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EpochZ: Black Tide


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The year is 2025, six months after person or persons unknown unleashed the H7D3 virus on the world, killing a large proportion of the world's population and turning many of the "survivors" into mindless "zombies" - feral and infectious, very much alive and very, very hungry...

Trying to create the feel of John Ringo's Black Tide Rising universe with less weaponry available, though if you want to chase Zs with a Saiga they are around. Knock yourself out.


Visit the EpochZ Community Forum or contact us on Discord.

Required Mods

Ryan's Zombies and Demons: currently using COS to spawn the Zs, though there are also native spawns around the map with more to come. Normal infected in urban areas are walkers, the spawns are fast Zombies so watch out.

CBA_A3, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles: it's 2025 with 2025 weapons and vehicles. I've completely overhauled loots.h for CUP but not increased the loot spawn chances.

CUP Terrains Core: for upcoming map changes and the ports of old Wicked AI missions.

Tryk's Multi-Player Uniforms: lots more uniforms for the uniform junkies out there. This is the one that you want if you are downloading via Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=779520435

RDS Civilian Vehicles: primarily for the deployable bicycle but you also get a load of old favourites including Thomas the Tractor and the excellent Yamaha TT650!

Enhanced Movement Mod: Sneeki Breeki your way into a base with a buddy vaulting you over the wall, or just climb on a roof or through a window to avoid the infected!

Hellenic Armed Forces Mod (HAFM): for all those nice Greek uniforms and vehicles. 

NI Arms All-in-One Mod: All the weapons and attachments from the mod are available at the traders and spawn as loot. 


A3EAI: with vehicle and helicopter patrols. AI patrols and spawns replace the default Epoch antagonists (apart from the Epoch UAVs and subsequent militia if you don;t shoot them down). The AI will interact with the Zs and vice versa.

SEM, BlackEagl's and WAI Missions: all with weapons, equipment and loot customized for CUP and including SEM Convoy missions. And yes, there is the WAI Nuke mission. If no one's dealt with that before the timer expires run like hell :huh:

DayZ style Helicopter Crash Sites: with reduced CUP-based loot.

C-130 Supply Drops, guarded by AI and with CUP-based loot.

Deployable and packable bicycles and unarmed mozzies, so long as you have a Tool Kit (available in starting gear) and the other build parts (just Vehicle Repair Parts for a bicycle).

New buildables at your base including working Portable Lights, a Sink and Field Toilet (both are water sources), Razor Wire, Watch Tower, various Sandbag Walls, Fuel Pump, large and small Camo Nets, Loudspeakers, a Burn Barrel and an ATM.

Black Market Traders in trader camps and elsewhere.

HALO/Ground Spawns and you can select limited Starting Gear

Halv's Repair and Reammo Script, rearm and repair your vehicles in the repair shops at gas stations

 @Sp4rkY's Extended Safe Zones with Vehicle Protection!

Advanced Towing and Advanced Rappelling


  • All players are BLUFOR, roaming, dynamic and mission AI are OPFOR, infected are RESISTANCE allowing the interaction between the Ai and infected - they will fight each other when spawned together.
  • No building restrictions, build where ever you want
  • 150m Jammer range
  • 7-day base maintenance
  • 48-hour vehicle locks
  • 4 hour restarts, day/night cycle
  • PvE or PvP, your choice (but remember the AI and Zs will be after you too)
  • The only safe zones are the five marked on the map (north, south, east, west and central). Everywhere else on the map is a free-fire zone so stay frosty, and alert.
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  • 2 weeks later...

EpochZ: Black Tide now updated to Epoch

I took the opportunity of the upgrade to replace MAS Weapons and Vehicles with CUP Weapons, CUP Units and CUP Vehicles. This was in the plan all along but it seems easier to do it sooner rather than later. CUP equivalents added to loot.h and all missions and AI mods.


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"Radio chatter indicates that renegade forces from both NATO and the Russian Federation are trying to obtain tactical nuclear artillery shells in order to, as they put it, "burn out the infestation on the island of Altis". While the elimination of the infected is a necessary first step in restoring civilization, it is essential that their attempts are foiled..."

Added Wicked AI including the Nuke mission.

