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  1. C4-timah

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    I just did a full TP around the whole map. Wiped all but player owned. Restarted. It all returned. That was alot of plastic I lit off. Did some more editing of the allowedvehiclelist, changed the number of reserved vehicles and deleted some entries in the redis db of vehicles that I dont want spawning. The amount of vehicles is slowly dimishing after each server restart. Even reduced the number of spawns for the allowed list to thin the herd some more. We'll see how it pans out in a week or so. Vehicle timers should take care of the rest.
  2. C4-timah

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    Wow, had no intention of trying to steal players. I'm fairly certain my server pales in comparison to yours by a long shot. Piles of issues and BE filters I can't remedy while players continue to get kicked because of it. Named the server to match the mod being used. That's all.
  3. C4-timah

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    So, files are modified so that only a select amount of vehicles and one chopper spawn. However, it appears the server is still fully populated with every type of vehicle, even the ones that are zeroed out. Server restart doesn't remedy the issue. 1. Is there a simple server console string/command to use to destroy all spawned vehicles currently not owned by a player? 2. If 'No' to #1, is there an entry on the redis db tool that will allow me to purge old spawned vehicles? 3. If 'No' to #2, do I have to use admin "F1", enable 'Vehicle ESP' and teleport around to manually destroy all 160 spawned vehicles? Please let this NOT be my only option! I don't mind blowing stuff up, but c'mon! LOL!
  4. Are you using the BEM BattlEye Filter tool to update your .txt files? Link for tool: http://bem.themeq.xyz/index.php Line #32, this is where all script restriction #32's go: 5 createAgent !="bis_revive_ratioLethal = createAgent [\"Logic\", [10,10,0], [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 256, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [_unitClass, _targetPos, [], 120, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 5, \"NONE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Cloak_F\", _pos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_unit = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _targetPos, [], 180, \"FORM\"];" !="_sapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", getPos _cage2, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" !="_unit = createAgent[_unitClass, position player, [], _zRange, \"FORM\"];" !="_animal = createAgent[_randomAIClass, _animalPos, [], 0, \"CAN_COLLIDE\"];" !="_axeSapper = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _pos, [], 12, \"FORM\"];" !="_nestMate = createAgent [\"Epoch_Sapper_F\", _garrPos, [], 0, \"FORM\"];" Your script restriction #32. You need to use the BEM tool to add this to the above line: "pos0 = [(_coords select 0),(_coords select 1),0]; _unit = createAgent [_agent, _pos0, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unitdir = _objects" Download the .log and .txt file to your PC. The edit takes place on your PC in the BattlEye folder where you installed Arma3. You will upload the updated file to your server and restart for it to take effect or wait until your server restarts if its scheduled to do so.
  5. C4-timah

    Epoch Server Performance

    Apparently editing epochConfig.hpp by commenting out some of the default spawning events (Carnival, Money Drop, Plant Spawner, Earthquake, etc.) and reducing the epoch traders ( NPCSlotsLimit = 7 ) from the default amount has dropped the idle cpu % down by almost 20%! You can see where the CPU usage drops considerably when I make the change and restart. There is an increase when 3 players join and drops back to the 20% range when the leave.
  6. C4-timah

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    So...I changed all the vehicle quantity values to 0. Upon server restart, it even removed the vehicles purchased from HS_Traders and vehicles we owned and had items in. Restored the original cpp file, then restarted server and purchased and owned vehicles with items returned. Guess I'll have to play with this until it stops removing what players already own, or is this normal side effect?
  7. C4-timah

    WAI mission announcement/claim mission

    Mixed your server up with another I have on my favorites, my apologies. Another server announced WAI missions over the radio and hint messages. However they were using the original missions, both bandit and hero. I'd like to add some of the hero missions also which are still in the a3_epoch_WAI.pbo or WAI folder. I'll keep hunting. There may be a hint in the orignal WAI post on this forum.
  8. C4-timah

    EpochZ Server - Turn Off Vehicle Spawns

    Reserved slots are currently at 15, which is less than the default. Thanks for the direction, much appreciated! Can the vehicles be commented out? From this: allowedVehiclesList[] = { {"C_Offroad_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Quadbike_01_EPOCH",8}, {"C_Hatchback_01_EPOCH",10}, {"C_Hatchback_02_EPOCH",10}, To this: allowedVehiclesList[] = { //{"C_Offroad_01_EPOCH",8}, //{"C_Quadbike_01_EPOCH",8}, //{"C_Hatchback_01_EPOCH",10}, //{"C_Hatchback_02_EPOCH",10}, Thanks!
  9. C4-timah

