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Found 27 results

  1. Hi there, I would like to move this file to my server pbo. I have moved it to my mission pbo and tested by changing the call to this and it spawns fine. For some reason however I can not get it to spawn if it is placed server side and executed from server_functions.sqf either using [] execVm, execVm or call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers. The main reason for wanting to move this file is that when I edit my map I dont want to place any objects over existing ones. If it is not going to be possible then an alternative will be to load the buildings in the 3d editor make my map and just remove the duplicates that already spawn/exist in chernarus11.sqf Contents of chernarus11.sqf below extracted from dayz_code. Thanks in advance !
  2. How to install unique addons file?

    Hi.(sorry no speak English) How to install unique Addon? Example: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14679 Vehicles,weapons Thanks!
  3. Problem with scripts not showing

    So Grahame kindly helped me install all of the scripts on my server, they have been working like a charm up until last night! I carried out Manual Server Restart and when i Re-Joined the server non of the plugins were showing in game? I checked the epoch.Altis.pbo folder and all of the scripts are there like they should be. Below you'll see my RPT File.. If anything else is needed let me know Paste Bin Link
  4. I keep struggelking with spawn selection and group management , stuck at waiting for host did exactrly what i was told to do but sill no progress
  5. Join my epoch server it has loads of custom mods! The ip is or 2303
  6. Hey everyone, I'm planning on starting a new Epoch server on a dedicated SSD and wanted to put out some feelers for what kind of content players want to see on a server. To gather this information, I have put together a few strawpolls with some options that I and my server staff could think of. If there is an addon or map you have an interest in, but do not see in the polls, please feel free to post it in the thread (with a short description if you'd like for clarification). Server Addons (Please choose your 3 favorite options) Server Uptime (How often should restarts happen?) Server Map (If there is a map not listed you prefer, please post it below) Thank you for any feedback you can provide, as all of it will help us create a better server experience for you, the player.
  7. A brand new server recently founded by two friends. looking for admins and players first 20 people receive 2 briefcases the server is ran by fair admins and is fully militarized with custom bases around with barracks you can also buy thermal weapons such as the l85 AWS, M107 TWS and AS50 TWS. The Ip is : or just search on DayZcommander and DayzLauncher search 99th and it is the 99th official!
  8. Okay so I am adding items to our traders for our OverPoch server. While I was writing SQL queries I though, what if I magically put all those queries on this website so other server owner/developers could use them to add/make adjustments to there servers. Well here they are. Make sure you know basic SQL and you know how the trader system works before you attempt to change your traders. Also make sure your Trader ID's are correct. I used the default ones, but make sure everything is correctly typed in. I will be starting off with the sniper rifles and ammo and as I progress I will update this post. Please subscribe to this post to stay informed of my changes. Enjoy :) // Sniper Rifles: Trader ID 605 Neutral Weapons Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_M', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_P21', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVD_S', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_MSR_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_RSASS_SD_TAN', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_69', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SV_98_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_NV_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_XM2010_SD_DESERT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '605', 'trade_weapons'), // Sniper Rifle Ammo: Trader ID 614 Neutral Ammo Trader INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT', '50', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[1,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_7Rnd_338Lapua_MSR_NT_SD', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT', '50', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[2,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_20Rnd_762x51_PMAG_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_762x54_SV', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'vil_10Rnd_SVDK', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'), INSERT INTO `dayz_epoch`.`traders_data` (`id`, `item`, `qty`, `buy`, `sell`, `order`, `tid`, `afile`) VALUES (NULL, 'FHQ_rem_5Rnd_300Win_XM2010_NT_SD', '50', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '[4,"ItemGoldBar",1]', '0', '614', 'trade_items'),
  9. [Request] How to install Addons

    Hi! I am new, i have a VPS where i will host my DayZ Epoch Server. I have all files and i all run successfully, but i would like to know how can i place new addons like "Avanced Trader", "Snap building", etc. I am using Linux server, thanks for the support comunity! PD: Sorry for my english!
  10. Best editor addons?

    I been going through armaholic trying to find the best object addons and cant really find a good one that has everything. I don't like the a3l editor it's buggy and laggy so I been using the hidden arma 3d editor I love it so can people post what are the best addons they have found to work good for them?.
