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Custom Map in Eden editor


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I see in the 0.3.8 changelogs the mission.sqm is now compatible in the new Eden 3d editor.  I have been using the m3editor before and adding my custom building additions to my map in the takistan.h file in the epoch_server_setting.pbo.

What would the impact on server performance be if I rebuilt my map in the Eden editor and did it that way?

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Not sure about server performance - don't actually see a reason why it would be different, but you probably want to avoid adding too many things to mission.sqm and use the same mechanism used for custom billboards. I wrote about doing that with Eden here:

Seems like that will work as a server side PBO for buildings too (though you may already have done it). Obviously you wouldn't need to do the steps beyond importing the SQF though...


EDIT: Just saw this post too, which seems to be an improvement:

Will be following up on that myself...

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