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GenesisPC Epoch Server / StartPack / Groups / Missions / Bountys / Convoys


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GenesisPC Epoch Server


Auto refuel
Self Blood Bag
Tow & Lift
Vehicle Salvage

Vector & Building Snap

Group Management

Advanced Trading

Deploy Bike

Repair & Rearm Stations

Klen Castle
Black Forest Base

Bor Outpost

Checkpoint Charlie

Dishina Outpost


Skalisty Ai Fortress

UN Ai Vehicle Convoys

Custom Buildings
Custom Airfields
Custom Crashsites

Starting Loadouts
133 Missions

Top Hero
Top bandit
Player voted events

New Player Starter Packs

8 Levels of Humanity Based Spawns

Teamspeak Server
Active Admins
Anti Hack

Great Community of Players

Can you survive here ?

Can you Dance ?

Server Website www.suckitupprincess.org

Teamspeak3 Server






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