  11. Good Server add-ons?

    Hey fellas im looking at starting up an ARMA 3 server i have a Overpoch server on Arma 2 but am looking at moving over can someone give me some hints at good mods? i would like to make an Atlis life but with overpoch weapons and vechs (My gaming pc is currently broken so i am unable to boot up to see)
  12. Hey Guys , check out our new Server hostet on a Root with SSD IP : SLOTS : 50 MAP : Chernarus Custom Mod : Dayz Epoch Restart at : 4:00 , 08:00, 12:00 , 16:00, 20:00, 0:00 TS 3; Have Fun guys ;) We got alot of Mods for example : Custom Loot ESS (Enhanced Spawn Select) Burn Tents Deploy Bike Crafting Buy Gems from traders Binocular Fog Animated MV22 SUV Nitro Regen Blood Fast Rope CAGN (safezones) DZGM ( Group Management) Drink Water Arrest/Investigate Tent Sleep Healing 1.1 Zombie Bait/Bomb Anti Zombie emitter fast trade http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3635-elevator-script-for-players-and-vehicles-wipprototype/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6130-howto-use-journal/?hl=journal#entry126393 http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/17069-releasecraftinshed/ DZAI 2.1.3 http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15671-release-wicked-ai-214-beta-220-out-now/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/18034-expanded-building-loot-spawn-files/ Animated C130 Crashes Animated AN2 Crashes AN2 Carepackage Drops Animate Heli Crashes http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7208-release-dayz-mission-system/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16080-release-dzmshotspots/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14934-logistic-tow-lift/ Bury Body Cannibalism Take Clothes 2.0 Zombie Trucks http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/11874-release-hero-perks-epoch-pre-configured/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10107-release-walk-amongst-the-dead-hide-from-zombies-like-the-walking-dead/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/12375-wiprelease-bank-robbery-v3/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6111-release-jaem-just-another-evac-chopper-mod-v14-updated-06142014/ Snow Ground Fog http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14893-advanced-alchemical-crafting-v33/ http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/14112-release-1051-weapon-attachment-mod-110-removeadd-attachments-to-weapons/
  13. We are a brand new DayZ Community with our own DayZ server and our own branded community websystem. You have maybe heard of us before? Before we were called DayZGO and The Cube Gaming. Now we have changed our name and re-branded to DayZ Center. There has been long nights and many hours of programming our brand new server & community web. We are now finished with testing, scripting and customizing our server. And now we want to present it to you, fellow survivors! Our server has a clean DB since its brand new. And we have done alot of research to implement all the most recent and most popular scripts and addons to our server. We have choosen to use DayZ Epoch mixed with DayZ Origins Mod. And since we can see that Chernarus is the most popular map, we have also chosen to use Chernarus Map. We Are Looking For * Developers * Moderators * New Members Please consider joining our community, and help us expand! Contact us on our webpage: www.dayz.center
  14. Anyway to add stuff from ArmaHolics?

    im wanting to add a couple of weapons that are on the Armaholics page can anyone shed some light of how to add the pbo's and bikey to a server? really want to have a AUG :(
  15. Hey guys! So i have been playing this game for quite a while now and everyday i come across people having client side issue when connecting to their favorite servers or just to the game in general. So much so that i have been taken on as a Tech Support of sorts for a few servers. Nothing is more annoying than when you are having connection problems to a server and all the guides say the same thing... Uninstall Arma.. re install Arma. Well i have never had to uninstall or re install the game and i usually have found fixes that avoid a requirement for this. so i have decided to post a guide to some of the common faults i see and a list of my fixes here. ** i Have actually found a pretty good guide which more or less outlines many of the fixes i was planning to put in this post. I have a few more that require a little less effort and can get you back playing quicker so i shall use excerpts of the guide and furnish it with my own solutions too** Here is a list of some of the more common errors i see. (before you go through this list please PLEASE check that all of your settings/ perameters/ install folder path files are correct and that you have the required mods for the server you are planning to play on. If you are attempting to join CCG servers i would recommend getting their own personal launcher from their website as the mod versions they run differ from those you can download on launchers such as DayZ Commander. You wouldn't believe how often it turns out the client side user has a error in their mod string or has missed a setting.) BEFORE WE GET INTO THE LIST OF ERRORS THE MAJORITY OF ISSUES CAN BE SOLVED BY SIMPLY GOING TO YOUR STEAM LIBRARY AND RIGHT CLICKING ON ARMA2 OA AND SELECTING PROPERTIES. THEN NAVIGATING TO THE LOCAL FILES AND VERIFYING THE INTEGRITY OF THE GAME CACHE. 