    Epoch Server Performance

    I could use some recommendations on gaining some performance back on my server. Currently the CPU with no one on the server runs between at a baseline of 26% while jumping to the the 63% range frequently every couple of minutes or so. Then when players hop on, the baseline percentage jumps to 42% and up. The following addons are currently running: @a3_epoch_WAI (default settings), @epochz (default settings), @ryanzombies, @HS_Traders. I'm sure having roaming Z's and Roaming AI with missions is most definitely the cause, but what would be a good mix of triggered spawns vs. roaming? Or should I simply remove triggered all together? I'm looking for a good balance if its possible. I am new at the Arma Dedicated Server game so please be patient with me. Your suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated!
  10. I sure this is possible, I've seen it on He-Man's server, but where are the options to enable these? 1. How to you get missions to be announced over the epoch radio 2. How to claim missions - currently no claiming required 3. Extend safe zones around protected traders 4. Add more missions beyond the default 12 bandit missions. I know this is a lot to ask. I'm new at this and the sea of forum posts are extremely elusive for the specific questions above. Links and comments would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Does anyone know how to turn off vehicles spawning for Epoch? With HS Traders, there is no longer a reason to have random vehicles spawn when you can buy what you need. I have no idea what to look for to disable or at least significantly reduce the amount of vehicles that randomly spawn. Currently over 160 vehicles spawn randomly across Altis. Thanks!
  12. I am enjoying Grahame's EpochZ immensely. However, if you are infected by the z's, after 30min you will die (animation for the 30min infection period is excellent btw). Upon death you will be shown the option to re-spawn. At that time you are promptly kicked by BattlEye for setvariable restriction #0: 04.10.2018 00:14:33: C4-timah ( 57f9a830eeb99412623ce1c3d14b7d50 - #0 "ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 2:2877 Epoch_Male_F If you are killed by the z's (beaten to death), upon your death you will also be shown a re-spawn option and then promptly kicked again for a BattlEye setvariable restriction #0: 05.10.2018 21:53:02: C4-timah ( 57f9a830eeb99412623ce1c3d14b7d50 - #0 "ryanzombiesimmunity" = false 2:17479 Epoch_Male_F Adding !"ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 or !"ryanzombiesimmunity" = false does not appear to stop the BE kick. All the other filters in the setvariable.txt all start with != which would indicates the filter must match exactly which would lead me to believe the key word that I need is something entirely different. I am using BattlEye Filter Manager to add the exceptions to the setvariable.txt. As you'll see, all the exceptions have !=" instead of !" unlike the last two that I have placed. //new2 5 "" !=(traderName|Offer|Accept|BUILD_SLOT|TRADE_ACTIVE|last_targeter|epoch_(antagobj|antagBomb)) !="bis_fnc_objectvar_var" !="bis_fnc_selectrespawntemplate_respawned" !="#(rev_enabled|var)" !="cup_tow_towedveh" !"ryanzombiesimmunity\" = false" !"ryanzombiesinfected\" = 0" My rpt file shows the following error when killed by an EpochZ Zombie: 17:44:02 BE protection activated for player id=726964973, name='whitehorse', msgType=285 setvariable.log: 11.10.2018 17:44:02: whitehorse ( c2568b411cbd25fa774021698eade7c5 - #0 "ryanzombiesinfected" = 0 2:15917 Epoch_Male_F Ideas? Getting kicked every time you get killed by a Z has to be annoying to theses guys and I'd rather not lose the few that are consistently playing on our server. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  13. C4-timah

    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    ( The whole infection process is totally awesome btw )
  14. C4-timah

    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    @He-Man, After several restarts and several days the updated 'addweaponcargo.txt finally worked. Not sure why or what changed but I've saved my database and entire server folder structure in case something goes sideways. Thanks!
  15. C4-timah

    EpochZ: Bandit Country

    After removing DS_Houses and CUPS Core (couldn't get it to work), message no longer appears. Could be nothing. I was right, removing DS_Houses and CUPS had nothing to do with it. Errors back. It comes and goes. I'll figure it out eventually.