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  1. Can't join via IP. Infinite loading screen. Trying to search for your server in the launcher yields no results.
  2. SaltiestMeatBall

    Epoch | PVP | Survival | High Loot | APEX | Custom | 24/7

    Can't join your server via IP. Infinite loading screen.
  3. SaltiestMeatBall

    Looking For The Epoch Server Of My Dreams

    I am hoping to get some help here as google is of no help. I want to find an Epoch server that I can play on for a long time. I have tried dozens but each has led me to disappointment after not finding what I'm looking for in a server. I am looking for an epoch server that has the following features: PVE only (quite sick of PvP tbh), Altis Map, Missions, Blackmarket Traders, Safezones, AI, Zombies, Militarized (Has tanks, APC's, heli's, jets, all fully armed), and allows base building without restriction or at least allows building on military areas. I welcome any and all suggestions that meet the above criteria. Thank you for your time reading this and hope to see some servers in the comments.