1. ERROR: "Bad Serial Number Given on Setup" or "Invalid or Missing Serial Number" 2. ERROR: "Connection Failed" or "Bad version, server rejected connection" 3. PROBLEM: v1.62 instead of v1.62.xxxxxx 4. ERROR: "BattleEye initialization failed." (see also for battleye update failure) 5. ERROR: "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadown'." 6. ERROR: "Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0" 7. ERROR: "Addon 'dayz_anim' requires addon 'CA_Dubbing_Counterattack'" 8. PROBLEM: Black screen and/or Crash to desktop on start-up 9. PROBLEM: Spawn as a crow/bird. 10. PROBLEM: No servers showing up in the server browser. 11. PROBLEM: Really low FPS. (i7-processor) 12. PROBLEM: Missing Czech Republic DLC 13. ERROR: "Instruction at X referenced memory at 0x000000XX. The memory could not be read." 16. ERROR: "No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.ItemNails'." 17.ERROR. Failed to load file "pmc|addons|air_pmc.pbo" - decryption of headers failed" ( likewise this one can also say baf in place of pmc. This is just an extension on missing Czech republic DLC error ERROR: "Bad Serial Number Given on Setup" or "Invalid or Missing Serial Number" SOLUTION 1: Close Steam, then run as administrator. Run ARMA 2. Run ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. SOLUTION 2: Delete a file called "localconfig.vdf" in .\Steam\userdata\#\config The # is a series of digits that varies depending on your account. (If you've had multiple accounts active through your computer.) Restart Steam and run it as administrator. SOLUTION 3: ( I hate suggesting this and always recommend it as a last resort but sometimes it is required) 1. Uninstall A2/A2:OA entirely. (Including the folders in registry.) 2. Close Steam. 3. Run Steam as administrator and reinstall the games. WHY: (solution 1) Steam writes your serial numbers into your registry , but cannot do it if it doesn't have the rights to edit registry. Running both games means that Steam will re-write both serial numbers for both games. That way DayZ will work the next time you try to play it. ERROR: "Connection Failed" or "Bad version, server rejected connection" SOLUTION 1: Sort servers by "Mission" and look for missions labeled as "DAYZ" (Note the all caps.) These are the only servers you can join with just the Steam version. It only gives access to DayZ Vanilla. SOLUTION 2: Download DayZ Commander[www.dayzcommander.com] or DayZ Launcher[www.dayzlauncher.com] to keep DayZ, ARMA 2, and all unofficial maps and community-variants of the mod up-to-date. This is the BEST THING you can do if you want the most out of DayZ. (while DayZ Commander is a much more sturdy and well laid out mod launcher it does require you to manually insert the mod string (launch perameters) These generally take the form of "-mod=[the mods the server is running] most servers will display their required mod string in the server name and info or on the server website PROBLEM: v1.62 instead of v1.62.xxxxxx (This issue is rarely seen since the move over to Steam from Gamespy but some players still use the Beta version to launch) SOLUTION 1: Download and run ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead Beta, and launch DayZ with the beta patch. SOLUTION 2: Download DayZ Commander[www.dayzcommander.com] for easier handling of everything you need for DayZ. SOLUTION 2: Download a beta patch manually from here: http://www.arma2.com/beta-patch.php WHY: You are missing a Beta Patch. DayZ Commander is the best solution for getting one, because you can easily pick and choose which build to use. ERROR: "BattleEye initialization failed." SOLUTION 1. Open your Steam library and right ciick on Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead. Click on Properties and then the LOCAL FILES tab. Click on Browse local files. In the window that pops up scroll down and find the 3 applications ARMA2OA exe ARMA2OA_BE exe and just a little further down arma2oaserver exe Delete these 3 applications. now close the window and go to your LOCAL FILES tab again. At the end click "Verify integrity of game cache". Let it complete. It will take about 2 to 5 minutes. When it is complete launch Arma 2 Operation arrowhead from Steam and let it reach the main menu. When it does shut down the game and go back to your launcher. Now join your chosen server. SOLUTION 2. Similar to the first solution.. go the Steam Library, properties, LOCAL FILES, browse local files... this time when the window pops up open the folder named Expansion. Then open the folder named Battleye. Launch the application UninstallBE. Now on the LOCAL FILES tab