addons added to the server really add something special to the experience on the server, and not distract you from the original feeling.
      I have just played for a few days on the server, and there a few standard players (and the owner is really kind!). But we're still looking to share this amazing experience with other people who might be searching for the 'OG Epoch feeling'.
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      Spawn Selection.
      Custom Economy and Loot (Really well balanced IMO).
      Lift object with heli.
      Custom Trader City (Really cozy).
      Refuel at gasstation.
      Street, -Buildinglights (for at night).
      and much more!
      There also is a Discord channel where you can meet up and share info (like about the AI base or player builds).
      Discord: discord.gg/M6w2fun
      Staff: Drashyy & Mfkrp9 & EditedSnow
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      Server IP:
      Discord: https://discord.gg/BWJCjTe
      We offer 24 hour support via discord for any questions or issues with your game!
      Top Server Feature List:
      - Modded DZMS and WAI Mission System
      - Custom High Loot Tables and Improved Dynamic Vehicle Spawns
      - Paycheck Every Hour
      - Coin Based Currency with Storage Banking only
      - Deploy Bike & Mozzie
      - Locate Vehicle
      - Snap Build Pro
      - Group Management
      - Repair, Refuel and Rearm at Service Stations
      - Vehicle Key Changer
      - infiSTAR AntiHack
      - Virtual Garage
      - Change View Distance with Binoculars
      - 3 Hour Restarts starting from Midnight GMT
      - Garage Door Opener
      - Take Clothes
      - Indestructible Bases except doors
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