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  1. ok thx got ryanZombiesEnabled = "true" hence the readout in log Ryanzombies detected gonna try "ryanzombiesfunctions" see if it helps Well just Ryanzombies did it also in mission.sqm , just had to wait (long time) even after setting chance to 0.9 for zombies So its solved
  2. As said in former 1.32 they where not to shy to run around badly dressed greedy to take a bite In 1.33 i had to start with a fresh setup , and no party with our creepy crawlers But in server-log Ryanzombies detected got this in mission.sqm addons[]= { "A3_epoch_config", "a3_map_altis", "Ryanzombies", // "SM_Zombz", "This was remarked in 1.32 but still in arma3 root" "a3_characters_f" }; I hope someone has a idea what i did wrong (i also did lots of firing to raise aggro but nothing)
  3. Yeah had to remove it due to overaged cans of scam beans and soda's that lost the bubbles
  4. 4:35:12 "Epoch: Loading storage" 4:35:12 Error in expression <ld",false]]; _vectordirup = [_vectordir,_vectorup]; if (count _pos == 2) then{> 4:35:12 Error position: <_vectorup]; if (count _pos == 2) then{> 4:35:12 Error count: Undefined variable in expression: _vectorup 4:35:12 File epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_storage.sqf..., line 53 After removing all storage (tipi shelfs gunsafe etc) , simple login at 1.32 with all (whole DB intact) on 1.31 no problem ??? , yet on 1.32 its ...black screen Finaly found it one item from the early days ["StorageShelf_EPOCH",[270.397,[12460.1,15208.1,0.000717163]],0,[[] sort of way back 'pointing where' Error gone all is fine
  5. As said is there a way to adept the DB from 1.31 to 1.32 With a clean DB on 1.32 no problems , but when we use the 1.31 DB its just a black screen just before entering the game tried a nice abort and shutdown on the DB and restart but no avail Hope there a solution Tia
  6. Thx guys Seems i got 2 left hands so u dont see me running around with hammer and nails (more with bandage and sore thumb) Its the yes we want to build mode , all is ok now (and even my thumb seem to survived at construction)
  7. Got the same problem place a plotpole and u can upgrade it / delete it After server stop /restart the only options make spawnpoint and maintain are visible this on existing database and a fresh made by server soly running on /mpmissions/epoch.altis.pbo Logs dont mention placing or trying to upgrade the plotpole/jammer btw CfgActionMenu_target.hpp only show maintain and select_jammer not the other 2 options while say: vehicle has repair/replace ,remove and upgrade Looks like upon creation of a plotpole/jammer the 4 options work , but after restart only the 2 options in epoch_config/Configs/CfgActionMenu/CfgActionMenu_target.hpp appear
  8. umfufu


    Problem was it just didnt update so signing was still on 1.30 After few logins/kickout i lookedup in steam and saw that workshop update was done , but still 1.30 signing File checking didnt solved it ,so had to remove the epoch files and had to check files again to start a new download wich fixed the problem
  9. umfufu


    So alot of probs with the 1.3.1 update , not u guys but steam my plea is , would it be possible to download the @epoch main files from github coz last 2 times its been a hassle to do so (steam wise that is) Tia
  10. Its a 3 days waiting period , then If the FBI doesn't either approve or deny its a go
  11. Thx grahame now on tanoa u dont need to walk around the building to see the doorman refuses u to enter due to wearing sneakers and not having a tie
  12. /* Build a fireplace and while adding a woodlog its back to the desktop Tested with a vanilla epoch also same result , most likely a A3-1.68 event */ Well this shows how stupids like ME messup they make changes to the 3 files like Heman mentioned https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/commit/c477b9bf58fa77858eab189bb7ce2faacd4330d0 And we do so , so we still fine And next made some coffee got back and just replaced the folderwith the old former 1 , ergo we just undid/do/done the fixes So we could delete this stupidity , but i think this realy shows how stupid can you go !!! Must be a wetawd that has his bwains eaten
  13. Would it be wise to use the experimental tree as in total , or just the corrected lines in the 3 files stated by he-man ?
  14. Did that but seems iam getting rusty at it , hence the 14 times being the bitten one So its going back ,practice and dance
  15. Thx He-man will do that Too bad for snakemeat then ,prizes on the blackmarket will go skyhigh now Hope that they will be a part of the food chain once again
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