verify integrity of game cache. Let it complete and then Launch the game to main menu once. it should re install Battleye. Now join your server of choice. SOLUTION 3: Manually download and re install BattlEye. You can download BattlEye from here: http://www.battleye.com/download.html WHY: ARMA 2 does its best to try and connect to BattlEye's update server, but sometimes there's a problem either on your end(most likely) or their end. When this happens, it's simply better to just download it yourself. [battleye update Failed] (there are two methods by which Battleye updates itself. One is when you are at the multiplayer setup menu of the server. In the lower left corner red writing will tell you 'Battleye has initialized' however you should watch this writing as sometimes it says Battleye is updating. This requires you to wait for it to complete before clicking OK. The issue many have is they click "OK" and dont notice that BE is updating and so it causes the update to fail .The other method and more recent form of Battleye update is a black cmd window opens when the client launches the game. Some mistake this as the game launching twice and close the second window again causing the update to fail **ALL OF THE SOLUTIONS FOR BATTLEYE INITIALIZATION FAILED WILL WORK FOR THIS TOO.** ERROR: "No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgInGameUI/MPTable.shadown'." SOLUTION 1(unsure): Update your DirectX driver. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX . SOLUTION 2(untested): 1. Go to .\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ 2. Run the "_runA2CO.cmd" or "_runA2CO_beta.cmd" to launch the game. SOLUTION 3: 1. Go to .\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\ 2. Delete the @DayZ -folder. 3. Verify integrity of game cache. 4. Run ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead 5. Close ARMA2OA and try running DayZ again. (After re-download.) SOLUTION 4: (I always suggest this as a last resort and rarely tell anyone to uninstall and re install but sometimes there are exceptions) 1. Uninstall ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead through Steam. 2. Close Steam and run it as administrator. 3. Reinstall ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. 4. VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME CACHE FIRST. 5. Run ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. 6. Close ARMA2OA and try running DayZ again. WHY: --- ERROR: "Error compiling pixel shader PSSpecularAlpha:0" (This one is rarely seen these days however it is seen) SOLUTION 1: Update your DirectX driver. Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX . SOLUTION 2: Close Steam and run it as administrator. WHY: --- ERROR: "Addon 'dayz_anim' requires addon 'CA_Dubbing_Counterattack'" SOLUTION: 1. Go to .\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2\ 2. Copy the content of the 'addons' folder. 3. Go to .\Steam\steamapps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead\Common\ 4. Paste and replace/merge the files. (5. Additionally, copy the entire Addons folder into A2OA's main folder.) WHY: The required animations are in the ARMA 2 addon folder. Copying them over to ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead will also add them to where DayZ can find them. Not everybody are required to do this. (Assuming they don't have the error.) PROBLEM: Black screen and/or Crash to desktop on start-up SOLUTION: 1. Go to C:\Users\...\Documents\ArmA 2\ (Path may vary depending on which version of Windows you are running. Look for your "My documents" or "Users and Documents" if you're running older versions of Windows like Windows XP or Vista.) 2. Open the arma2oa.cfg in notepad, notepad++, or other simple text editor. 3. Find these lines: Resolution_W=1920; (The value after '=' might be different.) Resolution_H=1200; (The value after '=' might be different.) 4. Change the _W value to your screen WIDTH 5. Change the _H value to your screen HEIGHT and save. 6. Run the game again. SOLUTION: 2. Go to C:\Users\...\Documents\ArmA 2\ 2. Open ArmA2OA.cfg with notepad, notepad++ or similar. 3. Find "Windowed=0;" and change the 0 to 1. 4. Save the file. 5. Start the game, (re)set your graphic settings. (optional) 6. Close the game and change the 1 back to 0 and save. Note that if you can't find the part that says "Windowed", type it to the end of the list yourself. DON'T FORGET the ; at the end. You will get a new error if you don't place it there. WHY: Because most likely your monitor/system is having problems trying to open the game with the default resolution. In the first solution you are going into the settings file and manually changing the resolution that the game launches in. Manually changing the game to launch in a window is a more fail-safe method of fixing the issue. PROBLEM: Spawn as a crow/bird. SOLUTION 1: Find another server. SOLUTION 2: Download DayZ Commander to update your version of DayZ (or variation of) to the version the server you're trying to connect to is running on. WHY: What