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  1. two questions. First and what classes can I use, since I change and the bots start without a gun and it is possible to add an armed car and a machine gun, thank you!
  2. The bots are initiating without weapons, how do I fix this?
  3. Tanks for help, I solved this problem !!!!
  4. No Work This is my newhud.hpp Error Class not exist, and server no start, My Descrption.ext
  5. How to Add Background in Hud? Like this hud This is My Hud
  6. Thanks !! I will try I searched but did not find this topic.
  7. Deleted objects by Infstar return after restart. Thanks !!!
  8. Thanks for the attention, I would like to change the colors and the size of the Death Messages, like the image I put, thank you !!
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