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  1. Brody

    Binocular Set Range Distance

    no need im happy as it is now
  2. Brody

    Binocular Set Range Distance

    well i made it for myself and i shared it but yeah i could
  3. like this ?? class packbike { text = "packBike"; script = "execVM 'addons\bike\pack.sqf'";
  4. Brody

    Binocular Set Range Distance

    agreed but i dont like the way deploy has been setup i think its much easier for me to just use this extra_rc
  5. how would i merge ?? never done that because im pretty new to this script world (copy paste really :D)
  6. Brody

    Binocular Set Range Distance

    honestly, dont give a shit
  7. What is this mod Its a mod that lets you setrange if you right click on a binocular and rangefinder (very easy you can even do it yourself) Any issues plz tell You Need extra_rc.hpp and a costum folder instal guide install link : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4szrw32dsuszhxk/AADnUQwQ27tEFNcpmQLYPaO7a?dl=0 1. paste these lines in your extra_rc.hpp so it looks like this IF YOU DONT HAVE THE TEST IN HERE 2. paste the file setview into your custom folder from the download (in your mission file yourinstance\custom dont know if i need to give somebody credits :D
  8. some people might not know so better just tell then him needing to explain it all the time :D but yeah you are right :D