you're experiencing is the Spectator Mode. It's a normal part of ARMA 2, but is caused by a server-side glitch in DayZ. Most likely because of an incorrect version. PROBLEM: No servers showing up in the server browser. SOLUTION 1: Reset your filters, make sure you have no ping limits, either. SOLUTION 2: Make sure your anti-virus software isn't blocking the game. Either create an exception for the game(HIGHLY recommended.), or disable your firewall. Make sure to turn off your Windows firewall as well, but always turn them back on after you're done playing or when browsing the internet! SOLUTION 3: Download DayZ Commander, WithSix, or any other third-party server browser. (Those two are recommended, however.) WHY: Some anti-virus software, like Norton Anti-Virus, is known to block internet access from new software. This prevents your game from pinging servers to add them to your server browser. And for some people, pings tend to spike while the game is looking for servers, hence having a ping limit will hide most if not all servers. PROBLEM: Really low FPS. (i7-processor) SOLUTION: Disable Hyperthreading.To do this you need to access your BIOS. Restart your computer and as it begins you will be prompted to press a key to enter the BIOS It is different on every motherboard but some of the more common ones are F8,F10,F11,F12,End key. Again each Bios is different but navigate your way to the processor menu and disable Hyperthreading in the menu then save and restart. WHY: ARMA 2 does not (properly) support more than 4 cores. Hyperthreading drags the performance even lower. PROBLEM: Missing Czech Republic DLC SOLUTION: the problem ist that the combined operations batch file does not contain the ACR extension when launching combined ops. To corrct that, go to "%PATHTOSTEAM%\SteamApps\common\arma 2 operation arrowhead" and edit the "_runA2CO.cmd" file with an editor of your choice. Find the lines that read ":runs "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -applaunch 33930 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;ca;ACR"" (near the end of that file) and edit the -mod line as follows: Original: "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -applaunch 33930 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;ca" New One: "%_STEAMPATH%\steam.exe" -applaunch 33930 "-mod=%_ARMA2PATH%;EXPANSION;ca;ACR" If you start combined ops now, you'll get the ACR Expansion too. Note that you'll still have to run Steam as Administrator and start _runA2CO as Administrator, to enable the expansion in general, if you haven't already done so. WHY: The batch file is missing the ACR from its launch parameters. ERROR: "Instruction at X referenced memory at 0x000000XX. The memory could not be read." SOLUTION 1: Go into .\Steam\Steamapps\Common\ARMA 2\DirectX\ and run DXSETUP.exe to install/update DirectX and its components. SOLUTION 2: Go into .\Steam\Steamapps\Common\ARMA 2\BEsetup\ and run setup_BattlEyeARMA2.exe to install/update BattlEye and its components. SOLUTION 3: Reboot your computer after completing the two above solutions. (Using DayZ Commander is advised.) WHY: Because something is either corrupted or not up to date. ERROR: "No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines.ItemNails'." SOLUTION 1: Find a server that is running on version 1.8 of the official DayZ mod. SOLUTION 2: Download DayZ Commander, and use it to download DayZ WHY: You can ONLY join servers running on the SAME version as you, so if you are trying to join an outdated server while having a different Arma or Mod version installed, you will get stuck in the authentication process and/or receive the file error. .ERROR. Failed to load file "pmc|addons|air_pmc.pbo" - decryption of headers failed (can also be seen with baf in the place of pmc) SOLUTION. Go to your Steam Library and right click on Arma 2 British Armed Forces. go to the properties and then navigate tot he LOCAL FILES tab. Click on Verify integrity of game cache. You will be prompted with a window to uninstall BAF. click yes. Now do the same for Arma 2 Private Military Company. When prompted to uninstall again click yes. Now Launch Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and it will begin to reinstall British Armed Forces and Private Military Company. Allow it to reach the main menu and then shut it down. Now join a server. WHY Something in the path file of the DLC has caused it to launch incorrectly. More often that not it is launching your mod on the DLC when it should be launching on Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and reading the DLC separately. To put it simply it failed to recognize what to lunch and what addon to run. for lack of a better explanation the above actions will cause it to kick start again the correct way. Hope this guide helps many of you. Remember to be patient with it. After all it is a mod of a now old game and when it is trying to run mission files, database, custom scripts and pull DLC and files from everywhere it has a tendency to mess up sometimes.