Reduced Jammer Range to 150m.

More Zombie spawns added. I'll be leaving Civilian Occupation System as the default method of spawning in most urban areas though.

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"We're getting shortwave radio reports coming in that a group of survivors are organized and rescuing survivors in the Canaries. They say that they're supported by Navy subs too. Keep faith, stay strong and hold on. Help could be on the way real soon now..."

EpochZ: Black Tide now updated to Epoch

Removed the missile armed drones from A3EAI UAV patrols and replaced them with Darters because they were far too successfully SLAMing anybody they saw in a vehicle :) I'm leaning towards bringing back vanilla UAV spawns since the Darters are too slow to cover the map well without spawning more of them than I want on the map.

Added ATMs at the spawn points. I'm not necessarily a a big fan of these in vanilla Epoch but this change is sort of necessary on EpochZ in order that survivors have somewhere to drop off Krypto without worrying about being killed by zombies while waiting for the transaction to complete...

Added CUP handgrenades and GL rounds (I'd originally forgotten to do so)

Increased Jammer Range back to 300m

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By popular demand, I've added LootSpawner with CUP weapon spawns. I've tried adjusting what you find based on where you find the loot with several new additional classes for buildings (hospital, airport, commercial, construction), so you'll get more good stuff in military and research areas and less elsewhere.

This change will hopefully make your first encounter with the Zs less deadly (though you can still easily end up dead). I'll be tweaking the percentages over the next week so that this change doesn't go over the top.

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"Echo Six, Red Six, sitrep over."

"Red Six, Echo Six. We've cleared our assigned areas down to green... well chartreuse, but they'll do. Reports are that black marketeers are moving in as we withdraw back to Camp Redoubt. Should we stay and take them into custody or RTB?"

"Negative Echo Six. Word from the Colonel is that we should leave them be so long as they're not dealing in items that would be a problem for our people. Should that be the case we shall respond with overwhelming and deadly force.

"Roger that."

Added HSBlackMarketTraders: you can sell and pick up gear at these with the exception of heavy metal and launchers/launcher rounds. 

Updated CUP Weapons, Units and Vehicles. If you've been missing a decent motorbike you now have the M1030 to play with among other goodies, including the PMC's armoured SUV.

Removed MV-22 A3EAI air patrols and replaced them with helos only.

There's a great surprise on the map right now courtesy of the latest CUP vehicles upgrade. Feel free to explore. By tomorrow it will be infested with Zs...

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  • 2 months later...

Reports are coming in to Camp Redoubt that HRH Prince Harry has been found alive, barricaded with elements of 1st Battalion, Royal Gurkha Rifles within the Tower of London. A task force sent from Wolf Squadron has successfully extracted the Prince and most of the survivors to ships off the coast.

He's the last-known survivor of the Royal Family, though the whereabouts of Prince William who was in The Seychelles before the Fall are still unknown. The Gurkhas are now said to be engaged in survivor rescue to ships far out in the Thames Estuary.

This information is said to have come via communications from HMS Anson - an Astute-class nuclear attack submarine reported to be operating within the Mediterranean at  this time.

CUP Weapons, Units and Vehicles have all been updated to their latest versions. New vehicles have been added to the spawns, including a variety of civilian types - will you be the lucky survivor to find the ONE blood-splashed white VW Golf?

Ryan's Zombies and Demons has been updated to version 4.0. At this time I have altered the Zombies to be the new Walker types. This is experimental and they may be changed to slow types if these prove too easy (originally EpochZ used medium-speed types). This change is only for COS-generated Zs, native spawns are still medium-speed zombies to provide an extra challenge.

Zs have also been changed to side Civilian in COS. Trying to work out whether they'll attack the AI. This is a work-in-progress. No matter what they'll only activate for OPFOR and BLUFOR to avoid a massive FPS hit.

