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  2. I used to be pretty active some years back but took an extended break to recover from treatments. Recently I've settled on playing with a great PvE group (TheWalkingZ) but I'm getting that itch to resume development. Do any of the coders out there just hang out in discord and talk shop any longer? It would be nice to immerse myself back into the community if it's still active. I joined the Epoch discord but I was looking for something a little less formal that "question:answer", more "lets discuss".
  3. Epoch 1.0.7 is no fake at all. We are working hard to get it out this year.
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  6. Yes, Epoch 1.0.7 is a thing, thanks to @A Man from the Over9000 Panthera server! They do not have a date planned for release, but it is defenitely coming out!
  7. I have this error in RPT I am not sure if it is related to WAI but I get the error on occasions when a mission spawns so reported it here 23:51:30 "WAI: [Mission:[MainHero] Medical Supply Camp]: Starting... [4165.05,2832.82,0]" 23:54:56 Error in expression < }; if (!local _this) then { _objName resize ((count _objName) - 7); }; _objN> 23:54:56 Error position: <resize ((count _objName) - 7); }; _objN> 23:54:56 Error Zero divisor 23:54:56 File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_getModelName.sqf, line 21
  8. I don't believe there are blackmarket traders placed, I just added them to normal weapons but you might want to change that unless I just didn't see them.
  9. i'm having same issue and copy and paste still won't work. anything else i can do. i installed arma 2 and loaded, arma arrowhead and loaded the dayz and loaded. i have a few mods loaded but nothing works and i want to play this game again. any help please and thank you. [email protected]
  10. Hello! Need some help with part of script. i Have: but i want to send info to system chat. When i try systemChat [format ["You lose %1 humanity!", _humanity_lose], "PLAIN DOWN"]; it wont show up, how i need to write it? I just change to: systemChat format ["You lose %1 humanity!", _humanity_lose];
  11. Aslan247


    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it but I run @Overwatch and @Namalsk mods on my server. I don't think Namalsk has anything to do with it, but I wonder if the dogs are a part of Overwatch? Just a thought, I honestly don't really know as I am still learning myself. I frequently see them on my server and I didn't alter any settings regarding dogs or animals so they should be around by default. Sorry I can't be any more helpful. Good luck on your canine quest!
  12. Unfortunately I do not have a answer for you, I am still learning myself. Did you consider removing the building altogether using a damage trigger? I create a file called damage_cities.sqf inside my scripts folder and add the following code: _target = [3055.86,4471.17,0]; //Put your buildings approximate co-ordinates here. _damage_ratio=7; //Set your damage ratio here. The bigger the number the wider the damage spreads. Using too much will affect server FPS. //DO NOT EDIT BELOW THIS LINE _server_houses= _target nearObjects ["HouseBase", _damage_ratio]; {_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_houses; Then I call it from my init file with: [] execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf"; I added this line near the bottom where I add my custom maps. This destroys the building completely on every restart but you need to add your own co-ords inside the file. Not sure if this helps, but might be another option for you. PLEASE NOTE...This is not my script I only made an edit to it.
  13. Hux


    That's the version I'm running. Playing other people's servers and now having my own I haven't seen a single dog in several months.
  14. I don't use Infistar but I am using a script that does the same thing. The problem is the building can't be seen. I am using this code to reveal buildings to player: {player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['land_ibr_hangar',10000]); {player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['Land_MBG_Police_Station',10000]); {player reveal _x;} forEach ((getmarkerpos "center") nearObjects ['Land_MBG_Shanty_BIG',10000]); The Hanger one works ok for a while but the others rarely work. There is something wrong with those buildings. If I set any of those buildings through the editor they work fine but the ones built into the map don't function properly. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=joo6jCs-za0 https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/CHANGE%20LOG%201.0.7.txt And if its real, when is the planed release for Epoch 1.0.7
  16. Might be an obvious thing but do you have an 'ItemCrowbar' in your inventory when trying to dismantle building items?
  17. If you are using Infistar admin tools you can look at the building and hit the delete button, the classname appears on the bottom left of the screen.
  18. Aslan247


    If you are running 106.2 they should be there by default, sometimes they are not so easy to spot.
  19. I've had this same issue many times and my solution was to not pack the pbo inside the mission root. Basically if I my unpacked yellow windows folder 'Dayz_Epoch_16.Panthera2' was together with my packed Dayz_Epoch_16.Panthera2.pbo in the MPmissions root, then the ESSV3 menus would be empty. I simply deleted the unpacked yellow windows folder so only the pbo is in the mission root and it worked perfectly. I literally lost weeks of my life over this.
  20. I haven't yet solved the problem but I will eventually. It's no big deal really and doesn't spam the RPT but I'd prefer a nice clean RPT log. I might even try and remove or divert the AI in some other way using blacklisting or something. Thanks for taking the time to answer though, much appreciated!
  21. Earlier
  22. Server is still online, we're planning a server event for all that join! Will update the post when we have a date.
  23. Hello Does SC work with database traders or scripted traders are required? For some reasons I need for my server database traders with limited amount of stuff (simple buy what others sold previously, nothing more). If not, can you modify script to work with database traders? Thanks a lot KostiCZ
  24. Hey guys, I trying to remove or destroy a default building in Panthera using the following type of command: ([4654,9595,0] nearestObject 145259) setDamage 1;, but am unable to find a way to know the building ID in this case '145259'. If anyone can help or has a better way to do it i'd be grateful. Cheers! UPDATE!!!! I solved my own problem by adding this code inside a folder called 'damagecities.sqf' and called it from the bottom of my 'INIT' using: [] execVM "scripts\damage_cities.sqf"; Make a new folder damage_cities.sqf and add code below inside custom\scripts\damage_cities.sqf Hoping this helps somebody else out. _target = [3055.86,4471.17,0]; //change by your coords //change the coords to suit your needs. _damage_ratio=7; //changed radius to destroy a larger area. This currently is set to destroy one small building. _server_houses= _target nearObjects ["HouseBase", _damage_ratio]; {_x setdammage 1} forEach _server_houses;
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