  16. 3rd Party Vehicle Addons?

    What are the chances of Epoch Mod adding extra vehicles from files such as those found on Armaholic? The current vehicles, specifically air vehicles, in Arma 3 are great, but after playing long enough, can become pretty bland. Aside from tow weights, there's really no tactical different in them all. I would love to see the return of the MV-22 Osprey (link provided below). It has an outrageous speed advantage, but the trade-off could be the inability to sling load items. Also the addition of small unarmed planes such as biplanes would be an interesting twist. I don't have a background in game coding, so I don't know how feasible all this is, but I feel like the air gameplay is the ultimate key to having a successful group and collecting supplies, so a little more variation would tremendously add to the mod. Any feedback would be appreciated! MV-22 Osprey Armaholic Download Link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23847
  17. OverPoch Origins PBOs

    Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0oj51wpld3d4yga/overpoch%20orgins.zip?dl=0 I do not take credit for this i just put this together Credit(s): {Kol9yN, Gerasimow9, YuraPetrov, zGuba, A.Karagod, IceBreakr, Sahbazz,} <=== top of the init for epoch RimBlock, prominentalex, ebay, WAE, BuddyRole, SpreadKiller, Defay, Cen, Axe Cop, maca134, MisterSunshine, Defent, raymix, Mikeeeyy This was made on a vilayer server so you might have to change some files like the mission and server folders names. That is if you don't use vilayer. Addons: Mission system with OverPoch weapons (A.I.) Custom Loot for OverPoch Action Menu: Deploy Bike Deploy Motorcycle Packing Vehicle (only bike) Self Blood bag Flip Vehicle Group Management Color Filters (15+ I think) Change view distance (about 10 different view distances) donator tab for admins (you got to add it your self and the donator file) Plot for Life Group Management Custom GUI Service Point (Auto refuel and repair) Snap Pro Safe Zone (Traders but not all of them only the main ones)(Bandit might not have a safezone so you will have to add it) Walking Zeds Anti Abort Duping fix Anti Salvage in Trader with 2 sql files SQL 1 is for clean up so when a player dies it will delete the dead body (it builds up if you don't delete it) and to delete destroyed vehicles SQL 2 is a trader_data.sql its there but i would not recommend to use it but if you do. Make a back up of your trader_data.sql before using mine. Vilayer: adding the Origins map to your mod. Step 1: If you have OverPoch already installed you can upload your Origins files from your Arma 2:OA with the key (you can download this with Dayz Launcher) or you can uninstall your OverPoch if you have it downloaded and then install the Dayz Origins mod and then uninstall it (so that the origins files and map is in your servers directory) and then reinstall OverPoch. (if you can't find the key in your Arma 2:OA folder i left a bunch of them in the server files under the readme folder) Step 2: once you have your map Origins map in you servers directory then go to epoch manager and change your map to tavi Step 3: upload my files to your server (mission and server files) (if your using your own pbos then go into you mission.sqm and change chernarus to tavi if it hasn't already been done) Step 4: go to your util and then look for and open overpochmods.txt Step 5: change it to this @DayzOrigins;@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZOverpochServer OR it might be this @DayzOrigins179;@DayZOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZOverpochServer Step 6: start up your server it should be good to go if not look at you debug\Console Monitor Dedicated Server(Might not be right): adding the Origins map to your mod. Step 1: download Origins and then upload\copy it into you servers directory with the key (you can download this with Dayz Launcher)(if you can't find the key in your Arma 2:OA folder i left a bunch of them in the server files under the readme folder) Step 2: make some changes if needed to the mission files and server files (maybe you just need to change the name)(if your using your own pbos then go into you mission.sqm and change chernarus to tavi) Step 3: then go into batch file and change the addons for -mod= to @DayzOrigins179;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server or it might be @DayzOrigins;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server; Look at the readme folder for extra addons, battleye filter changes, and infistar changes
