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  1. if you know of any Battleye settings to stop these hacks let us know?
  2. Tang0

    Anti glitch wall

    see a few players glitching through metal floor panels that have been used as walls as well just by running at them a certain way
  3. i replaced the code in that file with the above and i have no errors at all.
  4. yes ive an epoch server with GTX
  5. are you right clicking the server side pbo file and selecting pbo manager then extract to as folder (at which ever you want) , this works for me fine but if i double click the pbo file which bring up pbo manager and then extract the file i get the same errors as you have had, there is no $MIKERO$ etc when extracting this way
  6. what are you using to pack the pbo?
  7. hi, sorry you had problems on our server today, the problem has been fixed

  8. we have players on +2 million and -4 million and have no problems
  9. DZE_GodModeBase = true; DZE_GodModeBaseExclude = DZE_DoorsLocked; Works fine for me as well eg DZE_GodModeBase = true; DZE_GodModeBaseExclude = ["Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked","Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoor"]
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