Near Term Plans

  • Several new additions to loot tables including the CUP NVG and backpacks
  • Removal of most of the Russian equipment from vehicle spawns and loot. This is to make these fit in with the background history for EpochZ on Altis - which will be published in my next update. Some small amount of Russian gear will be left from the pre-Fall guerilla insurgency as will, probably, BMP-2s (meant to be the Greek Army's BMP-3s - which will have been unfrozen in this timeline).
  • A major rework of the map (which is, finally, almost complete). CUP Terrains will then be required I'm afraid, but then again, so many servers need this that it's almost a given. You'll be getting pre-Fall refugee and guerilla camps, a new hospital, at least one oil rig, improved military bases and all the signs of The Fall among other things.
  • I'm also seriously considering using (and thus requiring) the Hellenic Armed Forces Mod. Really need this for immersion purposes though I haven't made a final decision yet. I've already added US M113 APCs as equivalents for Greek vehicles but I'd like to add the Leonidas 2 as well as the Steyr trucks and Mercedes-Benz utility vehicles. CUP will be used for Greek small arms though.
  • Antivirus pills and injectors (after Epoch is released).
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Now that ten months have passed since the H7D3 virus hit Altis the Zombies have slowed somewhat being limited in food and other sustenance - though water is readily available all over the island. The downside is, of course, with the advent of spring more and more are being seen back in the streets. Rumours persist that in areas where more food is found the Zs can still be pretty nimble...

Updated Ryan's Zombie & Demons to version 4.1 - this fixes the deletion problem

The walker Zs seem to work pretty well. In order to preserve game balance I have slightly increased the number than spawn in towns and villages, the increase proportionately more in larger urban areas.

By popular demand a M16A4 and a couple of STANAG magazines were added to normal player's starting load-outs.

Fixed vehicle spawns of the Octavia and UN UAZs.

Minor fixes to CfgPricing and HSPricing - mainly adding some missing CUP vehicles.


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  • 3 weeks later...

"Echo Six, Red Six

"Unofficial news is that the Yanks have taken some islands in the Canaries, skinny is that they'll be sending resources to us including some lads rescued at home recently. They're also claiming to have cleared Gitmo, but that can't be verified.

"Any reinforcements however will be air-inserted. The Straits are jammed with wrecks and not navigable. Word is that anyone who observes parachutists should report that fact back to command but hold fire until they are proven to be hostile... If they are hostile, just remember that there is no such thing as overkill! There's only Open Fire and Time to Reload!"

EpochZ has been updated to Epoch 0.3.8. Reworked 0.3.8 Epoch loot spawns to only have CUP weapons (it's 2025) and Sniper DLC ones (you paid for that DLC).

Added HALO Spawns

Server migrated by the kind folks at GTX Gaming and now is performing much, much better :)

Dynamic spawns added back in A3EAI now that performance is not an issue.

Epoch mod UAV spawns added back. They are more effective than UAV patrols from A3EAI on a big island like Altis and folks seem to enjoy the challenge

Added some custom billboards, more on the way.

More Ryan's Zombies native spawns added, more on the way. COS will continue to be the method for generating walker Zs in urban areas (villages, towns and cities).


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Yes I did. But not to start with, maybe we had the same problem. I assume you loaded the old mission file with your game logics and spawns into Eden and then saved it in Eden format? If not then you need to do that. Then make sure that you change the id field in each of the ones you copy and paste into the new mission.sqm (same as you changed the Item0 to Item102 or whatever before). I spent a while (quite a long while) working this out yesterday...

For example, my COS init game logic in my mission.sqm is right after the last standard Epoch entry and reads:

        class Item104
            class PositionInfo
            init="if (isServer) then { null=[] execVM ""cos\cosInit.sqf""; }";



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Yes as a matter of fact i did the same due to the fact the old 2d editor was going to be depreacated and different notation of 3d eden

        class Item104
            class PositionInfo
            init="null=[] execVM ""cos\cosInit.sqf"";";

 init="if (isServer) then { null=[] execVM ""cos\cosInit.sqf""; }";    will do due the if - isserver

( darn we can run of again with some brittle and/or spiderZs on our tail )

Thx for the help




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"Orders from the Colonel: we're to start providing aid to the survivors to get infected levels down to a point where they can self-extract. The word's gone out that we'll be establishing re-ammo and repair centres around the island as soon as possible"

Added Halv's Repair & Rearming Script - the vehicle repair/reammo centres are established in the mechanic's shops that exist in some gas stations around the island.