  18. The following topic contains addons or rewritten scripts for single currency. Core Scripts Single Currency 3.0 Storage - Zupa New independet release, RECOMMENDED Single Currency 1.1 - Zupa The Scripts that makes this all happen. Currently always start installing the currency with this topic. It will set up your first version for you to choose to update to souls 2.0 updates (recommendend.) In the close future i will make an officia SC 2.0 release. Single Currency 2.0 ( Extension) - Soul The soon to be official release but currently only an update to 1.1. Install 1.1 and update to this version to enjoy the best performace and support on your server. Single Currency Development functions - Zupa These functions provide easy implementation of adding and removing money in your script to support single currency. They should be in the 1.1 and 2.0 release but better check to be sure. Single Currency Traders - Zupa This folder contains compatible traders with the cfgtraders provided. I'll try to extend it as soon as possible, if someone has working traders and is willing to share them to the list, please do contact me. SC Traders Script Extensions Maintain Single Currency (2.0 only) - Mcgough This script allows you maintain at a plotpole with cash. Smelting Items-Coins - Storm This script allows you to smelt your coins into bars and the otherway arround next to a burning object. Admins Tools & Infistar AH Single Currency actions on players - Rocu, Chunk This script allows an admin to remove/give coins from a player. Infistar AH Spectate players bank and cash - PeterBeer This script allows an admin to see cash and bank while spectating a person. Transfer Money from ATM - Rocu Allows you to transfer money form one account to antother one. Scripts made compatible with SC JAEM Chopper Evac SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. Axe Cop Service Points SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15464-release-single-currency-axe-cop-service-points-for-sc/ Advanced Alchemical Crafting SC - Zupa Changes to the original script to work with single currency. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16203-advanced-alchemical-crafting-v33/?p=126080 Axe Cop Multy Character Select SC - Soul Changes to the original script to work with single currency. Map Addons/Changes Central Chernarus Bank - Chunk, No Captain Chunk A big bank in stary http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16004-addon-central-chernarus-bank/ Napf Banks - Pwn3dNexus Banks for Napf Napf Banks Banker NPC's - MGM NPC's as bankers http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16597-release-banker-npcs-to-replace-atm-objects/ Sahrani Banks & Changes - KingRaymond795 Banks for Sahrani http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28432-sahrani-map-addons/ Usefull Guides Money on AI - Zupa Allows you to put money on AI. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15737-put-coins-on-ai/?p=117979 Freeze Objects & Banks into place - Soul, Storm Allows you to make an item static, so it will never move. This stops players from knocking over banks. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15485-how-to-stop-users-from-knocking-down-the-atm/?p=121203 Custom Debug Monitor - PeterBeer Guide + files for a more detailed debug monitor. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15437-tutorial-custom-debug-stats/ Custom Default Ammount in Fields - Zupa Allows you to change the default 1 in your bank and give player dialogs. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16591-resolved-in-banking-menu-default-amount-is-prepopulated-with-1/ Remove trade animations - Peterbeer, Zupa Allows you remove the trading animation http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15911-tutorial-remove-animation-for-trading/ Add Traders and TradersItems with Single Currency - Chunk Guide how to make new traders and add items to traders. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16386-tutorial-adding-custom-traders-with-single-currency-extras/ Common Issues -> Fixed Bank Not Saving - Rocu, Soul, Zupa Common Solution to fix bank value not saving to DB. http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15924-issue-banking-data-not-saving-for-new-players-fixed/ Fix Money And Bank after skin change - Soul Fixes the reset of money and bank when you change clothes http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15449-fix-cashmoney-bankmoney-loss-after-skinchangehumanity-morph/ Fix - Better trade files - Rocu Fixes the issue of the rpt logs when trading. Does bettter logging of trade activties http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/16750-fix-better-trade-files-proper-logging-etc/ More added later Do you think your scripts/addon/guide should get added? Give me a message and i will evaluate the possibility.
