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Script Flares onto UH1H TK Epoch 1051

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I still run a 1051 server, when I try to add the Flares to the UH1H variants, I get the flares on the seat for the crew chief. I use below as example to add the flares to the UH1H. The UH1H, usually does not have the flares from the base game. I have below in Servermonitor and vehicle2. I have played on a 1071 server, which has the flares on the Huey pilot seat. 


The flares still end up on the crew chief, gunner seat.
     if (_object isKindOf "UH1H_TK_EP1") then {
        _object addWeapon "CMFlareLauncher";    
        //add two magazines
        _object addMagazine "120Rnd_CMFlareMagazine";
        _object addMagazine "120Rnd_CMFlareMagazine";

I tried it in singleplayer aswell, editor: The flares still end up on the crew chief, gunner seat.

        this addWeapon "CMFlareLauncher";    
       this addMagazine "120Rnd_CMFlareMagazine";

What do I need to change, so that the flares show up on the pilot seat of the huey? My serverversion is 1051. I try to post the screenshot after. 

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