There are NO Safe Zones, it's a Zombie Apocalypse. Removed all player protection in the spawn centres and black market traders. This was done for two reasons, the first being that it's a ZA and the second that the AI (UAVs, then militia) would spawn near or (specifically the infected) would follow you back to the spawn centres and, while they can kill you, you can't kill them. This is not a change to allow a free-for-all in the traders and if it becomes a problem I will revert this change and act with extreme prejudice against the transgressors. We're all fine with PvP, no problem, but don't be a douche or you'll find yourself 500m in the air without a parachute!

Upgraded SEM to 0.8.3beta and added Convoy Missions including a new Mechanized Column variant.

Lots of new vehicles from the latest CUP Vehicles update (primarily BAF) have been added to the vehicle spawn list (which is a custom list not the default Epoch/CUP one).

Epoch mod updated to build 427

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  • 4 weeks later...

"Survivor groups in increasing numbers are organizing, arming and creating bases of operations in order to combat the infected. Support for their efforts is being provided from FOB Nelson. Be aware that limited quantities of anti-virus were delivered to the island but renegades reached the drop zone before friendly forces. All survivors are encouraged to do whatever is necessary to recover these supplies for themselves"

Just summarizing some of the small incremental changes on the server:

Ryan's Zombies now have a chance of infecting players when they hit. Anti-virus pills (10 mins) or injectors (permanent, until next infected) can be found in hospitals and research buildings, MedEvac crash site and Medical Supply Convoy missions.

Halv's Repair & Rearming Script expanded to provide these services for aircraft, both rotary and fast jet, at the hardened hangers at the AAC, International Airport and Molos airfield.

Fixed Civilian Occupation System's event handler so that the infected behave more aggressively towards the players. Also switched to the slightly faster walking zombies to increase the challenge, but reduced their numbers ever so slightly.

Vehicle Thermal Sights are now operational, when equipped (thanks to @arc7r7 and Lord @vbawol. (And thanks to @mgmfor educating us as to the correct form of address for our Lord and Master :wink:)

Missile lock available for launchers. You will need to remap Epoch's Trade key 'T' to an unused ARMA key like 'Y' or 'J' and then 'T' will lock missile launchers as per standard ARMA.

Added more HALO/ground spawn points around the island.

Players can now set whether to use Standard or Advanced Flight Model in their ARMA configuration.

Finally, just wanted to let the lawyers folks know that we're trade-marking the following expressions for EpochZ:

"There are NO safe zones, it's a bloody Zombie Apocalypse!",

"Don't be a Douche!" and,

"Sorry! I thought you were an AI!" :ph34r:

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  • 4 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

Hi Grahame,

Does this server have TS? 

I'm having problem while connecting in Direct Connect on launcher, I'm stock on ARMA screen, when I press ESC I was directed in main menu and also in in-game there is no result after connecting in Direct Connect.? Please help! 

Thank you so much.



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  • 2 months later...

Been a while since I've updated this thread. Been busy on our second server - more on that on a second thread, suffice to say that Oz and it's buildings are not yet up to par. Some of the changes since the last update:

  • Advanced Towing
  • Advanced Rappelling (fast rope from helos)
  • New WAI missions
  • Lots more CUP Weapons and CUP Vehicles in game since the last update
  • Active admins and support online
  • Several bug/glitch fixes
  • Discord server. Join at: https://discord.gg/BguMwga
  • WIP Forum at: http://www.epochz.net/forum
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You may be one of those affected by a 1.64 bug. I've seen reports of poor FPS that is sorted by the dev build of ARMA that hopefully will be released asap by BIS. I actually don't know, but you may want to try downloading the latest dev build from BIS. People have said that their FPS issues were sorted. But it seems to be a problem affecting certain, not all users.

And thanks for your kind comment on the server. I've been negligent in paying attention to EpochZ: Black Tide with the work on Oz. When the buildings there are fixed I will certainly revisit it but once I decided that the issues were too glaring I quickly worked to bring our second server up on Tanoa. Got to say, loving that map, so atmospheric in a "Zombie" Apocalypse.

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When adding new content you should update your first post and put those updates there because its kinda confusing.

Also i tried to join server now and those rappeling and towing mods i downloaded from steam workshop doesn't seem to work on your server.

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