  19. Hi, A friend and I has recently got our own server, and so far it went pretty well.. We are looking for someone to help setting up the rest of the server (addons that have not yet been added, etc Snapping). We also bought a homepage (www.nightfallgaming.eu) and anyone interrested in designing and managing a homepage can contact me to get started! ;) You will NOT get any kind of payment or what so ever, as you instead will become a part of our team. Any donations towards the server or website from actice players, will first go to cover the expenses of the server and website, and any extra will be shared among the team. Our host is vilager, and the homepage is bought there too. Come join us and check out what we have so far: Any applications will go to me here on epochmod.com and when i configured my email also [email protected] // Nightfallgaming.eu
  20. Okay guys, I have seen a lot of people having trouble adding weapons and items to their traders. I will admit that I was having the same problem as well. So I decided to make a program for myself to help out with the problem. Today I finally decided to release the program to the community to help others out. :) So first things first, You can download the program from Here Check out all of the spoilers for help. When you open it up it will look something like this, depending on your version of windows. And just so everyone feels a little safer. http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanresult/4bfc071e4742ab59a219a0d2e6b4eab6b138023f https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/338be750f28a82f855525615e8ff1f851dd555947e3d4fbee782097068ef5685/analysis/1400816403/
  21. Job Offer to anyone who can....(pays)

    looking for someone who can either show me step by step or install custom addons for my server.... addons ie: new jets, new guns, CBA_OA, Ext Event Handler, and so on.... before you say it yes i know my peeps will have to download stuff too.... willing to pay money for services upon successful install or help. PM me . Thanks!!
  22. Adding mods and mission.sqm

    Hi guys I have looked high and low and i cant find a complete deffinition to what the difference is between addOns[]= AND addOnsAuto[]= Im only guessing that it defines the way the mod is loaded into the server, any ideas ? Cheers guys George
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nou6u9_pQDU&feature=youtu.be If you have any questions pm me. and BTW you ( DONT HAVE TO ADD ANYTHING INTO YOUR MISSION.SQM ) Works perfect without doing this. and BTW: im 16 and im Swiss EDIT: If you do not add the pbo file name to your mission.sqm it could make some problems ;)
  24. So when I join this particular DayZ Epoch Taviana server, my client joins the lobby and upon pressing OK, my client loads the white bar under DayZ Logo until it finally gives my a small error about a config file (which I think it would normally pass) and then crashes. After 2-3 seconds a message box pops up and says "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf not found." This is an ArmA 2 OA window and that's about all I know. Most research led me to believe it may be server-side and on the client receiving a response from the server with the code. Also attached is a snip of the window that pops up. Also forgot to add that I'm using DayZ Epoch and server is running 1.0.4 as I couldn't manually download 1.0.4 without using DayZ Commander (which doesn't seem to want to download any mods for some reason). Any help is much appreciated, Bazerama
  25. Hello. So i'm going to start off by saying that I am a noob at all of this. I have very little experience in how to add in things to my server (selfbloodbag, auto refuel, ect.) And I would really apreciate it if someone could help me out by explaining how to add them OR walking me through it step by step while and being aware that I am a noob at this and dont understand much of the coding language. I have Arma 2: Dayz Epoch Chernarus installed on a dedicated server. As of right now it is at complete default. I have tried adding things to the server with no luck. List of things I would like to add to the server: - Change Respawn Points To "Big Cities/Coastal Cities" - New Loot Zones at Airfields - Maca's Snap Building - OpenDayz Epoch Cleanup Script - Fire Barrels @ Hero & Bandit Traders - 10m Deadzone Around Protected Areas - Add Barricades @ NEAF Air Dealer - Trader City Protection Radius Increased - Zombies removed from Trader Cities - Protect Air Dealer (25m radius) - Increase Building Preview Time - Single Stage Crafting - Take Clothes from Bodies - AntiHack - New Military Camps With Loot @ Airfields - Indestructible Bases Both 1st and 2nd Tier - Building Supplies Added to Traders - Pick Class And Spawn - Custom Loading Screen - Default Loadout Fix - Self Bloodbag - DZAI - Improved Mission System - Towing & Lift - Debug Menu - Auto Refueling - Safe Traders w\ Vehicle Protection That is all i would like to have but not all is required. I have done some research on what all i want. But everytime i try to do as instructed from videos on Youtube and other websites i cannot get the server to work. It loads to the main loading screen then shows only my name in red with no options to join server or anything. I am getting very frustrated with it. If anyone could help me out with this and get all or most of what i have on my list completed i would gladly donate some money to them or their clan via paypal.